Where to DEVELOP photos


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I have took my wedding pictures overseas and was thinking of re-developing some photos.Does anyone know where to develop good quality wedding photos in singapore?


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u can check out konata @ peninsula plaza...
my AD fotographer had developed my AD fotos with them...
the outcome was pretti gd...

was there last nite 2 develop my AD fotos n happened 2 c a couple who had brought dn their ps fotos 4 redevelopin...
btw they r usin fuji paper...


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i believe Konata & PhotoFrens both charge $0.40 for 4R glossy. i always print with white borders, look like postcard! same price. I like PF coz they adjust colours for you.


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i have a question. i would like to re-develop my ad pics with the negatives given by my photographer. does the quality of the pics differ if i develop at a normal shop and professinal ones like konata and photofrens?

or only the quality is affected when i bring in a film but not negatives to develop?


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hi female,

does photofrens charge an additional $5 for the prints or just a flat rate of $0.40 each?



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Hey does anyone knows whether the labs develop photos from photos? I got the sample prints from BS, and want to develop them to give to relatives. Anyone tried this before and what's the cost like?


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Hi female,

The $0.40 per 4R is developed fm negatives or digital CD? Coz i was quoted by pro photographers that they charge $0.70 - $1.00 for developing additional 4R fm digital.

Anyone know of labs who are good at developing digital?


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I went to :
80 MARINE PARADE ROAD, #B1-56 PARKWAY PARADE, Singapore, 449269
a konica photo express outlet to develop my actual day photos (digital), however the prints i got back was terrible (i could compare with does given to me by the photographer). By the way service was not good too.

Is bad color repoduction a problem with all konica photo express outlets or is it just this outlet.

When i went to another photo developer (to redevelop the pictures!), i overheard somebody saying that the color repoduction at the above mention shop was bad. (The friend was asking why she was bothering to queue behind me since the machines at the above shop was available)

Will post update once i get back the pictures from the other developer.


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I resent some of my pictures to be redeveloped by another shop (Standard photos, opposite NO. 1 COLOR CENTRE at PARKWAY PARADE).

Collected the pictures yesterday. The pictures were much BETTER.

So it is not my digital images that were at fault nor lighting as ascribed by NO. 1 COLOR CENTRE.

Do be careful when choosing the photo labs for your photos. Don't be penny wise pound foolish. We developed our pictures at the above mentioned shop because it was cheaper.

Be warned, different photo labs (I have same pictures from three different labs to compare) do produce different quality photos.


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Ai Ting,

Actually, there's not much diff and it all about individual preference. However, the one operating the machine and handling your print is more important.

For things like wedding photos, I prefer to send it Australia to have them printed. Kodak seems to be the prefered choice of paper in downunder but the attractive part is that they have FTP services which you upload the file and they mail the prints over to you.

Your wedding photos and album is your family heirloom, for a one off thing, I always tell my couples not to stinch on the printing but pay a bit more to have their photos printed overseas.


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printed oversea? how about in RM... more economical
any one know of any recommended one in JB?


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eSthericiious: if you can find one in JB that will deliver to your doorsteps, I really don't mind

I don't work for any labs, but getting a photolab to print isn't just all about the price but things like service, handling of prints DOES matter a lot.

I'm not so sure JB but I know for sure that the pro-labs I have been using here as well as overseas are very stringent with their QC - I don't have to worry my client's negatives being scratched or coming back with finger prints; even if the prints are unsatisfactory, I can get a copy reprinted and mailed to me right away at not extra cost.

One thing for sure, you won't find places printing on Kodak Endura paper, which is the professional range from Kodak. In a blind test, my couples can tell the difference between these and the mass market ones.

In the end, you pay for what you get. There's a market for the budget conscious and another market for those who believe in quality. For myself, encouraging couples to take up the better quality prints also does more justice to my work as well as their wedding.


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Can oso try at :
Kim Tian Colour Centre,
BLk 531, Upper Cross Street, #01-06 Hong Lim Complex , Singapore 050531, was recommend by my AD PG.. they use excellent paper.


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Actually youcan go to the below to print your photo.

They are using fuji paper and got award from fuji.

Photography pros goes there to print their pic.. cheap also...

Miao Laan Colour Centre
Blk 154 #01-302 Bukit Batok St 11
Behind Mcdonald's and next to KFC
Tel: 65641062


every 50pcs will get 1 8r free..


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Can go to the shop at Bras Basah. Just beside the POSB ATM.
A lot of well known photographers develop their pics there.
Can't rem the shop name. Colour something


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Hi Dew,

not sure if you got your answers. The United States photo labs also provide this service.

Check out Mpix or WHCC. A number of professional photographers use them.



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hi Eugene,

Thanks for the info but I checked out Mpix, it does not ship internationally. Cun find Kodak Eudura in Sg at the moment?


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Hi all,

My experience with Konica outlet @ Sengkang Rivervale Plaza. (Beside a bread shop) damn angry.

I brought my ROM photos to develop. The personnel dunno issit doesn't know how to use the machine or what or does not have any knowledge of developing photos.

Go and anyhow adjust my colors of the photos, caused the white border of the photos become milky, yellowish color.

The border of the photo shld be bright white. Cos is the work of professional photographer. The Hard prints the photographers given to me no problem. Even the softcopy clearly show the border is white.

When I argued with them, they had the cheek denied the fault. they seem like they dunno only those photos with white border is already have adjusted the color and brightess by professional photographer and still go mess with it.


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u can try this photo shop at Arcade 1st floor...next to escalator...

it charges only S$0.18 per pcs (min. 100 pcs) for 4R glossy...very sharp and nice


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Hi Peiling,
The photo shop you recommend, the price of $0.18 per pcs (min. 100 pcs) for 4R glossy, is it digital prints?

Anyone know anywhere to develop digital photo prints, good quality and cheap?



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ya, i also interested to know...where can we develop the PS and AD photos ???

the above posts dated in year 2006 - seems alot of shops are at peninisula plaza, are they still there now, are they still as good ????

does these photo shop also help to touch up the photos before they develop ???
anyone knows ??


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movenpink, if you're refering to direct prints from digital files, can check out from FOTOHUB. They have a few outlets.

A 16"x24" print cost ard $50


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Movenpick, just remember another lab also does it.

Colour Lab Photofinishing
1 Coleman St #B1-12

I'm not sure of their charges, so you can call & check it out.


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hmm seems like this thread very quiet..i also intersted to know where to find a place that could develop nice digital phots..


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I second Kim Tian Colour Centre,
BLk 531, Upper Cross Street, #01-06 Hong Lim Complex , Singapore 050531.

This place is recommended by my PG as well. He swears by this place as their colors are true to what you see on the computer screen. The staff there are v friendly too. Cost 30c/4R (with or w/o white border also same price). But u get 10% if u choose not to take any free albums from there. (those small 4R kind) If u developing wedding photos, i doubt u need those small 4R albums. So effectively it's 27c/4R.

Though abit on the high side, but i will still go there for the quality.


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christy> it's up to yr choice. personally i always develop matt. gloss finish will leave finger prints and it may stick to yr album plastic in the long run.


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just want to ask. where can i get those big wedding album that got both portrait and landscape pockets?
All i see only got landscape pockets and it look kinda werid putting in portrait photos!