Where to buy reductil pills?

Discussion in 'Beauty, Health and Fitness' started by alexandra333, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. alexandra333

    alexandra333 New Member

    I heard reductil is very effective...anyone knows where I can buy them online?

  2. Tan cutie

    Tan cutie New Member

    Please do some research I read there alot of side effect. Don't really encourage to buy pill online........hmm....u never know where it come from.
  3. cindyho36

    cindyho36 New Member

    I lost a lot of weight with Reductil diet pills. I still have a box to let go... if anyone interested do contact me at samantha22ly@outlook.com
  4. amoureux

    amoureux Member

    Wts 30mg panbesy

    Legal, got it from clinic previously. Able to show u pictures.

    Seldom eat it already.

    Expiring in Jul 2014. Interested to try pls pm me.

    15Tabs for $30
    30Tabs for $50

    only have 30tabs avail.

  5. amoureux

    amoureux Member

    ***Sorry is 30mg duromine. not panbesy.
  6. lalakiki

    lalakiki New Member

    Anyone letting go of extra duromine?
  7. Florence Lim

    Florence Lim Member

    I have panbesy to let. 2 months supply
  8. lalakiki

    lalakiki New Member

    Florence.. Im interested and i've pmed u.. do get back to me. Thanks.
  9. AnnaSwift88

    AnnaSwift88 New Member

    Florence do u happen to still have stock?
  10. Eudorphine

    Eudorphine New Member

    Anyone letting go 30mg Durimine/Panbesy? Interested to buy! PM me thank u:)

    Using SingaporeBrides app
  11. Mei Yen

    Mei Yen New Member

    Selling duromine 30mg 15pills for $100
    expiry feb 2017
  12. limpeipei

    limpeipei Member

    Pls think twice before buying slimming pills, as there are many side effects.
  13. kittykatkat

    kittykatkat New Member


    I have 9 boxes original Duromine 30mg letting go at $150 each.

    Prefer if you can purchase all 9 boxes altogether.

    100% authentic.

    Meet up for COD available on 15, 16, 17, 18 April around Tampines area.

    Please no low ballers
  14. rachel596

    rachel596 New Member

    Hi I am interested, please contact me at 9 eight 91 four one two 5

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