Where to buy reductil pills?

Discussion in 'Beauty, Health and Fitness' started by alexandra333, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. alexandra333

    alexandra333 New Member

    I heard reductil is very effective...anyone knows where I can buy them online?

  2. Tan cutie

    Tan cutie New Member

    Please do some research I read there alot of side effect. Don't really encourage to buy pill online........hmm....u never know where it come from.
  3. cindyho36

    cindyho36 New Member

    I lost a lot of weight with Reductil diet pills. I still have a box to let go... if anyone interested do contact me at samantha22ly@outlook.com
  4. amoureux

    amoureux Member

    Wts 30mg panbesy

    Legal, got it from clinic previously. Able to show u pictures.

    Seldom eat it already.

    Expiring in Jul 2014. Interested to try pls pm me.

    15Tabs for $30
    30Tabs for $50

    only have 30tabs avail.

  5. amoureux

    amoureux Member

    ***Sorry is 30mg duromine. not panbesy.
  6. lalakiki

    lalakiki New Member

    Anyone letting go of extra duromine?
  7. Florence Lim

    Florence Lim Member

    I have panbesy to let. 2 months supply
  8. lalakiki

    lalakiki New Member

    Florence.. Im interested and i've pmed u.. do get back to me. Thanks.
  9. AnnaSwift88

    AnnaSwift88 New Member

    Florence do u happen to still have stock?
  10. Eudorphine

    Eudorphine New Member

    Anyone letting go 30mg Durimine/Panbesy? Interested to buy! PM me thank u:)

    Using SingaporeBrides app
  11. Mei Yen

    Mei Yen New Member

    Selling duromine 30mg 15pills for $100
    expiry feb 2017
  12. limpeipei

    limpeipei Member

    Pls think twice before buying slimming pills, as there are many side effects.
  13. kittykatkat

    kittykatkat New Member


    I have 9 boxes original Duromine 30mg letting go at $150 each.

    Prefer if you can purchase all 9 boxes altogether.

    100% authentic.

    Meet up for COD available on 15, 16, 17, 18 April around Tampines area.

    Please no low ballers
  14. rachel596

    rachel596 New Member

    Hi I am interested, please contact me at 9 eight 91 four one two 5
  15. Low Yan Wen

    Low Yan Wen New Member

    i emailed ig@duromineclinic.sg but it is invalid...
  16. kittykatkat

    kittykatkat New Member

    It’s not an email. IG = Instagram
    Send a private message to the seller via their Instagram page : duromineclinic.sg
  17. Low Yan Wen

    Low Yan Wen New Member

    I see , thanks!
  18. J5555

    J5555 New Member

    Hello did u manage to contact the duromine clinic on ig for the pills? I'm curious is it genuine haha
  19. kittykatkat

    kittykatkat New Member

    hey babe yup they do sell genuine ones in the boxes. It comes sealed n all too :)
  20. JerJer531

    JerJer531 New Member

    Hihi. Can i know where to get reductil or Phen375 slimming pill ? Its seems like most of the website doesnt ship to singapore. =( or any effective slimming pill recommend?

    Thank you.

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