When to Wear What??


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Need advise badly. Am quite confused when to wear the wedding gown & when to wear cheongsam.

I have my tea ceremony, ROM & simple sit-down dinner all on the same day.

- DO I wear the white wedding gown when my FH fetches me from my place to his house for the tea ceremony?
- Or do I wear cheongsam for the tea ceremony?
- When do I wear the white wedding gown then? During the ROM solemnisation @ ROM office?
- Do I wear the wedding gown during dinner as well and then change to evening cheongsam halfway through?

So confusing.. Please advise. Thanks much!


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sk39, usually you will your white wedding gown when your hubby fetches you in the morning.

During tea ceremony at his place, you still can wear your wedding gown.

You can change to Cheongsam when you are going back to your parents' place for Tea Ceremony.

During your solemnisation and dinner, you can change back to your wedding gown.

Depends if you have a 2nd march in, if you have, you can change to the Cheongsam again.

If you do not intend to have any 2nd march in, you can just wear your wedding gown throughout.

Hope that helps =)