When to start planning?


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I would like you gals or guys to advise when shall I start preparing for my wedding? I planning to have my wedding in June 2007 but dun when and where shd I start?


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hmm.. I'm not very sure too..
but I guess there's no definite time period. I would say a yr plus before the AD. However I did come across some BTB who book their BS a few yrs before AD as prices normally goes up and not down


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Hi Kate,

Thanks for the reply.. any idea how much increase a year?? 5-10%?? hmm.... I m actually trying to get some quotes from some hotels.. and for bridal actually a bit worry to go in and ask.. get some feedback from friends that for somr bridal once u step in u will be stuck inside.. It sounds horrible..
hey gals out there.. any bridal to recommend? those that is not that agressive..


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Hi diana,

I was the sameas u before.. Did not want to commit by stepping into the bridal studio. So they suggested me to attend bridal fair. More variety and also more 'space' to run away..
I signed mine at the fair.. More perks given too..


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Hi Diana,

I am with White Link and the lady whom I signed up with is pretty nice. She did not pressurise me to sign up with them... i actuali met her up 3 times before finali deciding to sign with them. If u r interested, I will pass you her contact



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Hi Joycelyn,

mm... where is it located?? White Link sound famous in this forum ya.. Can share your package with me?? or can pass me her contact??


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Hello Astrogirl,

wah.. hmm.. If i sign up now then i will be charged with their 2006 price loh.. If the 2007 price comes out then will be under 2007 pricing? It is work this way?? that means the earlier i sign up, lesser I pay?? hmm.. then it is easier to get perks from them if i sign up early?


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Hi Diana,

so far White link service has been not too bad...
they r located in Suntec, Marina Sq and Kaki Bukit(HQ)-more gowns here..

Her name is Doris, number 92702112. Tell her u got her number fr Joycelyn lah.. (tho not sure she remember a not)

My package is with my hubby... will get it fr him then let u know...

Good luck =>


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no prob at all....

as for yur banquet, it'a advisable to look ard 1 1/2 year before apparently if u wanna get v good dates(esp weekends). Tis is wat a lady fr the hotel told me.

For bridal package, it's advisable to ask them to let u take a look at their gowns and if possible even try out their gowns before deciding whether to take up. Tis will at least let u know if u like the style of their gown...



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Actually, it's good to shop around for hotel venues for banquet,around 1.5year in advance but do take note that a few hotels are not available for booking yet as their prices may not be out yet. My personal experience.


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Pillarless Grand Venus Ballroom at Furama Riverfront Hotel at lower than market price. Min 30 tables up to 55 tables. Weekday rate at $488+++ (current market price is $558+++) going at a discount. Package has to be consumed in year 2007. Due to personal reason, I am looking for a transfer URGENTLY.

This is the best deal you can get at a hotel in a grand pillarless ballroom. Better deal than the hotel's October Wedding Show offer last year. We have all done our research on hotels’ wedding banquets so we know.

See details of the wedding banquet package:
• A lavish 8-course Chinese menu
• Free flow of soft drinks & Chinese tea
• Complimentary free flow beer
• Waiver of corkage for duty paid wine & hard liquor brought in by host
• A bottle of champagne for stage toasting ceremony
• Wedding decor with pedestals stands along the aisle and misty dry ice effect for your grand entrance
• A magnificent multi-tier dummy wedding cake for cake cutting ceremony
• Champagne fountain on stage
• Complimentary seat covers for all chairs
• Pre-dinner cocktail reception with peanuts at 7pm
• Give-away wedding favour for every guest
• Wedding invitation cards for 80% of confirmed guests
• One night stay at luxurious bridal suite with fresh flowers, fruit basket and buffet breakfast for 2 persons
• Parking coupons for 30% of confirmed attendance
• A personalised guest signature book
• Pre and Post dinner snack for the couple
• Complimentary food tasting for 10 persons * 8 course dinner
• Complimentary video montage based on 30 pcs of pictures
• Special room rates for your guests
• Complimentary usage of LCD Projector

Can arrange to recce the venue. Wedding banquet for Friday nights are going out fast. So don't take too long to consider.

If interested in the wedding banquet package, please call/sms me at 94883156 URGENTLY!!!

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