When do you and hubby start living together?


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hi everyone..is this topic still alive??

anyway,during our dating days,my hubby normally stay over for at least 3 days a week.At first,mum was displeased as she says not married yet,wait his mum may not like it(his mum at first will miss him,but eventually okie lor)So she says only on weekends then stay.But as after work my hubby always meet me and i dun wan him tire out/doze off when driving hme(he stay west and i stay east)We ALWAYS defy wat my mum says..LOL.

Then eventually when we decided to ROM,he sort of shifted to my house a month before the ROM.

Now we are making plans for actual day which is in Nov.He is OFFICIALLY staying with me.I am glad my PIL are not unhappy,(some insist their only son stay with them)in fact they are glad cos their DIL takes good care of their son..hehez...

BUT as parents and myself are quite conservative in certain ways...me and hubby have to be careful..wait till AD over le then can get pregnant...Though we are officially Man And Wife...you all know la..some ppl just like to gossip this and that...so after AD then get pregnant is beta ba...


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If staying together after ROM but yet to AD, do we still need to go through the customary An Chuang? We alredi slept on the bed ah..


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Depends on parents and ILs too! Some couples just change bedsheets before An Chuang. Others change the mattress. Others change the whole bed frame too.


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irene, my daughter is ok .. she's 8.5 months now and handful since she's learnt to crawl. giving me a headache since she's now starting to stand up .. hahaha .. plus i am pregnant again - close to 3 months' now ..

when is your ROM and AD?

I think a lot of our parents behave this way because they are worried about what others will think if they give us free rein .. hahaha .. i know my parents were certainly worried when i stayed with my husband for two months in his home country - to meet his family and friends. my mom was calling like everyday to check up on me. she was also not that keen to let me move in two weeks before my ROM so she told me to ask my father, thinking that since he's the strict one that i won't dare to ask but i did and he was also not that happy but told me to take care - meaning don't get pregnant lor. so i didn't .. after ROM then i got pregnant but by then already considered married in my culture so it's ok .. :D


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I tot An Chuan is just a ceremony by shifting the bed a bit by a so called lucky woman... and of cos must change to new bedsheet... :)


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