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Waiting is not necessary bad.

But waiting is not equal to no action. No action is you do nothing for the situation and outcome. If you wait, you must have a reason, a threshold or a trigger point.


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was reading through this thread...

anyway, just to share my story,many years ago, my hubby was somewhat like "sianz", tried asking me out, expressed his interest in me..

but all these while i kept telling him that i only treat him as friend...as and when, he will ask me out but i always declined.

one day, out of the blue, i just decided maybe i can give this guy a chance coz he is a nice guy...

fast forward many years later, we r married now. When i think back, i still don know how we ever got together. hahaha


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ther's also my valet uncle who's 50+ now, he waited his life, like everything else... he finally settled for a wife n setup a family in batam 3yrs back. You Choices in Life dimishes with age n time.


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Thanks everyone. I've decided to let go and move on already. Though I've failed, but at least I know I've tried my best with no regrets!


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why not?

u hv nothing left to lose what...