What should I do ?


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Previously, I was in my old job for more than 8 years. The environment was good as in the people are friendly, am used to my colleagues there after a while some of which became kind of my friends. The work became monotonous after some time as I was already there for 8 over yrs... its like close one eye also can do already. I dun find the work challenging anymore but more of tedious. Everyday became more of a routine and after a while torture cos the boss was not managing his resources well and the companies direction changes from focusing on quality to focusing on productivity instead afterall its a profit making company. After a while everyday became like I look forward to lunch and then to knock off time. I started apply for jobs to look for better opportunities which would help in my career as well as a higher pay cos the job I was in had skills too specific to that industry which is not too gd for the resume (not so marketable) esp when I have been there for so long. Though I got promoted twice in my 8yrs there, my pay was not a lot and I know that if I stay on it would be tough for me to move on to another job in the future and also my pay would just be like that cos their increment every yr is also not a lot.

So, I looked for a job and moved on.
I am currently in my new job for about 6 months. However, I don't really feel happy in the job because the environment seems harsher. The ppl are not so friendly (perhaps its cos previously I been in my previous job for 8yrs know the ppl better already), some of the users can be quite mean like talk loudly to u like showing who is boss. the culture is different even as a team the team members draw very clear lines in terms of work and they do not brain storm on projects together. ppl seems to be very protective of their rice bowl. I am currently still learning on my job of course there is a lot to learn since the scope of this job is much wider and a quite different from my previous. Thus, I feel quite stress out from all this learning and alll this new environment. Sometimes I even dream of them.

Many times esp recently, I really feel like looking for another job or going back to my previous company which I was very comfortable in last time actually I kindof miss the ppl and friends in my old company. However, there are also factors which stops me from this which are:
1) this job has a job scope which will help me progress in my career. if I were to go back to where I came from which is my old company then I would be back to square one, with not much prospects.
2) if I start looking for another job now, I might be seen as a job hopper cos am only there for 6 months and moreover, wat type of job to look for ? since am only there for 6 mths my job experience for this job is not so much...
3) if i go back to my old company, it looks or will look like I cant survive anywhere else except my old company... sounds like a loser to myself and to others
4) how will my colleagues in my old company look at me if I go back
5) dunno how to ask if my old company still hav vacancy for me...
6) if i go back to my old company then in terms of pay and prospects not as gd as this new company where I get to expand my job scope.
7) if i look for a new job in some other new company, also dunno if that new company will end up with the same problems as this current company am in...
8) looking for a new job might not be easy also cos of my very specific skill set and limited industry which requires that. However, if I really learnt the skill sets of this current company then I will be more marketable in future. The last time it took me close to a yr before I got this job.

With all the concerns above, what is the best solution ? what should I do ? should I go back to my old company ? look for another job ? or stay put ? am quite stress out some days these days until sometimes I have nightmares and feel depressed. and sometimes I fall sick. But if I were to go back to my old company how should I ask them if they still have vacancy for me in a manner to avoid embrassment ?
actually last time 1 of my ex-boss called me when she heard that I was offered this new job. She advised me not to leave and join this new company cos she say that the place is messy and not too gd. But cos I was very eager to look for better pay and prospect I knew I had to leave my old company to do that....
or perhaps I should just try looking for another job...

What should I do ? Does anyone been in similar situations before ?
Should I stay put and bite the bullet for at least a yr or should I try going back to my old company or should I jus look for another new job ?


Pointless if u go to work each day like as though u are suffering....u are better off going back to ur old company if u dun mind ppl laughing at u...or moving on to greener pastures...


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I was once in exact same situation as you. I throw down my face to ask to return to my old company, but was turned down. I decided to leave the new job (of 1 month) as I know i couldn't blend in. I am definitely up to the new job, but somehow the people, the environment just doesn't suit me.

That was the darkest days of my life, esp after i left the new job, my dad fall into coma due to heart failure, and then pass away after 1 month of struggling. I was without a job for 3 mths! During that time, I have been blaming myself for being too ambitious, for leaving my old job of 10 yrs, thinking there are greener pastures out there.

After settling my father's funeral, I decided to pick myself up and moved on. I took up a job that pays me WAY BELOW my previous ones. I was in the job for 6 months, and during that period, I have never give up to look for new job. I finally found my current job, which i have been working for 5 years since. And ironically, this job environment resembles my first one (which i've worked for 10yrs), if not, worse in certain sense.

But I've told myself, that I will never ever leave this job again, even if there "seems" to be a better prospect out there. I am not those "fighting cock" whom is politically trained.

One of my colleague here, whom became a good friend of mine, also told me she would like to move on for a better career prospect. Having been through it before, I persuaded her to stay, telling her it's never the same out there. But she decided to go for the higher pay, better prospect. Now after 10mths, she's been trying very hard to find ways to come back. But her position has been filled by someone else. And people are already starting to talk about it and laugh about it when they heard the rumour.

My advice to you is, dun ever try to go back to your old company. It will make you even more depressed. It's okay to look for new job again. I've tried again and again, and finally got one job that I can blend in comfortably. Dun ever think that you are a loser...It's an experience that heaven has given us, for us to go through, so that we can cherish and treasure what we have in life.

Believe me, there will be other jobs out there that you can blend in. You will know it in the first week. If you can't blend in after two weeks, move on again!


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What sort of advice are you looking for?

I would never say never for anything - either going back to old job, staying put or looking for new job.

And it is very important when you decide to leave - to decide on what is important to you. If you can't decide and change every now and then, then the problem is you - not the job.

You have three options

a) Go back to old company. But perhaps you can look if there is other "more interesting and higher paying job" and not going back to just your old job? Be creative.

b) Yes, stay put in your current company and try to find positives out of it. Can you move up faster or to another job role? There may be other opportunities

c) Yes, the best is for you to look-out. The best job could still be there for you to grabs.

It is very difficult to say which is the best at the moment. It depends on your motivations and the desire to succeed. You can't have interesting and challenging job without stress. And you can't have job that you can do easily and yet be challenging at the same time.


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Hi camomile,

Actually by looking at the company staff you can tell whether it is a good company to stay on.

If the staff are all working for the company for a long time, there must be good reason. Good environment, high pay,bonus, kind boss and colleague. Then try not to leave if you are not those adventurous one.

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There was once, a colleague who worked for a no. of years and because of some petty misunderstanding, was very rude to the boss. Even then the kind old boss didn't mind his atitude but the colleague sack the boss instead and left the company.

After that, some colleagues heard he was without
job for mths and worse the wife was made reduntant too and with 2 young babies and elderly to feed at home.

The colleague tried to get back his old job but was too embarrass to ask his old boss for it since he was in the wrong and rude to boss.

Luckily, his ex colleagues were nice and ask the boss on his behalf and as the boss was a nice old gentleman, he welcomed him back and did not mention his rudeness incident.

From then on, he works diligently for his boss and even receives praises and pay increment. Now he tells his colleagues with his hot headedness not many boss can stand him, only this boss can.


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Depends what you are looking for in your career and job. There are trade offs, you just need to find the right fit. No one will pay you just to be happy. At the end of the day, its how you well you match up to the work nature and culture.


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u should reconcile with the fact that u are weak in character and u are an employee, and will always be one. u need pple to like u, u need to like pple, and u thrive on nice loving environments....

such environments Dun Pay, so if u're looking for pay, u have to forego abit of that 'happiness' u're looking for. u will not be in management, u thrive on love too much to make good decisions. instead of facing challenges which u have Made Decision to take up, u are looking back at your previous comfort zone and wondering if u can go back....

pls know who u are, what u are, and what sort of a career u can have, before convincing yourself u are worth more. I have no doubts u can be worth more, but u price your happiness and comfort Too Highly to actually make decent strides in the job environment.

Until u truly know yourself and what u really want, u should not follow what u Think u want. that's where most pplle waste their time and youth....

if u want money, be prepared for discomfort and for pple not to like u.

pple who like to be popular should not be ambitious unless u're in media and showbiz.... else u'll never climb.

and a good clue for u as far as prospect is concerned.... pls find out your manager's salary before u try to eventually get to that position... u might find yourself seriously shortchanged.