What should I do now?


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You still don't get it. He already said so clearly : take it or leave it. The choice is yours.

I'm not telling you to take it. BUT, to face it. Complain complain complain on how bad your husband is but you still want to stick to him. Its your choice!

IT AREN'T GOING CHANGE A SINGLE BIT by repeating yourself 101, 1001 or a Million times. Issues stays the same. If its not acceptable then don't accept it. Issues don't disappear no matter how much you complain about it. If you cannot bear to leave him, then you must face the consequence of it. Wake up.

Which planet do you come from that you expect to only get things you want and not be realistic about things?


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if you know that you're not getting what you desire out of this relationship, despite your 'sacrifices' so far, why don't you just end it?


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If I ask you to give a million dollars hundreds of time everyday, will you give it to me?

If you do, I will ask for more millions again.


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this is like the kid that tried to put a square cube into a round hole... u tell him it cannot be put thru that hole, he wants to try... so u let him try... he still cannot, u tell him that same thing, he still wants to try...

honestly as an adult u'll leave him alone to figure out himself.

the next time round u come back, u KNOW u're gonna see the boy not succeeding in doing it. well, u're right, he still can't do it and he's frustrated, banging tables, pulling his hair... but what can u do? the fella die die wants to put the square into the round hole...

when the boy learns to speak, he'll ask how come square can't go into round... well u tell him if it's bigger, definitely can... but since same size, this one just can't.

some things just can't... u should just move on to the one that can.


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Hi Powder,

Well-said. Really like your post about "the kid trying to put square cube into round hole."

To Broken Hearted :
If you try your best and it doesn't work, it's time to move on. Don't lose your chance meeting Mr. Right while you hang on to this Loser.