what preparations do we need to make?

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    Hello, I'm Marene . I'm getting married in November to my boyfriend. I'm Chinese and he's Caucasian. I'm 18 this year... so just want some views of anyone who married young and how did it work out?

    And no, its not a shotgun wedding. The wedding is planned in November for quite some time now. Hope to hear some views from ladies who married young.

    And what preparations do we need to make? I've totally no idea, I only know we need to book a hotel and a church. Some help here?

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    You can check our wedding planning checklist here: https://singaporebrides.com/articles/2016/03/free-wedding-checklist-spreadsheet/

    Or you can use our to-do list web app for your wedding planning:

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    Is he around the same age?

    Are you both same nationality?

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    Hi Marene,

    I hope your parents are in the loop of this important part of your life. Plenty of things to plan ahead.

    Ok ... just our experience for your thoughts. I am an orphan and had '0' financial/family backing. I knew my gf (later wife) when I was 17 yo. We communicated well (public phone & letters) though we live less than 8 miles from each other. We meet each other on Saturdays when I get to go to the National Library to study/reference. No money to buy her a drink !!! Usually she is the one who treats me .... hehehe.

    1. Her parents were against our frienship ... becos of my background. But she said she will elope with me if they try to break us apart.

    2. Continue part time UK technical diploma course when left the orphanage. Working as technician during the day and watch man (in same company) during the night ... cos I don't have a place to go back to. Did very well in my diploma course ... top student in Asia. Hahaha ... I was only wearing company T-shirt pants and Bata shoes when I went to collect my diploma. Principal & lecturers all shook hands with me .... photographs and more pat on my back. I quickly excused myself, took my diploma and head back to office on next assignment.

    3. Showed diploma (with a gold star) to my boss and thank him cor his support .... he was so proud & moved. He wiped a tear that fell out the corner of his eye. He said "Adrian, you don't have to work for me. Go get a job with those foreign firms setting up in Singapore." That week I applied to join an American firm .... got hired .... Regional Engineer. Monthly pay was 6 times what I was earning in local company.

    4. Started planning for wedding:-
    a. Must have apartment ... bought private project.
    b. Bought gf/wife a car.
    c. Planned 2 weeks overseas honeymoon (first time I got on a plane ..... hehehe).

    Her parents were so proud of me ... I am now their favorite son-in-law.

    Plan, plan, plan.

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