What makes a guy ‘ghost’ or ‘disappear’ without a word?

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by Passing rain, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. Passing rain

    Passing rain New Member

    I met a guy online through a dating app. He had been chatting with me everyday and sent me messages at least two to three times every single day, without fail for more than three months.

    We met a few times too.

    However, one day, he just disappeared totally, even though I still see him ‘online’ on his whatsapp.

    There was no disagreement at all, and he even planned to do some things together after his trip, but now he no longer replies any messages or answers any call. And no he didnt take anything from me.

    Why would a guy decide to leave without a word, and not even bother to tell the woman even when he didnt want to see her anymore? U couldnt believe that someone would just ‘vanish into thin air’.

    Could guys or ladies share your experiences or thoughts?

  2. miloice

    miloice Well-Known Member

    Guy could be attached and his partner found out
  3. buddhabar

    buddhabar Active Member

    He realised his wife is using the same dating app. Thats exactly what happen to my friend.
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  4. coldjade

    coldjade Active Member

    Sad but high possibility he was just testing water, but got caught or got scared.

    Or he didn't get what he "wanted", so he got bored and went to another victim.

    Forget him. This kind not worth in investing time.
  5. xxdaggerxx

    xxdaggerxx New Member

    You have to take initiative , dont expect the guy to initiate every conversation and do everything for you.
    i wont be surprised if he found someone who pays more attention to him.
  6. Losttrust

    Losttrust New Member

    I just experienced this craziness too....waa texting till 3pm on the day of the meet up.. Then he blocked me and stood me up...
    Didnt even has the courtesy to tell me if he change his mind...

    Cant understand what went wrong?
  7. arsenal_84

    arsenal_84 Member

    he found another target, move on.
  8. Eggwhite

    Eggwhite New Member

    Is like a target practise.. some you hit...some you dont... move on for other target..

    If they are still serious.. the arrow will fly back hahah

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