What have i done to deserve this?


My girlfriend went drinking with her colleagues, and she reassured me that nothing would happen. None of the guys took a fancy to her, she reasoned, and they were all gentlemen. She also knew her drinking limit and would not go over the limit.

She also thought that I had an early morning meeting the next day, that I would fall asleep early. She didn't count on me wanting to come over and give her a surprise, and then accompanying her home.

When I arrived, I found her at the bar slightly drunk, with her head on the shoulders of her colleague, who just stroked her hair, and her back and all the way down to her butt. even occasionally squeezing it. She made no attempts to stop him and in fact hugged him closer as the time went by. I was so shocked I just leaned against the wall.

I was probably hidden in the shadows and they just continued. Then they suddenly got up and decided to leave the bar, and the rest of the colleagues, who simply cheered them on. I tailed them, in a cab behind theirs, and they ended up back at her place. When I tried to call her, she just cancelled my calls. They got into the flat and spent a few hours in there. I just sat outside. I was too distraught to cry by then. When he finally came out, in the wee hours of the morning, I just stood there. He didn't know me, and just walked off looking at me strangely. As my girlfriend came to lock the door, her jaws just fell open. She tried to explain herself, even lying initially that her colleague had only just come by to drop off something. When I told her that I saw everything, she then got angry and said I had myself to blame for not having enough time to accompany her. I didn't know what to say, so I just left her house, the loud thud of the door slamming behind me came soon after.


I feel sorry for you. But what do you plan to do next?


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sorry to hear that, a few type of girls you must learn how to avoid, if you really think of long term relationship and marriage, like bar, pub and xxxx stations. good luck buddy.


Why aren't you out there celebrating with your buddies? This is the best thing that can happen to anyone! Is it because of the haze?


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60 secs is a nut that randomly copies and paste others posts from different forums all over.