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Hi girls just want to ask all of you, how long did it take you to plan your wedding? how much time in advance and how involved as your other half?


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What a question? So if someone plan 6 months or 1 year or 2 years in advance.. how does not apply to you?

As your other half involvement.. it is you who has to find out.. not every other half is the same.

In general you would start to plan at least a year in advance.. i did mine long time ago.. so I can't tell .. guess it depends on how grand and how nice you want your wedding to be.. and how detail you want to plan..


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its the best to plan one year ahead and really you should do it in phrases.. it works well a lot

but there shouldnt be any comparison for involvment of the other half .. what if the other half work night shift ? u going to kill him cos he jus wan to sleep and not bother about such small things ? .. its really up to individual couple ..

some dun even wan to get involve and engage a wedding planner


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i tink quite individual leh..for me i settle my house reno, book hotel everything takes me 7 mth n no rush... i did most of the sourcin n planning n discuss with my partner.. cos my HB wkday is v tied up...like wat qwerty say it up to individual partner... u cant really compare cos every1 ideal weddin is diff also ...most impt is communication with ur the other half wat u guys 1 ur budget etc..


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hi all

am asking coz i need advice. my AD is in sept. and i have done nothing. getting frazzled balancing work and doing this. and i think i don't really know where to start. in reality i would rather not do the dinner thing but i have no choice must do. and worse still need to do in sg and in kl. hence i would like to know what is a realistic time frame to start.

as for HTB he is very relaxed type so i was wondering if it is very typical male... and he is very last minute so i think it adds stress on me too. my mom keeps asking me what he thinks what he is doing and i am fine if i do all the work and he appear like star but she disagrees.

i know some of you may think i am psycho and yes it is very personal, just wanted to hear how did you guys do it. you all seem so pulled together!!! its amazing.


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we planned our ROM 9 months before the actual day and for banquet, it's about one and half years! actually, my AD is still at the planning stage as well..

hubby was the one shortlisting the hotels and bridal shops and doing the checklist for us. i'm the one who do the co-ordinating between us and the hotels. we tasked each other to take the lead to do different things at each phase but of course, with discussion prior to that.

actually, it also depends on your expectations for your wedding. if you're the type of person who dream of a perfect wedding and everything has to be so flawless, definitely you will take more time to prepare.

my hubby's cousin only took one month to prepare everything. from booking of banquet to selecting bridal shop and even take photoshoot..can you imagine that? but that's because i guess she is easy with most of the things.


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If you are not fussed over things, 3-6 mths shd be sufficient to plan a wedding. For me, i took 6 mths because i cannot find the hotel to hold the wedding dinner. My friend took 3 mths to get her gown custom-made, so it really depend what you are looking for.


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your AD is in sept ? so i presumed u have booked ur place ?

if u need advice maybe you can give a rough idea on where you are really at..


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for ROM: planned 3mths in advance
for AD: planned 1.5 yrs in advance

between me n my hubby, i'm usually e more fussy one.. so i'll do hotel and bridal shop hunting with my galfrens (who r oso BTBs) and when i have shortlisted with e final 3 hotel venues/ bridal studios then i'll talk through with my hubby then decide lo..


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hey all thanks for the feedback. honestly i have not done anything... not even book venue. i have a budget set aside and am now thinking of "color theme" - told my brides maid and have worked out a rough list. still waiting for MIL and mom to confirm.

so am i guess its correct to:
book venue - place first for all the ones i like?
erm shop for gown and photographer?
his suit
and the rest will kind off fall in place when i nail the above ie flowers, printing decor etc....

another question, what is a realistic budget if i die die must to ballroom chinese dinner in hotel? and have reception in church?

housing not included ha! that is one thing i actually dont have to settle..... car rental issit ex? i don't want to have car decor but we done drive so i guess we should at least rent a car rite...

the one thing i have so far found really funny was when he told me "don't expect me to pose ah" so at least that is confirmation that i only need actual day photography.

oh and hair and make up - anyone you guys can intro? anyone worked with aphotostory?


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I did mine within 9mths and I still find me too ks about it.

The hardest part of the whole wedding is to find a venue for my price range and guest size on the day i wanna. The others are pretty ez.

Seems like you will wanna do ala carte. Just get a good seamstress (there are some pretty good ones listed in forum and MUCH cheaper than those in bridal shops) and they will advise you on the timeline and materials etc.

There are so many videographers and photographers out there, after seeing 10 or more.. They will start to look the same to you. Just the matter of availability, cost and trustworthyness.

Wait or robinsons major sale and get his suits and all the necessary stuff that goes on the suits.

Florist, caterers and printing can be sourced like 2 to 3 months before.

MUA, err I have my own preferred choice (church mate) and only went to her. So not much advise on this.


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We are doing ala carte for ours too.

Banquet wise, we just went to a wedding fair at Marina Square atrium (in 2007) where several hotels have set up booths and we picked one which we think is the best value for our bucks. Prior to signing up, we have spoken to friends and visited those hotels which were recommended by them. Next, we set aside a day to check out their ballroom venues and speak to the wedding coordinators. I think it is pretty important that you choose a good coordinator as problems might just crop up and you might need their help at the last minute. Remember to call the wedding coordinators beforehand, otherwise it might be a wasted trip for you. Most of my friends will pick a hotel based on the 1)food reputation, 2)location of the hotel and 3)general reputation (how many stars etc).

We are doing ROM and banquet seperately. ROM wise, we both want it to be very simple. Sign the papers follow by a simple buffet at a hotel. I am not buying any ROM dress nor thinking of engaging a makeup artist as we both prefer the more natural look. Suit wise, we went to this Dan-Stevenson warehouse sale and bought a 3 piece suit for him, consisting of a blazer, trouser and a vest. Cost : $249. Their quality is decent for that price (we feel). For his ROM shirt, we went to Tangs sale and bought a Caserini shirt for $40. When Tangs is having a sale, we would always go to their gents department to check it out. Other places where you can get the groom's shoes are warehouse sales, there was a recent Pedro warehouse sale and my brother bought a pair of leather shoes for $80 only. Formal leather shoes and at 50% off. Keep your eyes peeled for newspaper ads, sometimes, these are quite good bargains.

I bought my wedding gown from one of the forumers who already had her wedding. The size is kinda off but I would be altering it soon. I find it more economical to buy directly from the sellers and also more environmentally friendly as we are 'recycling' it since wedding gowns are hardly well worn.

We are thinking of getting the flowers (for the car and bouquet) from wet market florists. Alot cheaper for something which is only suppose to last for a day and I do not mind personally.

We asked one of his friend to be our ROM photographer and we intend to give him a big ang pao. Actual day wise, we have not sourced for the photographer yet. We do not know if we are going to get indoor photoshot yet.

We are quite a cost conscious couple hence, we took a longer time to plan for our wedding. ROM wise, we took like 3months, as we are not doing it at ROM centre and had to source for JP and a suitable venue. We failed to secure a slot on our preferred date at ROM centre otherwise it would have been cheaper. However, I would advise you to hold your ROM and banquet on the same day as there would be less to plan for ROM (since you both are not planning to buy a house yet). Some friends have even held their soleminsation during the banquet whilst others held it 1 hour before the banquet starts. Depends on what you both are comfortable with.

Hope the above helps.


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By the way, if you are going to hold your banquet at a hotel, they should have several themes for you to pick from. They would also take care of the printing of the wedding invites, hence less for you to worry about.

For the wedding banquet budget, we set it to $85/pax inclusive of wine and beer.