What do you normally do at night?


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Wat to do at night?

1) Prawn Fishing
2) Catch Toys at East Coast Park
3) Supper
4) Catch Midnight Movies
5) Drive up to Mt Faber


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wow, surprise to see 1-2 couples play pool together. hehe

Actually i think is not a matter of doing what activities. Is enjoying time with each other.

He started hsi interest in pool, I played along and fell in love with it. Now we play hell a lot of pool together. So playing pool is one of our fav past times.

We go prawn fishing for 1-2 yrs - both liked it but stopped when no more challenges.

I love to sing, he sang along and now loves to sing too!

I love to watch HK drama serials, he watched along and we do that together all the time. Cuddle, drink, snack, supper in front of the tv, very shiok lei..

He love to watch soccer , I watched along and now we support different teams and watch EPL games every wkend.

I dun play mj at all but played along and its one of our past times.

To conclude, its not a matter of doing what activities but enjoying each other's company.

I think we hv no excuses to say: "aiya u also dun do xxxx, u dun go lah, go liao you very bored."

We are spouses and also best friends.


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seems like im in the same shoe as u.... me n my gf machiam weekend couple(our meetups mostly on weekend)...
what we do? dinner, movie(sometimes we watch until nothing left), she go shopping i accompany, supper , go park walk walk, search for nice food(but always no idea), sometimes drive to east coast catch monkey, geylang see see.
what i mentioned above seems like a routine for us...

we r trying to cut down on our movies liao.... now we got even lesser activity...

anymore cheapo kang tao ?
any place for good dim sum or hongkong snacks like curry fishball in sg?? she likes curry fishball alot..
this is: i wish one dae me and bf can bcome wad u and ur husband is now! dreaming. hahas. envy you and ur husband!

milo: i does not know how to cook. ask him to teach me he sae tired dun wan -.- then i go online find receipe try liaos sae wan cook for him he sae dun wan, he dun like to eat. fussy!


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learning to cook is just another hobby or interest. Cook for yourself and the interest in it. Not him!

Which person is born a cook? We learn all the same. Actually, I don't understand why do we need to have a receipt to learn cooking?

Just experiment loh. The thing is, practice in realistic portions. Its foolish that many pple stick to the propoortions in books and end up cooking too much. We don't need to create a big mess or clearing up our experimentation.

I was never interested in cooking until I was working overseas for 3 mths. For practical reasons, I need to oook. So, all the time helping up my mum in the kitchen helps. And I just anyhow experiment basing on my limited knowledge.

u wrote : "i wish one dae me and bf can bcome wad u and ur husband is now!"
Don't have fantasy expectation of marriage. Its just another phase in one's relationship. Most guys do not believe so much in marriage. Its more a phase where we formalize the 'recognition' to family and the legal system. i.e. for practical reasons. So, watch that fairy tale expectation loh. Its bound to give u disappointments.
milo: think what u say make sense. but for beginner how to cook without making a big mess huh? haha. because i really don't know and me and bf is the kind that is damn lazy to cook. maybe once in a while then will suddenly feel like cooking. but the aftermaths make us hold back.
sometimes i really feel like trying without him around. but scare leh chao ta how? im a damn lousy cook. i still remember the 1st time i cook plain porridge also can cook until the porridge and the pot all chao ta , cant even wash and have to throw away everything.


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not many pple realise this, but an important pre-requisite for cooking is Attention. so if u have a short attention-span and like to go walk here walk there whilst waiting for the processes... then be extra careful. dun take it up becos it's a sweet thing or nice thing to do...


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hi bufferfly,

agree with powder, cooking is simply patience.

Here are some useful tricks from my experimenting and helping up in the kitchen.

to cook porridge, u simply need to watch the fire and stir. The shortcut is to get a good pressure cooker.

Steps to cook cantonese style porridge.
1) Cook rice. (One cup is more than enough for 2 persons).
2) Boil enough water / soup. This way, nothing to burn. No chao ta.

3) Throw in rice into pressure cooker and close cover. Make sure enough water. If not sure, add more, its okie. At most, boil longer later to dry it.
4) Put to high heat and continue to heat for 5-10 mins with the at full pressure.
5) Off fire and start preparing your other ingredients. E.g. scrimps or chicken.
6) when pressure is completely clear, open lid and throw in the ingredients + salt or soya sauce.
7) Put to slow boil. Remember to stir it as the porridge will stick to the bottom pretty easily at this stage.
8) remove from heat once it boils and ingredients are cooked.

If you intend to cook with chicken soup or something. Do the same process but preboil the soup and use it instead of water that's all.

About washing chao ta pots, the secret is, don't wait for them to be cold to wash. Clear pot and Pour away excess materials from it, add water and heat to a boil. Then, use a wood lader to slowly scrub the chao ta away while keeping it on slow fire. You will get it cleaned up with min scratches.

Same with your stove, clean them when its still hot. If its oliy & messy, add some detergent and clean off with wet cloth.

Anyway, u should really try to cook only if it interest u lah. Don't force yourself to do things. Do it for your own interest and not to please him.


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sharing recipes?
i'm a lazy cook also, haha.. one easy dish is buy the spiced pork cubes (canned). slice 1-2 potatoes.
heat up a little oil and stir-fry potatoes, then add a little water, salt and pepper, and saute the potatoes until they're soft, by then most of the water would be evaporated, and throw in the pork cubes. stir it around a while then can serve liao. yummy with minimal prep!

can add carrots..etc if u want.

most impt is to be good friends with your bf, like mydestiny says.

have u two done the planning yet?
it may be the turning point, that you either realise that u both want the same things, but didnt communicate properly, or you two actually want totally different things.


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Mine is hardly a receipt lah. Frankly, just really trial and error. What's important are tips on how to avoid destroying the kitchen in the midst of the experiments.


We used to experiment....like fried rice.... which looked more like soggy rice....haha.... then we used to fry chicken wings....it was fun but the aftermath was the most scary....I ever tried to make Tom Yum soup. Which the result was hazardous.....My hubby spit out the soup at first mouth. Dunno y it became bitter! It was more bitter than medicinal soup! Found out I should have squeezed just the lime juice in and not dump the whole lime in! Well...trial and error lah....(though I think that was dumb..haha)

I think can try steamboat bah....get your friends, everyone bring something so you won't have to be like "bao ga liao". Then maybe afterwards play mahjong...keke......


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haha.. yeah, but would agree its fun once we get into it,.. although the only thing hubby i i 'cooked' together in our 11 yr history would be a potato salad. ha.. no cooking involved except for boiling of potatoes loh.

i love steamboat! my hubby is not one for steamboat coz he lacks the patience to wait for the food to get cooked. but after having our child, we'd go out for steamboat supper just the two of us when my son stays over with my mil. can take our time to eat and talk .. but we're too lazy to prepare and clean up, so just go out somewhere.. some places charge cheaper after 10 or 11pm


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hi Jinnous,

secret to non soggy fried rice is :
use cold rice. When u cook the rice, use less water too. Best to leave them in the fridge overnight to reduce moisture.

Depending on how much oil u prefer. Its tougher to fry if less oil are used.

Steamboat is a great idea.

Most of my diseasters are because I'm always looking for short-cuts. While I prefer always to find the short and easy way to achieve the same taste, my wife prefers well defined receipts with step by step instructions.


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oh, just read what milo said abt fairy tale expectations. i agree its just fairy tale. got a friend who kept comparing her hubby to what she sees in movies, dramas and romance books. and kept talking about if he loved her, he would...etc.etc.. until a point where even i got fed up and told her to wake up to reality.


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whuahaha...wow all sharing recipes..

yup my hubby and i also tried to cook together. We tried fried rice, fried spaghetti and even cook steak together. Not bad it turn out..just tat the cleaning afterwards is terrible. So oily everywhere.

Usually my hubby will help to prepare breakfast too...esp pan cakes.


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Hi Butterfly,

Many years ago when I pak tor with my hb (then bf), we faced the same problem as you. Many times asked each other go where, and the answer is "Dunno". Fast forward many yrs later, ie now, we are married and still when weekend comes, he will ask "go where?" and sometimes the answer is still "Dunno" so the whole family stayed at home to pass time.

But now that we have 2 kids time really flies. Though we have "nowhere to go" sometimes, we definitely have things to do and that is taking care of our kids!

I think you should sleep as much as you can now, laze as much as you can now bcos once the kids come, you will have no time to laze, sleep, shop, etc. Unless you have strong family/maid support to help you look after the kids lah.


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I agree that cooking is a good idea. I used to cook with hubby pre-kids time and spent so much time washing and cleaning up later that we have no desire and energy to go anywhere after that!


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i find cooking is a great idea too!!

However, i ever post cooking in another thread but got pple say cooking is hassle.. hmmm =X


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the issue isn't with cooking but one's expectation.

Its all part of living together. If we don't manage expectations, be it cooking or any other activity, the issue still exists loh.

This is the point has been brought up many times. The focus shouldn't on NEW IDEAS or ACTIVITIES but on why there is nothing more than to do or say than when doing things that interests them. It seems that the relationship in butterfly's case is one of convenience rather than commitment and passion. Needing distractions to kill time together is a clear indication that both aren't really enjoying each other company. They are merely together enjoying the NEW ACTIVITY. A vicious cycle of clinging on and possessing the time of the partner. Desperately sourcing for new things to do all the time. So, once they ran out of ideas, that's it. GAME OVER.


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for a moment, i thought i came to a recipe-sharing thread. haha!

hmm... my HTB and i (been together 3 and half years) went through this phase of doing new things/activities for the sake of doing it. like if nowhere to go, just drive around. a bit aimless lah. that was 2 years back.

now very different. like findingnemo, we ask each other "go where" then the other will say "dunno". then we will go each other's place to watch tv, rent DVD, make our own popccorn and spend time like that. we have come to understand that it is not about spending QUANTITY time, but QUALITY time. we may not be talking to each other when having our "activities", but we'll be holding hands and sharing a drink etc. small gestures to tell the other that i am here, just because. we also have a large group of mutual friends (we met each other through this group), which is very important because these close friends who know us both are the best support pillars in our relationship.

maybe butterfly and bf can try just being with one another? don't need to do anything. just be. must, must communicate lor. share your dreams with each other. find out from one another what is the problem in the relationship etc. heard from many couple friends that they also went through this years back. it is communication that strengthened their relationship till this day. if your bf don't wanna talk, i think can let go lah. no point staying in a one-way-only relationship.


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We believe in quality time together. So on weekends, me and hb usually like to sit in the park below our condo around 9-10plus. We like to sit at this little corner where it was quite dark and hardly people nor kids walk that area. We will talk rubbish and kiss each other. Sometimes we also drive out to east coast for a stroll at the beach. Though it can be boring but i am happy that we are able to spend time together. Imagine we work late on weekdays and hardly get together


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Tsk... To add on to what I had posted much earlier...

Me and my bf staying together now also but so far we have no problem on 'no activities'. I think both of us already have a commom understanding that if we are out and there's no where to go, we are just happy to head home to nua. If not, we will head down to East Coast Park for a stroll and relax.

When we at home, we will grab some beer / liquor n chat... when get bit tipsy... we will start to talk rubbish and if we con't our fun, we then start singing n groove around, taking pictures. After the day, we will recall the incident and had good laugh on what we did and the pictures are always good evident of the event if either one of us forgets or denies.

Since drinking can't be a daily activities, we norm will also watch DVDs (movies/ dramas), disturbing each other with tickling, hugs & kisses and flying pillows during the show on and off... tho sometimes these may be irritating but we never end up feeling bored at home...

Before bed time... will come the cuddling and pillow talk which is our favourite... talk until we both slowly fall asleep....


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Communications (chit chat) is very important.

My parents, now in their 60s, still pillow talk (minus the cuddles lah) till they slowly fall asleep, like what snoopies and bf are doing.

I think that is one of the factors to their long & lasting marriage.