What do you gals think of Wedding Luncheon on a Sunday ?


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Hi Gals
I intend to have a wedding luncheon on Sunday afternoon. It's not a buffet style but a sit down style just like a dinner except the timing is different

All my friends around our age all think it's great but our parents are not so supportive. They are worried that the guests turnout rate will not be good :x

Any comments? Thanks


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Hi riushiki, i'm also thinking along the same line as we want to hold it a sentosa... my parents quite ok but my bf's side not so keen...

I'm more worried abt how much pple will give for ang bao as it is a lunch...


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hi riushiki

i think wedding luncheon is getting more and more common nowadays.

i'm also having a wedding luncheon. at first, my dad objected, thinking that nobody will turn up, but to our surprise, after calling up the relatives, most of them had already attended wedding luncheon before and they actually welcome the idea.

relatives with kids no need to rush home when their kids have classes the next day, unlike wedding dinner.

but friends who are going to church on Sunday morning might be rushing for your wedding luncheon. so you'll need to plan your time properly!

as for how much ang bao relatives will give for wedding luncheon, it should be the same as wedding dinner. but if you invite friends or colleagues, the ang bao for wedding luncheon might be smaller than dinner.

just my 2-cents thought!


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hello gals! i am doing luncheon as well.

my main worry is the timing. from the time my hubby to fetch me until we reach the hotel. (from my place, then to our new house, and then to his place and back to my place and finally to hotel) phew~ we need to do all these within 3 hours!

he is only supposed to reach my place at 9.15am (earliest) and we have to reach the hotel by 12.30pm where all our relatives will be there to attend the chinese tea ceremony before the luncheon.

as for angbaos, i think we will need to stress to friends and relatives that it is a 8- or 9-course chinese lunch. many of them will think otherwise, they might think that it is a buffet or tea reception.

kawaii, what time will your wedding lunch starts?


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Hi there,

I had my wedding lunch last Dec and tot it was a comfortable event. Great timing i tot... Here's my AD schedule to share...

7:00am wake up
7:30am have breakfast + make up
9:00am here commes the groom!!
9:30am Out of my house
10:00am Reach his house for tea ceremony
10:30am Leave for our new place (+ photo shooting)
11:30am Leave for hotel directly (did send someone to pick my parents to hotel)
12:15pm Reach hotel and rest for a moment
12:30pm tea ceremony for bride's relatives
1:10pm Receiving guest at banquet receptn
1:30pm Lunch begins
4:00pm Lunch ends

Yup nobody rushed to go off... in fact some of the guestz didn't have intention to go until the ballroom was fully lit up for waiters to clean up!!! (Many commented that lunch banquet is enjoyable after our event

And it great to know that you can be resting after the lunch... hehehe... i didn't have the luxury though cos mum wanted me to go back to my place after the lunch, since i skipped it in the morning :p ... nvr mind, still managed to soak in hot bathtub by 7pm.

There after we had our sumptuous dinner, count our hong baos... nnn even managed to catch Lord of the Ring!!!

Ya ya for the hong bao, guess i have hint to many that my cost per table is almost= to dinner's, the hong baos are ok.

Hope the info helps & may u have a wonderful luncheon event!


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Hi ladies..

I'm doing a sit-down 8 course lunch on a Sunday as well...Thought the same way as kawaii, dad objected initially...but after telling my relatives during CNY, they were all supportive of that idea, as the next day is a working/schooling day...Sunday lunch seems such a good idea...People can just take their time.

Dear Jo, thanks for sharing your wonderful experience...I did what u did as well..tell them how much per table cost....

Good luck to us all


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My colleague did a Sunday wedding luncheon. The turnout was close to 100% (I was the reception lady).

Colleagues thought that it was a good idea as the luncheon finishes quite early and fast than a dinner.


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i will be having wedding lunch on Sat, instead of sun...

i also receive alot of resistance from my mum, saying things like pple won't come cos there are pple working on half days etc.... but i just brush aside all this issues. cos ultimately, there are still pple who cannot make it.

i just hope the turnout will be okay...


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Jo, thanks for ur timely advice. it really helps. Just curious, after going to ur MIL's house then to ur new pl, don't u need to return to ur mum's again?


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hi judy

hopefully, my wedding luncheon can start at around 12.30 pm.

in the midst of preparing for AD schedule. to simplify matters, my hubby will fetch me at 9am and tea ceremony at my place first. thereafter we'll proceed to hotel for tea ceremony to my in-laws. no need to rush back to my mum's place. that's why got plenty of time to rest and relax till lunch starts at around 12.30 pm.

we'd prefer to KISS (keep it short and simple!).

happy planning


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hi Ju,

we didn't pack that (back to mum's place) into the morning schedule cos me and in-laws stays quite apart, wanna allow more time for travelling, and also to cater for jus-in-case matters... Did go back after the lunch though, jus to show face back in my place then went back to hotel shortly after!!

For those who are having tea at hotel jus b4 the banquet, do remember to assign some 'receptionists' at the banquet area to guide/entertain the guests (esp guide those who are suppose to drink tea to your room) and co-ordinate the function while you are having your tea session up in one of the hotel room... else it may be a bit chaotic...

That's wat happened on my day... got some aunt/uncle blur blur go to the ballroom directly, while others said they prefer to stay at the reception area rather than cramp in the suite!!!
A bit of time was wasted trying to gather & contain all of them for the tea *sigh*

Kawaii, urs sound simple. shd be ok to begin at 12:30pm then. bless you.


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Hi Jo,
I have thought of that too. I'll be having my tea ceremony in the ballroom itself, so the guests who turn up early will have to wait at the foyer/outside the ballroom. I think I will arrange the hotel to cater some finger food and drinks to be served around. Will keep in mind to ask my "sisters" and my ang's "brothers" to guide my relatives into the ballroom for tea ceremony. Hmm.. maybe they can juggle balls to keep my other guests entertained. LOL! :p


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hi ladies,

you have struck nail on the head... my boyfriend' parents are v resistant to luncheon, even we keep on telling them that we are runnign short of time, major hotels and major restaurants are booked for dinner, only left lunch..

they die die want dinner,, his mom even cried in front of the sister sayng that it would be a loss of face...

they rather settle for lousy dinner in a lousy restaurant, than have good food in a good hotel for lunch.. sigh..


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Hi kawaii,

What time does yr tea ceremony start? it seems a good idea to combine tea ceremony followed by luncheon together.


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Wow.. Priscilla,
Me too too. experience the same thing. i love luncheon too but my bf's side said cannot. Not such thing. they said rather not invite if it is luncheon. Feel so fed up.


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hi aeina,

i am about to explode..

generally for old folks, if they have never attended luncheon before, they will refuse. they just don want be the 'odd one out'..

they have never attended before, does not mean that it is not happening?




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It may be due to general gap. nowsdays young couple love simple wedding plan but this type of planning or thinking is still unaccepted in the old folks' mind.


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dear afcai,,

sigh.. the old folks do not understand that wedding banquet is the most superfluous part of marriage.. anyway, it is their son who is marrying, not them..

also, don understand why they need to 'explain to their relatives and friends'??
do we go around explaining to others how we want to conduct our lives?


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Hi Priscilla,

it may be the old folk wanted best for their son and still in their traditional thinking that wedding dinner is a must that's why they can't accept the luncheon.

I think they should upgrade them and adapt to the new generation. some dun even wanted to host a wedding dinner, just get ROM and then ok with it. luckily, both of the party 's parents are 'qin chai'.

me also not sure wanted the luncheon or not cos after reading this forum, I think it is quite an idea to have luncheon after tea cermony, all in one and save cost some more cost one don't need to cater the buffet service at both parties' house and relative and friends and proceed straight to the wedding luncheon after that.

it also ended early too.


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Hi guys

I had a wedding lunch banquet too. Also had a hard time to persuade the elders, they said the turnout would be bad and people dun like it. afterall, it's our wedding and we want it to be relax and simple. In the end, they gave in as we told them it is a sit down lunch, not a buffet.

Turn out was great. The guests's comments was great, it ended early and can go shopping then go home. Not too bad afterall. we also had a band to perform. Simple one, 2 guys played guitars and sang their dedications. ha ha....made the aunties n uncles so happy.

So...just go and persuade them...it's worth the effort.
just my experience and comments.


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hi priscilla,

i am having a wedding luncheon this nov. i can tell you i face a hell of hard time from my parents, especially my mum.

long before i am in courtship, i already propose to her her when i get married, i won't want dinner, cos it's so restrictive and it ends so late..... so that time she also agree.

but when it's my wedding, hahahaa... alot of reasons came in liao. eg. lunch, her friends cannot make it lah etc.

anyway, like what you say, lunch is a novelty, not many pple can accept it. and generally pple thinks that hving lunch banquet is cheap skat, but that's not true okay.....

generally my mum has learned that my banquet will be lunch and no turning back. for whatever reason, i am very persistent this time. guess she sees no point arguing and she gave in. But you can imagine the amt of time spend on convincing, persuading, arguing etc.

Until now, i am glad to say the wedding luncheon will stays. Hopeful everything turns out fine.


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Hi Pris,

Agreed that it's not easy to change the parents' mindset. Maybe can try talking your younger aunties/uncles first. Buy them in and let them talk your parents into it... easier that way.



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Agreed that many of the ppls will have the thinking that lunch is kind of cheap skat compare to dinner. but lunch also have a 7 - 9 course lunch type mah, where 's got the cheap skat one, right. hai-ya....


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i guess there are a few factors:
- "face" issue
- peer pressure from parents' friends
- people's mindset

well, i think general parents are very concern over the above issues, especially peer pressure. if their friends say something like "how come is lunch, never attend lunch banquet before". i think our parents also feel pai seh and hurt, probably they also dun know how to handle queries from friends and relatives.

so in order to feel comfortable with queries, they insist on dinner banquet loh.


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hmm I think friends are no problem accepting lunch. just tell the relatives that the generation now is different from the olden times. lunch also is quite similar to dinner mah except the timing wise only.

Nowsdays couple prefers simple wedding.


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yes, nowadays its more common. but younger pple usu are more ok wif idea lor. just older people more not keen to idea. my fren had his at raffles hotel luncheon. then dinner was at Equinox at Raffles the Plaza


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Hi tanya chua,

wow then the budget of yr friend's wedding must be high, got both luncheon and dinner.

yup, some even don't want to hold any dinner, just ROM and go thru the tea ceremony only. maybe there will be changes made by the next generation - restaruant will offer more lunch package instead of dinner, friends and other ppls will slowly accept the idea of having luncheon over dinner.

some luncheon are not cheap esp those come in 8 course type of dishes. but the mind of older ppls will think that lunch come in a buffet style only mah, quite cheap.

but think of it,by having luncheon, it 's not only save budget, time etc.
Budget: Can combine both relative of both side and they can proceed to lunch wedding straight away after the tea ceremony ends.
No need to fork out extra $$ to order buffet for both side.
Friends then can joins in the lunch wedding.

Time: Ends early than wedding dinner.

that's what I am been thinking of holding luncheon straight away after the tea cerenomy but not sure if this idea will be accept by both parent or not.


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hi gals..

saw this thread, n thot i say hi and share share..

I will be having a wedding lunch this coming Oct..
I also shared some of the same concerns, especially regarding the relatives...

But in order to make it look good to parents, we still opt for a 8 course chinese lunch...
but to make it fun for our friends, we topped up for a buffet dessert to end the day sweet with tea at about 3-4 pm...

so far no nasty comments.. only worry is that we may have to pay a bit more, cuz most pple may think its a buffet...

but ultimately, its wat the couple wants.. n cannot please everyone


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Hi all...

I am also opting for a wedding luncheon...glad to know that it's getting trendy nowadays and with so many positive comments...

My mum is the only one that doesn't welcome the idea (even though she didn't openly object! *phew*)

The following is some of the problem that she foresees and i am trying to resolve now(to make her really happy with my decision and i find what she say quite true also)

(1) she's worried that the relatives will find it troublesome to travel here and there (to my place for tea then to hotel for lunch)

(2) relative will not have time to "dress up nicely" for the lunch at hotel if they have to come to my place early in the morning (pls: my relatives quite hiao one lah i must say and its also a norm to dress up during wedding dinner mah)

Personally, I think dressing up shouldn't be a problem as they are only required to be at my house at around 11am, following which they can drive to the hotel for lunch (and i don't foresee any problem arranging transport for them as most of them drives!)

My only problem is the timing in the morning....worried that it will really be tight and a bit rush. Travelling time from my place to hubby's place is approx. 30 mins and we also need to go new flat and wish to have some outdoor shoots in the morning *sign*

Mum did suggest to have tea ceremony for my relatives (bride side) in the hotel. But i personally like it to be in my own house

- as i find it more meaningful and
- to avoid the choatic situation in hotel (like relative go ballroom instead of the suite room)
- Access to rooms for some hotels are restricted by cardholder only.

hmmm....so how??? what should i do?

- to drop lunch and opt for dinner so that i will have more time to complete everything i want in the morning without rush

- to continue with lunch but starts my day earlier

- to continue with lunch but do the tea ceremony in hotel or drop the outdoor shoot (or do it after lunch?)

Hope that i will be able to find some answers here from u gals (who might also been thru all these thoughts) thanks! thanks!


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Hi galaxy,

I'm not too sure abt u.. I'm planning lunch too.. i rather start my day earier n end it fast so dat can hv a nice evening to ourselves..

i shd b having tea ceremony at hotel itself so that relatives jux need to gather at 1 centralised place


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hi i m having wedding lunch next year, we have located a few possible areas that are centralised, etc marina mandarin and suntec

we find that it will end faster cos for lunch on Sunday they do not need to rush frm work and they duno wat is the norm for being late. For a dinner they already know that usually it starts around 9pm so they will take their time

we also prefer noon as there won't be traffic problems (like peak hrs after work)

More importantly we don't want to be sabo to drink beer...wine...for afternoon lunch, minority will want to drink

hope this helps


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Hi crystal hoo,

Where are you holding your wedding lunch at, may I ask? I am looking at the wedding lunch package at The Oriental and was quite surprise that it only caters for 7 course. Is 7-course wedding lunch package normal?

Hope u can advise. Thank you


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mine is at marina mandarin, usually is 8 or 9 course wedding lunch, i know oriental hotel's prices has gone up, maybe due to renovation i suppose cos when i enquire early tis year and recently, the prices are much different!
wat is ur estimated pax?

mine is abt 200 persons, surveyed many wedding lunch, felt that marina mandarin is not too costly and not giving in the quality and ambience


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hi galaxy,

I will also be having wedding banquet lunch.. and i also face the same problem as you have - not enough time (even tho my FH is coming to fetch me ard 7am), relative travel here n there.. etc..

in the end, me and my mum decided that we will have tea ceremony(bride's side) at the hotel AFTER our lunch in the bridal suite.

Reasons are: my relatives all stay in the north/east while i stay in west, not very nice to make them go one big round.. we choose AFTER lunch also because my mum wants to start lunch on time (ard 12 noon) she say not good to let ppl feel hungry. and i feel after lunch, things can be easier to organise, my relatives dont have to be there earlier, and no need to be rush, i can change into tea dress for tea ceremony (coz it is after seeing off guest) plus i am sure that i will have my bridal suite available by then.. just sent off the other guests and lead my relatives to the bridal suite.. and after the tea ceremony, i will hui niang jia in tea dress..

hope it will turn out well..


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Hi all,
Heee..i love the idea of wedding luncheon when I see so much positive feedbacks from the past and current thread. Now need some recommendations for venues as I do have budget restrictions. Got some queries hope those who been thru wedding luncheon can help...
1) Would you be able to cover your banquet thru your ang baos?
2) Anyone held their luncheon at Marriott? I love the ballroom...and now need feedback on food and location?
3) Are we allow to set up the stage for tea ceremony just b4 the banquet? I mean around 11am? Or should I do it in the suite insteaD?
4) How much extras like Beer and Red Wine you top up for your luncheon?
5) Enough time to go around take photos?
6) Any other recommendations for wedding luncheon with a budget of $500 nett prefably?
Thanks gals!


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Hi all,

haven't been here for a while. well, have decided on lunch on the following day (sun afternoon) so that we don't have to rush....

i've chosen Raffles the Plaza...its my 3rd choice actually, cos Conrad and Marriott are taken on my date...*sad* *sad*

My package is around $550 excluding beer, wine and favours. Also worried that we might not be able to recover the cost if beer and wine consumption is too high...

Can anyone (who had experience with lunch wedding) provide an estimate of how much do we need to top up for beverages? I don't foresee any heavy drinker among my guests...think they are mostly 'social' drinker....


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I am defintely very interested in a lunch or even high-tea buffet style meal as I find it more personal and people get to interact and mingle around more. I think I get all my ideas from too much movies where they always have tea receptions in the gardens. But given the terrible weather conditions here, I guess it's going to be quite a hassle.
Anyway, I thought that this won't cost so much so that I still have money to go for honeymoon with ny hubby.


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hi, not sure if my post is too late... u can try meritus mandarin's lunch package. it's slightly less than 600+++, with free flow beer and 2 bottles of wine per table (if u don't want the wine can haggle for lower price!)
i'm having my wedding lunch there next sunday!


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Pillarless Grand Venus Ballroom at Furama Riverfront Hotel at lower than market price. Min 30 tables up to 55 tables. Weekday rate at $488+++ (current market price is $558+++) going at a discount. Package has to be consumed in year 2007. Due to personal reason, I am looking for a transfer URGENTLY.

This is the best deal you can get at a hotel in a grand pillarless ballroom. Better deal than the hotel's October Wedding Show offer last year. We have all done our research on hotels’ wedding banquets so we know.

See details of the wedding banquet package:
• A lavish 8-course Chinese menu
• Free flow of soft drinks & Chinese tea
• Complimentary free flow beer
• Waiver of corkage for duty paid wine & hard liquor brought in by host
• A bottle of champagne for stage toasting ceremony
• Wedding decor with pedestals stands along the aisle and misty dry ice effect for your grand entrance
• A magnificent multi-tier dummy wedding cake for cake cutting ceremony
• Champagne fountain on stage
• Complimentary seat covers for all chairs
• Pre-dinner cocktail reception with peanuts at 7pm
• Give-away wedding favour for every guest
• Wedding invitation cards for 80% of confirmed guests
• One night stay at luxurious bridal suite with fresh flowers, fruit basket and buffet breakfast for 2 persons
• Parking coupons for 30% of confirmed attendance
• A personalised guest signature book
• Pre and Post dinner snack for the couple
• Complimentary food tasting for 10 persons * 8 course dinner
• Complimentary video montage based on 30 pcs of pictures
• Special room rates for your guests
• Complimentary usage of LCD Projector

Can arrange to recce the venue. Wedding banquet for Friday nights are going out fast. So don't take too long to consider.

If interested in the wedding banquet package, please call/sms me at 94883156 URGENTLY!!!

Crystal Theme Wedding Banquet






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Onward to 2008!

I realised the first post was written back in Sep 2003. But I just want to say "thank you" to previous BTBs for being pioneers for changing the mindsets of people about wedding lunch banquets. Today, although it is still relatively more popular to have have dinner banquets, lunch banquets are gaining more favour. I just had my wedding lunch (Sunday)over a month ago at the Marina Mandarin, and the response from all our guests were great. In fact, they all said lunch banquet was a much better idea.

Great in the sense......

1) one stop - that we were able to do our Wedding Solemnization, Tea Ceremony, & Lunch Banquet on the same day all within the hotel - convenient and time-saving for both guests and ourselves;

2) we had 95% attendance for all the above events and all arrived on time;

3) easy for families with kids to bring along;

4) started and finished on time;

5) no lunch buffet catering required unlike for dinner banquets

6) didn't have to open too many wine bottles in the end

7) guests were free to do their own programmes after 4pm; no need to wait for dinner;

8) ang baos were just as generous;

9) guests (especially lady guests) can also save $$$ from buying an expensive evening gown when they can just come in a smart casual, nice tea dress; less hassle for guests to change from morning to evening attire;

10) guests enjoyed the less formal and stuffy atmosphere but still received 5-star service.

11) lunch banquets are generally cheaper and easier to book than dinner banquets. we booked ours less than 5 months in advance and quite a few hotels were still available to choose from.

12) parking is much easier for guests in the morning.

13) guests have more time to digest their heavy meal after lunch before going to sleep at night.

14) we had more budget to spend on sprucing up the wedding decor. anyway, it is still considered "special" to do a wedding lunch so guests will still feel the wow factor.

As the day was so packed with activities, we did not have much time to chat with our VIP guests, so we even organised an extra special post wedding dinner party for selected 20 close family and overseas guests separately at the Shang Palace on the same day. These guests had 8+8 course lunch and dinner respectively and boy were they happy guests!

(This could also be another idea for those who are still concerned about what the elders will perceive of a lunch wedding.....)

So all in all, I think Wedding Lunches have definite perks and would highly recommend it!


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hi, would like to revive this thread also.

Due to my AD being on a Sunday, i'm oso looking at doing wedding lunch instead. However, can i noe the kind of program sequence to adhere for such arrangement? Cos my mum is quite concerned that we won't have enough time for our return to the bride side before proceeding to the banquet venue...

My ideas are as such:
7-8am === Groom fetch the Bride (incl. gatecrash etc)
8:30-9:30am === Arrive Groom's house (incl. tea ceremony)
10am-11am === Back to Bride's house (incl. tea ceremony)
11:30am === Arrive banquet venue
1pm === Wedding lunch commence

Wow, after penning the sequence down, it seems rather rush for us. :p
Any help gals?


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Hi Jopp,
I just had mine last saturday. No regrets abt my decision, b'coz at the end of the day, me and husband are still able to take a stroll down Orchard road and enjoy our dinner. We are not very tired despite not having enough sleep a few nights before the wedding.

I saw yr schedule and I find it too rush for you.

I had my gate crashing at 8am, leaving my mum house at 9am, reaching my new house at ard 9.10am and leaving at 9.45am. I reached Marriott hotel at 10.15am, washed up and started my makeup at 11.15am. By the time, I finish my makeup, hairstyling and dressup, it's 1pm. I missed not having to meet my guests at cocktail session. I should have move forward my gatecrashing to earlier auspicious timeslot instead. We had 99.9% attendance and guests were happy with the arranagement too.

My suggestion for you.
1. Gatecrash as early as possible
2. Leave for groom place.
3. Then from groom place, proceed to hotel.
4. Tea ceremony at hotel.
5. Return to mum home on the 3rd day after yr wedding (if I'm not wrong, traditionally bride return home on the 3rd day).


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annabella, thanks a mil for ur sharing!
it's so amazing to see dat u r able to go 'pak-tor' wif ur hubby after ur wedding event. Cheers!

So basically i shud give 'return to mum home' a miss in the program sequence to make more time to prep myself before the luncheon.
Hmm...not sure if my mum is ok wif this :p Neber mind, will discuss wif her and make her understand y i hv to do it this way ba.

As for the tea ceremony, how did u do it? Was it BEFORE or AFTER the luncheon? I have many aunts and uncles, so i suppose i need to allocate a fair bit of time for this activity. Haha!