What do you call your Husband or Boyfriend?


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heee.. i think it doesn't matter wat so long as it sounds sweet and intimate for both parties... sometimes i call him 'mu tou' (block of wood).. heee... to check if u're in love, see if u can imagine being with him for the rest of ur life.. and if u kip thinking of him and he's the first person who came to mind when your hp rings..


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guess mine is orbit lor...

Hubby - mao mao
Hubby to me - Baobei

wanted to call Dar-dar, but he felt that its too common


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eh,i called him boy ,sometimes call him dear when got crowded people,if nt a bit paiseh to call boy when he's grown up liao.hee


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i called him "bu", if i'm moody with him, then i called him "wei!"

he called me "dear" or "ling", if he moody with me, he'll keep silence!



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during the dating stage: dear / darling
after marriage: hubby / lao gong
after having kids: daddy / papa
after the kids have grown up: lao de
after having grandchildren: lao bu si de


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i'll call him
ai ai
xiao lao ren..

and he'll call me
ah xing
ah siao


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I call him dear dear...
There is a psychology theory on the family sub-system, specifically on the addressing of the partner, before and after childbirth. How can addressing your partner changes the behaviours of the spouses.

If anyone is interested, can PM me, I can explain..

For now, try avoiding calling your partner 'papa, daddy, ah pa.. etc' unless both partners are family-oriented more than spousal united.

(no offence eh, just some sharing of information)


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my husband and i call each other 'sweetie' - started when we were courting. he's joked that we used it far too often that we might even forget our real names ..


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my aunt and her bf..

initial stage - cat
middle stage - honey
now - oii, cat, never call anything and straight into conversation 'blah blah blah...'


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i call my FH dear dear or dear or husband. He calls me darling or princess or wifey.

he is the only one whom we call differently..usually same nicknames..sometimes i forget his name LOL...


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hhmmmm... me & my FB have alot of nicknames for each other...

courtship : He calls me auntie... I call him Uncle..

Now...I call him/ he calls me:
laogong / laopo
wang zi (prince)/ xiao gui fu (å°è´µå¦‡ï¼‰
meow meow / meow meow gong zhu (princess)
di gua bang zhu (sweet potatoe chief)
hamster ba ba (coz we got 2 hamsters)/hamster ma ma
think the list still adding.. kekekeke


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hmmm...interesting topic...

i call him: cumber, darling, dear dear, dearie, dear, sweetie....

he calls me: mato, darling, dear dear, dearie, dear, sweetie....

** cumber = cucumber (long story)
** mato = tomato (also long story)



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me to him - Dardi, darling, baby, stinky, smelly, bui, honey, neyney, dear, dar di dar

him to me - Dardi, sweetie, princess, honey, sweetheart, pinky, Chagiya (Dear in korean)


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wow..i saw so many sweet names being call...
sometimes i wan to call my fh "dear" but just feel so paisay to shout out from my mouth..so end up calling "seow aei".. "oei"...


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haha... i like to disturb him n call him AH LAOOOOO... then he'll go "WAH LAOOOOO, can dun always see me n say WAH LAO or nt... see me so cham meh" kekekeke...

he calls me honey or lou po zai... =p i call him dear/deardear/lou gong zai usually... =)


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me to him: tree, shu(4)shu(4), ah chek, ah kwa, kwa kwa, dear, lao gong gong, yi(1)ke(1)shu(4), da(4)shu(1), mr kwa

him to me: dear dear, xiong(2)xiong(2), shu(4)xiong(4), mrs kwa, ms lee


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me will call Dear dear. all the time. for all my bfs. imagine wat happens if my exs happen to coincidently walking on the road, then i call dear dear to my bf, will all 3 turn and look? hehhe


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hmmm...come to think of it, i seldom call my bf with such affectionate names, though during smsing, i will call him hubby, dear dear or darling...whenever i call him , i just seem to go straight to my point and never address him! hahaha..

well, he'll usually call me baby or darling..


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Me to BF - Darling or Bao Bei or Ling (short form for Darling)

BF to me - Dar (Short form for Darling) or Bao Bei

Dunno when he becomes husband tat time will have any changes anot... haha...

But i often hear those married couples who has kids, call each other Daddy and Mummy...


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I made him promise that even if we have kids later, we would never call each other as Mummy or Daddy... Cos I read somewhere that with time it takes the romance out of the r/ship or something. I call him Bi (short for baby) or dear dear. He calls me dear, sayang, darling.

I think the funniest is my friend, whose wife calls him Ah Pek. It was a nickname that gradually grew along with him when we were once all working together. You wonder why someone would call a guy in his 30s Ah Pek.


Ah Pek????

i think if i call my bf Ah Pek, he is going to call me Ah Ma liau.....

i will call him Polar(fat & white), ney (short of honey), uncle, surname+name (when i angry)

he call me Panda (dark eye ring), baby, antie, oi....



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For me? it's dear lor...or darling...as BF or husband but I think i heard..."lao gui bu..." (hokkien)= mother hen somewhere......whhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa..



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Hahaha... Yea... Now his wife has the nickname of "Ah Mmmm" liao... =P They're so used to it such that even the wedding favour was a knick knack of an old couple seated in an old Mercedes!


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Hehe, I wan to admit... my husband call me :lao gui bu" when he wans to disturb me... then i will return with "lao orh gui" (old tortoise)...hahaha...
On normal occasion, he will call me dear, siao eh, or CEO...kekeke... I will call him darling, lao gong, or ah lao.... when call him ah lao he will go WAHHH LAUUUU....... hahahah


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COme to think of it, mine seems so boring...

lao gui bu, hmmm... something new, haven heard of before...

But i've heard some frens calling their HTB CFO (Chief Financial Officer)... haha... cos their HTB provide the finances... hee...


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Just get together:
bf to me -- honey
me to bf -- darling

bf to me -- yinyin
me to bf -- yewyew

cos both of us are cantonese so we use cantonese to converse ") both names are our last names in cantonese