What disaster will happen if the PG & VG had never work together before?

Discussion in 'Wedding Photography And Videography' started by soudezne, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. soudezne

    soudezne New Member

    Hi Hi
    I'm thinkg of engaging PG & VG who have never work together before.. will disaster happen??

  2. soupie

    soupie New Member

    if they wanna maintain a good reputation for themselves, they wouldn't make things difficult for each other lah... cos it'll reflect poorly on themselves if they can't cooperate.. unless this is both their first time doing photography/videography if not they would know wat to do.. for eg, like taking turns to film...
  3. janf

    janf New Member

    hi soudez! *wave*

    my PG & VG are from same house coz i wan the chemistry.. keke. but seriously, dun tink shd be a big problem.. coz they are professionals and shd know how to complement each other in their course of work..
  4. soudezne

    soudezne New Member

    Hi soupie
    Hi Janf *wave wave*

    Thanks... i hv been told to get PG & VG that works well together with each other, hence wondering if they dun, how.... and what will be the worst scenario... =p
  5. janf

    janf New Member

    soudez - mayb u can ask your intended PG if he has a preferred VG whom he has past working exp wif? at least can work along tat line..
  6. monizz

    monizz New Member

    i'd prefer to have the PG & VG from the same house! at least, they could "click" well wif each other!
  7. dinohee

    dinohee New Member

    You worried too much, i work with quite a number of videographer, and only encounter 1 videographer that i hate. So chances of getting DISASTERS are low.
  8. soudezne

    soudezne New Member

    anything happen when u hated that VG?
  9. dinohee

    dinohee New Member

    just warn him with a smile, cos he really gets in the way. The way he films it will sure get most photographers nerves, as i actaully ask ard, and most photographers knew who i talk to when i mention the videographer styles.hahaha
  10. soudezne

    soudezne New Member

    wah.. he so "famous" for getting into ways ar... is he a newbie or wat?
  11. pinkcandy

    pinkcandy New Member

    i happened to see my own photographer at my hubby's friend's wedding, and noticed that the PG and VG works very well together. They're not from the same company as well. So ofcourse i was very happy to know again that i'd made the right choice.

    I think what matters is that the person is experienced and knows how to take a move aside. A friend who aactually recommended me to this PG also did her wedding, and the VG privately told her that he enjoyed working with my photographer [​IMG]
  12. linasoh

    linasoh New Member

    From what I have asked around, I think perhaps one can also see which videographer the photographer has worked with, or vice versa. This way the chances of problems happening or no chemistry is nil.
  13. wilest

    wilest New Member

    hi David lim

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  14. wilest

    wilest New Member

    thanks David
    i've got ya reply
  15. xxinyingxx

    xxinyingxx New Member

    My PG and VG never work together before.
    But everything turned out very well.
    So i'm happy.
  16. belleteo

    belleteo New Member

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  17. elaineang

    elaineang New Member


    I ever attended a wedding of my boyfriend's friend. The photographer and video keep knocking each other until the photographer hit the table and broke the glasses.
  18. babydeb

    babydeb New Member

    Hi David Lim,

    I'm holding my actual day wedding on 9thNov 2008. Would like to check if you're free & what does your AD VG & PG package (individually & combine) consists of? Pls email your the details to babydeb@gmail.com. Preferably with portfolio.
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  19. rongsiang

    rongsiang New Member

    Wow! So drama...better look for those buddy partner VG and PG...
  20. mrsgan123

    mrsgan123 New Member

    Hi, Just to share my exprience with enaging VG & PG from diff company...

    if you are lucky, somehow they will communicate with each other on their needs, etc.. but if not, maybe will end up like mine...

    my PG was trying to catch the best shoot during our match in, and his "best shoot" had blocked the VG as the result, i only see PG backside from the video for my match in.. was very disappointed.
  21. blinky03

    blinky03 New Member

    This is shocking actually. Are those PGs and VGs you engaged professionals or those hobbyists? Pros, I believe will know better than to make such mistakes and embarrass themselves..
  22. paintednails

    paintednails New Member

    that really happens! my PG adviced me not to.

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