What can I know if a photographer is good or not???


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I am looking for actual day photographer.

But as I dunno much about photography, the photos look very similiar to each other leh.

Can give me some pointers???




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hi kj,

i also dunnoe. so what u need to do is:
1) read the photograhy related threads to give you an idea on who's good, who's not good.
2) get quotations from photographers
3) meet up those that meets your budget. e.g. xxx is sooo good but their basic is $2000 for AD. are you ok with it? if yes, then meet up with them.
4) no point meeting soooo many and then u blur on who to choose. shortlist those only if you feel comfortable with them and like their photography style. no point if you like their style but u have no chemistry with them.

so, afterall its not that tough. the tough part is if you meet alot and then you get a dilemma as to who to choose cos there are too many options.

remember that there are hellalot of photographers out there so u cant be seeing all


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Hi, how about the resolution of the pictures that your PG will be taking for you? Some takes up to 7mb, some take 2mb, etc.... will it really make a difference in terms of quality?


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Dear all (who requested for my AD photos)

I have sent you the link! sorry for the late response as I was v busi at work last month. Now better =)

Here are some exerpts from my wedding....




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Hi Blur Gal, Joyce

I have sent it to you. If you like his works, I would advice you to get him early coz I know of at least 3-4 brides in the forum who can't have him as their photographer coz he is already booked on their AD.

All the best for your preps!!!!


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Hi goober!

Nice pic,
Can share with me your PG's contact and package and more of your beautiful pic?
[email protected]

You have any PS pic too? Are u using your BS's PG for PS or others?

thanks lots!