Wedding Rings


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Hi! Not sure if this has been posted before but my wedding is in October and we have yet to get our wedding rings. When is a good time to get them (for the best prices haha) and where? Im a fan of vintage rings and sapphires


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If you're planning to customise your wedding rings, each jewellery company has their own timeline to do customisations. Some might take 2-3 months so you might want to give yourself some time before your wedding! If you are going to use gold, all I know is the gold price is getting higher each month, so I suggest the earlier always better. But if you are open to other materials like Silver, then it's okay.

I know there's a jewellery shop near my place called Autium Jewellery, they are quite flexible and can do any customisations. And they can source the sapphires according to what you want, and then let u see & choose the stone yourself! :)