Wedding Planner Guide


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I would like to suggest if we could have a printable wedding guide or checklist for all brides-to-be. I think many brides nowadays like to organise and co-ordinate their own weddings but have busy schedules and may miss out an important thing or two. So I guess a checklist or planner would really help.


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Hi Chin Leng...

I can provide a Wedding Planner...

Hmmm.. can also add in 1 section where we could contribute our stuff like the guest list format, wedding day schedule and so on...



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Hi Mint and Evon,

Yeap! All the stuff in the want list are also in our to-do list. However, we've really taken too long to come out with it!

Evon, greatly appreciate that you could send us your Wedding Planner to me at [email protected]

We apologise to all for the lateness and we'll do our best to have it done soonest!

Chin Leng.

chong yong

hi... i'm doing a project on business on wedding planner.. but i first need to know more about the wedding planner... and what the job they need to do??? so care to ask your guys for some qns... i'm just a student... so hopeffully can get the help from your... first i need to know what normally the wedding planner do??? what they incharge in??? how do they carry it out???