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Discussion in 'Wedding Essentials' started by xiaozhen, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. xiaozhen

    xiaozhen New Member

    Anyone have wedding montage to share? I have no idea how to start it off to do it? Need some sample

    Thank you

  2. olengjuz

    olengjuz New Member

    Just engage a PG or VG, top up a little to get them do the montage for you. Some packages come with the montage already.
  3. xiaozhen

    xiaozhen New Member

    Hehe . . I want to do it myself to cut some cost..
  4. alone

    alone New Member

    I engaged yuppies production, is not very expensive. The price is reasonable. I like his work.
  5. glenlyn_lyn

    glenlyn_lyn New Member

    can c their portfolio online? txs
  6. winniemok

    winniemok New Member

    Hi Christina,

    You can try out, their montage reasonable at only $199, if i not wrong...
  7. sweetie_inc

    sweetie_inc New Member

  8. hildayeo

    hildayeo New Member


    My wedding montage is done by Coffee and Tea Dreamworks. You can check out their portfolios at
  9. winniekam

    winniekam New Member


    Can anyone advise where to get the free template or software if i want to DIY the childhood montage?

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