Wedding Lunch on Saturday


Hi BTB, I'm having a struggle to assess if the market now is open to the idea of Wedding Lunch (banquet style, not buffet), especially if it's held on Saturday.

I wanted to go on dinner but the price is really too huge. Wondering if you've any comments if it's feasible for Wedding Lunch (too rush etc) and the possible fallout rate (guests not turning up).

Feel free to share your experiences for me to assess if I can go ahead with Wedding Lunch on Saturday, as the usual norm is Saturday Dinner, Sunday Lunch schedule.

Lastly, how much Ang Pow money will you pack usually for lunch in 4 to 5 star hotels in central area?



I have attended saturday lunch. A saturday lunch vs a sunday lunch doesnt make much difference for me(as a guest). As long as you are not planning to "play" (gatecrash), you should have more than enough time.
Other type of planning usually done few days or a week earlier. Collection of gowns can be done earlier as well. I dun think 1 more saturday will make much difference.

If budget is a constraint, probably you can try for a cheaper venue? Eg. if per pax is $120. I make sure I can cover if everyone gave me $50. Anything more is a bonus! Your own tables and JP you have to cover as well. Some parents of female side will kope the angbao also. Try to keep it to a small banquet so that it is still within a manageable amount.

How much I give is based on how close I am with that person, regardless of the place.