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Discussion in 'Wedding Photography And Videography' started by love0715, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. love0715

    love0715 New Member

    Hello , I am glad to share our professional wedding photos taken in Disney World, Florida on Feb 22, 2006.

    Let us know any particular photos that you like !

    Mabel & Terence
    p.s. you're welcome to sign our guestbook [​IMG]

  2. cutiepooh

    cutiepooh New Member

    Hi Terence

    The photos with mickey and minnie mouse w 2 of u look awesome!

    How much does it cost to have a Disney wedding @ florida? U have ur wedding banquet there as well? Mind sharing details about booking a disney wedding w me? email:

  3. kielorla

    kielorla New Member

    Wow saw your website, so so beautiful !!!!! how much you are paying???
  4. novbride2006

    novbride2006 New Member

    hi Terence

    i am also curious to know how much you need to pay for the above? breakdown costs if you dont mind to share with me [​IMG]
  5. love0715

    love0715 New Member

    Brenda I will email you some information.

  6. tingtingz

    tingtingz New Member

    Hi Terence,

    can you kindly email me the info as well? i'm so tempted to go have my PS in Disney too!

    btw, you two look gorgeous together! great photos!
  7. newcreation

    newcreation Member

    Hi terence..
    thanks for sharing your lovely photos!!! v romantic photos!

    i love disneyworld.. mickey & minnie esp...

    can u share with me also the details for bookin a PS at disney? thanks! my email is
  8. dazzle81

    dazzle81 New Member

    Hi Terence,
    Congrats!! Mabel is such a lucky girl to have her wedding at Florida Disneyland! Have seen your website and its so heart-warming, so beautiful...its the PERFECT wedding with the perfect couple..may you both have a blissful wedding

    I guess its something we brides in Singapore hope to have but its totally impossible to bring our family & Friends to FLORIDA!!

    But I'm just curious how much did you spend on disney wedding? For curiousity sake, Kindly share your info with me.

    PS: Very nice sound tracks too!!! *dreammy*
  9. novbride2006

    novbride2006 New Member

    hi Terence
    Thanks for sharing the photos & info.

  10. haywiregirl

    haywiregirl New Member

    Mabel & Terence, we left some notes at the guestbook, lovely!!! I also told Dang I want to be a princess on my wedding day, she immediately put me on a gown with "full gear", a beautiful tiara, veil, a sweet posy. I believe all girls can definately turn into a princess on her day!
  11. friends78

    friends78 New Member

    Hi Terence

    Thanks for sharing. Your wedding photos r so fairytale like. So sweet, heart warming and beautiful! Super envy......
  12. disneyland

    disneyland New Member

    Can you share the cost with me? Pls pm me. Thank You!
  13. baby_jo

    baby_jo New Member

    Hi Terence,

    Midst of planning for my wedding.
    Thinking of having my photoshoot outside Singapore.
    Disneyland has always been my dream place since young.

    Can you share with me the details and costing you pay to have your photos done in Disneyland?
    My email address is

    Thanks in advance!
  14. maylim2007

    maylim2007 New Member

    hi terence

    that is a wonderful website that you have done.
    but what is the cost incurred for having a disney wedding?
  15. minkey

    minkey New Member

    Hi Terence

    I am a big fan of mickey n minnie dream to take my weddg fotos with weddg couple mickey n minnei too..mind sharg how much you spend on tt? thanks thanks
  16. earl_grey

    earl_grey New Member

    Dear all,

    Just log on to and you will find all the required information on holding a wedding at various Disney theme parks.

    There is even an online form somewhere on the website, just fill in your names, address, details of your preferred wedding, and Disney will send you an introduction DVD all the way from US free of charge! I was really surprised by their prompt service when I received the DVD. Although I did not hold my wedding there in the end, it was an interesting and entertaining video to watch......
  17. wilest

    wilest New Member

  18. muzicgal

    muzicgal Member

    Hi Mabel & Terence,

    Congrats to both of you. The photos are very beautiful...I love Mickey and Minnie alot!

    I would like to get more info from you, because my fiance and I are planning to go Orlando to have a disney wedding too... we face alot of problems here, we need your help.

    My fiance proposed to me at Magic Kingdom in April 06, and we really wish to go back to Magic Kingdom again in 07/08 to have a disneywedding.

    Thank you very much for your help. =)

    My email is
  19. muzicgal

    muzicgal Member

  20. psyduck

    psyduck New Member

    Hi Muzicgal,

    U love mickey n minnie so much huh..
    u reminded me of an old friend on who use this same nick in 933.. wonder if u r her..
  21. muzicgal

    muzicgal Member

    hi psyduck,

    ur nick looks familiar too... hahahaa... I used to chat at 933 but not anymore...

    u are?....
  22. psyduck

    psyduck New Member

    muzicgal.. u teach piano?
    U happen to know valenfan?
  23. muzicgal

    muzicgal Member

  24. kapopiggy

    kapopiggy New Member

    Its so fun and romantic la.
    How good if my HTB can propose to me in Disneyland.. too bad i can only day dream la[​IMG]
  25. misstan

    misstan New Member

    Any took their pictures at disney ?
  26. alvyna82

    alvyna82 New Member

    Hi, any1 with recent info to share abt hving wedding pix taken at disney hong kong / tokyo?
  27. xlitespeedx

    xlitespeedx New Member

    I proposed to my fiancee at Disneyland Resort last year.
    Really great experience with the faux snow and fireworks at the background! But i think to hold a wedding at disneyland or disneyworld is just far too expensive for me!

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