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Discussion in 'Anything Under The Sun' started by missyjanice, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. missyjanice

    missyjanice New Member

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  2. Readygetsetgo

    Readygetsetgo New Member

    I used Stefan from Compass. Saw his vid on YouTube and IG...
  3. dollielovely

    dollielovely Member

    I have a friend doing freelance and i would say he is good!
  4. Kennethkzy

    Kennethkzy Member

    hi are you able to send me his contacts?
  5. Teo Ronn

    Teo Ronn New Member

    Can you please share the Youtube URL? - Thanks
  6. hellokitty8888

    hellokitty8888 New Member

    hi I'm also looking for a wedding emcee. mine is a church wedding. any recommendations for affordable ones? pls email me at thank u.
  7. littlenaomi__

    littlenaomi__ Member

    Hello. I engaged Emcee Stan . He hosted my Solemnisation and is going to host my AD. I would recommend him because he is really professional. Knowing I didn’t have background for wedding, he lifted the atmosphere up with his tones and used his iPad to play music without me asking. Else my rom will be a plain one .
  8. sketched kisses

    sketched kisses New Member

    Hi Naomi can u pm me his rates?

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