Wedding dinner at Marina Mandarin Hotel to let go. Free flow of beer & wine. Contact: 98573860

Ah Lin

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68DB9097-D545-4C68-A261-28A807AE77AE.jpeg 79E4B944-313C-465F-989D-0B7119621D80.jpeg Hi,

I’m Letting go of a Wedding dinner on 06/07/2019 Saturday at Marina Mandarin Hotel. If u like other dates, we can check w the hotel for availability. You may use it for Birthday or other events.

Ballroom has no pillar, everyone gets the full view. Private big foyer (refer to the floor plan in the pic), not sharing with anyone else. Whole level has only 1 ballroom.

$1528/table nett for min 20 tables to max 30 tables. For every 19 tables, FOC 1 table. Hence per table works out to be only $1451 nett!

My deposit is $5000, we are letting go at $3500. So your per table is only $1375 NETT!! U cannot find any better deal than this.

This package comes with FREEFLOW OF BEER, RED & WHITE WINE. 2 nights of bridal suites too!

Pm me for more info.


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