Wedding Decorations for Sale :)

Discussion in 'Home And Deco Stuff' started by Daisyloves, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. Daisyloves

    Daisyloves Member

    received_10154189422330939.jpeg 1) Selling colourful poms poms :)
    Total: 31 poms poms of different colours and sizes.
    Price: $15
    Please PM me for details :) received_10154189395235939.jpeg received_10154189396135939.jpeg received_10154189395235939.jpeg

  2. Daisyloves

    Daisyloves Member

    received_10154075311063907.jpeg received_10154075310143907.jpeg

    Selling the birdcage as well! $15 :)
  3. Daisyloves

    Daisyloves Member


    LED Heart shape light :)
    - Battery operated
    - AA batteries provided
    Selling at $15 :D
  4. Daisyloves

    Daisyloves Member


    Diamond ring wooden block $4
  5. Daisyloves

    Daisyloves Member

    Updates: Pom Pom n Diamond ring wooden block sold :)
  6. Daisyloves

    Daisyloves Member

    received_10154721157437241.jpeg received_10154721156487241.jpeg

    Selling off these wooden 50 pieces $10 :)
    You can ask your guests to write their best wishes for u (couple) with a marker pen or pens :D
  7. huiizzhen

    huiizzhen New Member

    Hi, is the wooden crates for rent/sale?

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