Wedding card specialist-T Dragon


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Hi, i have a $150 voucher from T-dragon card to let go. Have seen their wedding card designs,which are very nice and a lot of variety. If you are interested, please reply me.


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Just to share my experience when I have the first visit to T Dragon. Me & my hb went to their office located at Excelsior hotel to view the samples and check out the prices at the same time last month.

One of the staff, think she in charge of the sale who attended to us. At first she is patiently go through the samples & calculate the price with us. But when the moment we said have to consider which design have to select with our parents, the girl face immediate changed & said "So you are not comfirm the printing today is it?" & straight away she packed the catalog & keep.

Me & my hb wondering it is wrong we just checking the price & view the samples so that we can discuss with our parents which design to be used.


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hi jna,

huh?? i'm still thinking of going down to T-dragon this week to see their sample.. cos that's my hotel's appointed printing co.. so did u eventually prints ur cards there??


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I went yesterday and confirmed the card as it's appointed by my hotel, I went in the evening quite a lot of ppl, still wondering where to print the insert with them.


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T-drag*n was very disappointing, business must be damn good, we waited an hour to get attended to.

Their price is not fantastic, delivery is 3 weeks and to make it worst, the person we talked to wasn't honest. We were told express in 7days is $60 more, when we just overheard $50 quoted to the couple beside us.

Here's the price we got quoted,
Normal print (insert) - 200pcs for $100, subsequent $0.20ea
Shine print (insert) - 100pcs for $120, subsequent $0.40ea
Shine print on card - 100pcs for $130, subsequent $0.40ea

In the end, we walked out, looking for other printers now. Anyone got recommendations?


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No recommendation needed liao. My problem was resolved by my PP coordinator, Linda. She called T-dragon and got hold of Connie who is now assisting me with my printworks. Connie is indeed the person to look for. She is friendly, humourous and more sincere too


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Dizi < speak to connie. she is very accommodating to requests. I do have my fair share of problems with her staff too, so i always look for connie only. And the final note is, we are very glad with Connie's recommendation and we are very happy with our final product.


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hey dizi, may i check with your what is the final quotation that connie gave you? is it as competitive as other printers?


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I encountered really bad services from Tdragon too. We had some problems with how to phrase the invitation cards so the hotel staff referred us to them to check out if its possible to rephrase the card invitations to exclude parent's names. The lady was absolutely rude. When she knew that we wasn't printing on that she held on to the catalogue and refused to let us see tell us to go back solve our problems before coming to them and she needs to sleep liao cos she doesn't have to help us with our problem at all...