Wedding Car Rental


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Just help my friend in her wedding, saw her bridal car is so elegant. It's a Mercedes S class. At first I though must be very costly, I heard it's quite reasonable. Another of the helpers book for her own wedding next year. so Kiasu ..


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Hi Kelly, if you want, I can help to find out the contact for you, but provided my colleague still have the contact. I think should not be a problem, because her wedding just few weeks ago. Let me know your email or contact, I send to you.


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Hi, i need all contacts for bridal car as well! Looking for more elegant types like Audi / Lexus / BMW / Mercedes etc. Volswagen Bettle will be a good choice too~

pls email me at [email protected]
Hi scenic, thanks my email is [email protected] appreciate so much for ur help !


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Hi, I am looking for bridal car rental package with provided driver. can share the package rate with me [email protected].

DO NOT give me any contact from WhiteWedding Cars as i had horrible experience with them!



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Erm, if price is not too much of a concern, my husband and I just got a rental with an owner of a vintage open top volkswagen beetle. Experience was out of the world. I think the price starts from around $550..


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Hello everyone,

I am looking for bridal car rental too, for Sunday. I have searched a few car rental companies but they seem so ex.

Any reasonable packages to share? I am looking at Merc and BMW. Best if chauffeur included.

pls email to [email protected]. Thks!


Shan, i have forward u my wedding car service email. he is one of the beat vendor. he do his best for n money was secondary for him. how i felt.


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Looking for 2 seater car,
Groom planning to drive himself,
Colour: White or Black
Car Build: Convertible prefer
Actual Day: 27Oct2013(Sunday)
Loan Period: 1day or 2days

Do send me the quotation base on the requirement given above to my email ([email protected])