Wedding Album,anyone knows where to get such service?

Discussion in 'Wedding Photography And Videography' started by acneery_gal, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. acneery_gal

    acneery_gal New Member

    Hi all out there,

    I have soft copy of my wedding photos and are able to do the design layout myself? May I know any place that do provide wedding ablum (like the quality provided by BS) ? Pls share thanks.

  2. lol_lyn

    lol_lyn Member

    If you know Adobe PS, you should be able to do the layout yourself & then find a photo pinter (for albums) to have the photos printed into album.
  3. acneery_gal

    acneery_gal New Member

    Thanks for sharing Lynn.

    Thats what I intend to do but I have no idea where to find such photo printer as normal photo developing shop does not provide such service. You know where we can to find such shops/service.
  4. lol_lyn

    lol_lyn Member

    Acneery Gal, you intend to print a photo book or just the photos then with the photos pasted into the album?
  5. acneery_gal

    acneery_gal New Member

    I would like to have the effect/quality as provided by bridal shop... you know? I not so sure its considered photo book or photos pasted in ablum as you mentioned.
  6. lol_lyn

    lol_lyn Member

    Humm... Bridal Studios have few type of wedding albums. The pages are thick ones?
  7. acneery_gal

    acneery_gal New Member

    Ya definately thick ones and with very good quality photo print that will not fade over time also.
  8. dodolet

    dodolet New Member

    You can try using photobook which uses hp 2000 colors printers to print on pretty high quality paper. Go to google and search for photobook singapore. Download the software and select the album type you wish to have. The album information is all in the website.

    After you have done your album layout, do check on them and u can send the file down or via online. My friend who did tat said that it took about a week or so to get back, and was pretty happy with the results.
  9. waxie24

    waxie24 Member

    u might like to try the photo-shop in basement of raffles city, somewhere ard breadtalk..

    they have those photo album kind.. might be the one u re looking for.
  10. acneery_gal

    acneery_gal New Member

    Thanks so much ... SotongLet and Waxie24

    I will go check it out.
  11. bowful

    bowful New Member

    I would suggest looking out for freelance designer coz its cheaper.. I know of this designer (used to be doing commercial) but now going to do wedding.. You may email them at

    not too sure of the charges thou..
  12. poshberries

    poshberries New Member

    Hi,I was walking on my way home and happened to see this interesting shop called Albumworx. You can try to visit their website before going down.

    Nankin Row, #01-49
    Opening hours: Monday to Friday - 10.30am to 7.30pm, Saturday -10.30am to 12nn,
    Contact numbers: 6438 3385
    Visit for more details.

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