WASHING MACHINE-which brand is good?


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error. . .

the washing machine cost more than 2K and the dryer is another 2K. . .

I have use this machine for more than 10 years and it is still in good condition no shake, no noise and no wear and tear no rust and no paint chip off from the machine as well. . .

I have rcently brought one for myself as well.


hi wan wan,

Yeah for me i also want miele but the price i cannot bear lah so thomson is my choice since i have been using thomson for like about 20 years so can say i trust it also.

Yup invest in good machines and it will serve you well in many years to come


Hi seahorse,

you can buy the dryer at big superstores like harvey norman and best denki. They usually dun have it on display you ask them to show you the catalogue and ask them to order for you. if i am not wrong the price is about 850.

As for the dimensions if you looking for washer the 5kg washer like 808 818 828 and 838, the width is about 40 cm. for the 6kgwashers its 45 cm wide.

Dimensions of 5kg washer is Height x Width X Depth is 85 x 40 x 60cm

Dimensions for 6kg washer is Hx Wx D 85x 45x 60

As for the dryer, it fcomes only in the 5kg dryer its width is about 45cm wide.

Dimensions of dryer is H x W x D = 85 x 45 x 60

To put it side by side you need maybe about 5 cm distance all round so may

5(side) + 40 (washer) + 5 (between) + 45 (dryer) + 5 cm (side)= 100 cm wide and
Depth is about 10 from wall + 60 (washer/dryer depth ) + 5 cm (front) = 75cm depth.

be careful though that the dryer has a hose that can be pulled out and it needs to be vented away from the machine so that it can take it fresh air .

Cos it works as in there is a fan that will ventilate the drum as the drum is being heated. right side air of drum the air is sucked in from the surrounding from around the machine and then it is ventilated though the drum and sucked out on the left side of the drum to be channeled into a venting hose. this hose can either be place in its place (back, right or left you can change on your own) or it can be pulled out and placed out of the window.

Like for me cos the machine is near the toilet. its

Cabinet- Washer -Dryer -toilet -Kitchen Window.

Hence whenever i want to dry clothes i pull out the hose and put rise it UP AND OUT the kitchen window. Hence if i am going to the toilet, i need to like cross over this pipe thingy. Its a small inconvenience but will allow your clothes to dry faster.

Remember that it takes in the air from surrounding. So unlike most dryers where the vent is fixed either right back or left, thomson offers one more featuer and that is to extend the hose so that the moist warm air that is exhausted out to the surrounding can be channeled out of the room. else your kitchen will be a bit warm and humid.

Get what i mean? If not i will try to take a picture of the hose.k?


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wah! very impressed! thanks so much!!! do you work for Thomson?
very helpful indeed. popped down to HN and the salesperson told me the front load dryers are better and that i should not get the thomson one. No sure if i should get other brands of front load dryers or not now...


hi seahorse,

the crucial question would be
1) Whats the load that you require? 5kg dryer or 6 kg dryer?
2) do you have space to put the side by side? if not opt for stack top bottom (bear in mind that side by side its a lateral transfer left to right or right to left, which top bottom you need to wash (squat) and the bring it up (stand) to put into the dryer.
3)what is the settings that you reqwuire? silk? cotton, synthetics? then you need to match like you need to have washer to have the silk wash setting and match it across with the dryer having a silk setting also> do you need to dry clean then you dryer need to have a dry clean feature (thomson has this) air refresh? etc./..
4)Budget aznd preference of brands?

for front loads, you can try to get electrolux.

Oh yeah in your comparison. take note of things such as COMSUMPTION OF ELECTRICITY and WATER.

For thomson 5kg washers the consumptions are as follows (energy in kwh / water/ duration) to wash 5kg cotton at 60 degrees)
tx838 - 0.95kwh / 42 / 118mins
tx828 - 1.15 /55 / 130
tx 818 - 1.15 / 55 /130
tx 808 - 1.15 / 55 / 130
difference btween 808/818/828 is spin speed is 650/750/850 while difference in 838 is 838 has more features and also spin speed is 1000 RPM

Thomson 6 kg washers
wash cotton 6kg at 60 degrees
tx 888 - 1.02 / 45L /139mins
tx 898 - 1.14 / 54 L / 140
difference is that tx 888 is just a 6 kg washer while the tx 898 is both a washer and a dryer 6kh wash and 3 kg dry. Means that if you buy the Tx 898 you can wash 6kg worth of clothings but when the wash cycle ends you have to take out half to dry it. then after its done you take out and then dry the other remaining half og the load.
But i would prefer you not take the washer dryer if you have a heavy load unless you use the washing machine only like once in every 2-3 days. then its okie else. the machine will spoil fast. Its better to have dedicated machines to do seperate jobs its specialised to do.

Dryer TD88
to dry 5kg of cotton "ready to wear"
3.2 KWh / 100 mins (varies as it auto senses)

So to calculate is that if say you take tx 838 you use only 0.95kwh to wash at 60 degrees but say you wash at 40 then it will be lesse maybe only like about 0.5kwh but if you wash at cold water then maybe around 0.3 or so lah.

So calculate the costs its times the tariff. Now it stands at $0.1947 per KWH.
Wash 60 degrees 5kg cotton 0.95x0.1947 = $0.184962 per wash.
To dry it
3.2 x 0.1947 = $0.62304 to dry one load of 5kg cotton
Total cost to wash is about $0.806002 Okie?

look at the catalogues of the various brands and compare. Not forgetting The water too. but cos it uses 42 litres (for tx838) its almost insignificant. Oh be careful some washing machine they write 48 litres PER FILL> this means that everytime it fills the tub it uses 48 litres so 1) wash 2) rinse 3) another rinse 4) final rinse Hence its 4 times of 48 =192 litrs NOT TOTAL 48. But thomson and miele or electrolux its the TOTAL water used to wash is around 42-55 litres. depends on model and brands. so as not to confuse.

Oh i do not work for thomson haha.. but im a freak who like to know more about the know hows of things. and get the best for my family. Like de dietrich oven... oooh im thinking of changing to a new die detrich oven its more featuers that i need to use.. but my old one is still working haiz.. still considering.. price tag 2700 haiz thats why still considering


Some washing tips for you ladies...

Recipes to washing care...

Grease/Tar - Smear both sides of the stain with fresh butter, and leave overnight, then scrape away delicately.

Rust : use orange juice or vinegar

Red wine: put some white wine and sprinkle with a generous amount of salt to prevent saturation, then soak in cold water.

Grass: on white fabircm you use a diluted solution of bleach and water. On coloured fabrics, using 90% alcohol can give good results. alternatively dampen the stain, cover it with castor sugar (fine grain sugar) and leave for an hour

Ink : Rub with fresh milk or lemon juice

Chewing gum : Ice cubes to harden the gum and scrape it off or use nail polish remover to dossolve it (if the fabric allows)

Ball poin/ felt pen: dab the stain with a rag soaked in 90% alcohol

Blood: Sak the fabirc in cold water or carbonized water, added with an aspiring tablet. Do not use bleach

Very dirty shirt Collars: Smear the collars with shampoo. Shampoo contains agents to dissolve bodily oils.

Cocoa, tea, coffee : put a little glycerin on the stain and rinse with diluted vinegar.

Make up : Remove the stain with some ether

Eggs : Leave the stain soaked for 2 hours using the hand soap solution and wash off.

Fruits : use a mixture of 90% alcohol, lemon juice and white vinegar.

winter Clothings: DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER it will slacken the knitting.
-To remove residual water from your sweate after you have selected the "rinse Hold" button, spread the sweaters flat between two absorbent towels and pass over with a pastry rolling pin. The fibres are preserved and the shape of the sweater will be maintained (NEVER WRING IT LIKE A FLOOR RUG)

To maintain the full volume of your padded overcoat, place some tennis balls in the drum. They act as beaters to evenly distribute the padding inside the clothing.

Thats all. hope its useful. If in doubt check with your laundromat


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ooo....i love all these tips! you are really very thorough! besides washing machines, what other areas are you familiar with? can ask you more qns..haha... would u not consider a Miele washing machine ?


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Hi ridz,

Got a few qns.. Does a WM with spin speed of 650 give you dripping wet clothes after the entire cycle completes?

And how to remove stains of curry and sauces? Thanks for providing so much help!


hi seahorse,

thank you for you kind words, well besides washing machine you can ask me most of the stuffs in the kitchen like mixer, i can tell you kenwood mixer is good, hob, hood, especially ovens i can tell you good built in ovens, fridges, ... can ask and see if i can help you with, oooh and air con also i know just a bit. i can help too.. oh you can see the other threds like air con , mit vs tosh inverter.. i have postings there...

About Miele. I Will definitely consider Miele but the price i cannot ler.. of course i would want to buy miele but when i changed my last machines the prices for miele were 2.2k and above for each washer and dryer. and cos when finally my machine give way after 10 years plus of service it happens dyuring periods was i was on a tight budget ler.. so must go for thomson. and my mum knows how to operate thomson.

Once you get the hang of how a particular brand designs its machine its easier to operate and you will roughly know the machine's antics.

hope that answers your questions


hi tsukushi,

Wm with a spin speed of 650 will not exactly give you a dripping wet clothes though some materials can stil be a little dripping like if you spun bath towel at 650 you hang it for a while and it can start to drip some water.

And you can generally feel that its still wet.i cant exactly give you an idea of hot wet it will be cos its subjective.

But the best would be to have at least 800rpm machines at the very least. and your clothes will dry faster esp nowadays where its humid with little sun in this rainy season.

for curry stains
This stain can usually be removed by normal washing, as long as this can be done without delay. You can, however, apply a glycerine solution (diluted 1 part to 2 parts water), leave for about an hour to soften the stain then wash in detergent.

If the stain is on white fabric and is stubborn. Before it is allowed to dry, apply a peroxide solution (20 volume strength 1 part to 6 parts water) and then wash again.


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Hi ridz,

That means I need to get at least a 828 for washing towels. A bit hard to hang out the laundry at the new house because neighbours upstairs love to litter at the aircon ledge area. That's why need to know whether it'll be dripping wet. I guess no need for a dryer then.

Where can I get a glycerine solution? Normally I use colour bleach but sometimes it doesn't work very well.


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Hi Ridz,

Can give me some recommendations/brands for the following items?

a) Oven (to make cake & cookies/grilling purposes)
beside built in oven, I am thinking of creating a space below my stove and put an oven inside. Is that possible?
b) Hob
c) Stove (looking for at least 3-in-1)
Thanks in advance!


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Hi sugary,

Oven - Baby Belling cos its great for those interested in making cakes and cookies and grilling too.


hi sugar_lily,

yeah baby belling is alright. but like i mention earlier is my other post that built in ones tend to have more features than stand alone ones. so its up to you. but for starters i think baby belling will do just fine. just that from what i feel baby belling the temperature setting is not that sensitive.


oh yeah you can get the baby belling at major superstores like best, harvey norman. if i am not wrong the retail price is about 700+. the price alsmot too close to built in where you can get better featuers.. so consider wisely okie>


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Thanks ridz!

can recommend some good brands for oven that can stand on individual as well as built-in?

My concern is if the built in oven is spoilt one day, i guess the repair cost will be difficult....

Any suggestions for stove and hob?


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retail price for babybelling is 599. Made in UK so the price went up due to euro $. 4 yrs ago, i bought one for around $500 then passed it to my mum and 2 months ago I bought another one for my new place for around $520 (cant recall the exact price). Babybelling has been in the market for long long time and I was intro to this brand by my Malay classmate more than 10yrs ago as they used it to bake their kueh kueh.


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oops, 4 year ago i think i bought the baby belling for $460 or $480. Design wise very simple and cant be compared to those built in which looks more pro. Feature wise also nothing much.


hi sugarlily,

sorry i neglected your earlier post.

1) you mentioned that the oven you want to put it below your stove? unless that is just for storing. But if you are going to operate that oven right below your stove its not recommended as the heat is trapped.

Thats the reason why i say that a built in ones is better as they are designed with circulation such that the heat will be vented through the sides and the back of the oven so that if you put it inside the cabinet even though the oven is like at 200 or so the temperature oven the parts that is touching the wood of the temperature is maintained at around 60 degrees and below to protect from damage.

As for fearing that it will spoil then no worries, get from renowned companies then at least if spoil they are still around to repair. and if cannot repair. no worries, its not a permanent built in. the oven you just pull it out from its recess and then buy another built in oven with similar dimension usually from the same brand its better, they keep to standard sizes.

You can try brandt for all your hob, hood and oven. all are built in this is more mid budget. or can also try electrolux also can be a little pricier than brandt or about the same. Turbo i dun really like while smeg is good nbut pricey. the ultimate is of course de dietrich which i highly recommend but it very very ex.

Baby belling apparently used to be the top end oven over 15 years ago when i first got it and its good for lapis. but as technology progress, baby belling has not. like fan cooking. i changed to built in de dietrich oven which costed me around 2800 but back then 10 years ago i already have things such as fan cooking and single grill double grill and rotisserie function.which only know other brands now then introduce.

so when my frens says wah just bought so and so things.. with fan cooking. i went like really.. i got it 10 years ago. but of course i paid a good price for such advance in technology.

so its a matter of budget consideration.
Brand hob prices range around 399 onward.
while de dietrich ranges around 999 onward but quality wise de dietrich is higher with things such as instead of turning the knob to adjust the gas flow. de dietrich has a touch panel you press + or - to adjust the power level. and features die cast metal for the rim while most others only features stainless steel. see the difference.



but if you choose standalone ones its alright just that when you are baking cannot put it below stove. i know for baby belling some of the oven model you need to open the top to vent it. while for other brands you need to place it in a well ventilated place for the heat cannto escape when you place it under the stove okie?

Some good standalone ones can consider is like rowenta, baby belling, tefal is so so. not much. i must say and prices like rowenta is aroun 700+ which at that price you can get built in ones too like i mention

built in ones (oven , hob and hood)
brandt (mid range)
smeg ( good but pricey)
de dietrich
go around the super stores and have a look at the features no hurry and rushing to buy as this items will stay with you for quite a while. so choose carefully.

anything you can ask me okie?


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Hi Ridz,

Thank you for your help! went to Courts and Harvey Norman but unable to find the above brands for oven. Where is the best place to find your recommendation?

Need your opinion on the following items:

a) Fridge
Fisher & Paykel Model E415H vs Mitsubishi MRCL 38F
Any other durable and reasonable model but able to make ice?

b) Bosch WFO - 2460 (spin 1200) use 49 litre of water (7kg). Can enlighten me on the advantage and disadvantages of this fridge?

Thanks in advance!


hi sugarlily,

You are looking for Stand Alone ovens or Built in ovens.

Stand alone.

Baby Belling --> look at CK tang basement they are havin special offer for this item its right smack in the middle of the walk way you wont miss it.

Tefal, Rowenta, delonghi all of these you can find the oven at CK tang Basement or go to Best Denki @ Ngee Ann City

Built In

Brandt --> you can either make a special trip to their showroom its The Comtech at Alexandra Terrace

Alternatively you can visit harvey norman at Millenia Walk. they have extensive range of the following brands
Brandt (display)
Smeg (display)
Electrolux (display)
Turbo (display)

all the ovens, built in hobs and hoods are also on display at millenia walk harvey norman can check it out yeah>?

For the fridges and the washing machine right.. i get back to you once i have information?


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Hi Ridz,

Thanks for your information..will go and look out for the above brand this wk. Most likely going for built in oven as i am placing it below the stove.


hi sugarlily

Well i hope that i have not swayed your decision to go for built in ones. But i clarified your doubts i hope.

As for the brandt brand if you are looking for the hob and hood that one is too many models to choose from. your call. ranging from 90 cm 4 gas to 60 cm 2 gas burner also have. hood from slimline to chimney also have with various features depending on what are your needs.

As for oven i can recommend that you mayeb can get the FE222XSi cos this one has the fan cooking and the other various cooking and you can buy the optional catal;ytic panel so that easier for you no need to clean the inside of the oven like mad.


go to the above site if you want to have a look the prices some is there also. You can also look at other brands like electrolux and of course my favourite De dietrich.
If there is anything you can just drop a msg alright?


Hi sugarlily,

with regards to the question of fridges. I am afraid that there is not much reviews as both are equally standing but i was wondering is the ice maker really important.

Cos the mitsubishi price i think around 1.7k is it? or did i sere wrongly.
But that kinda amount of money you can get a bigger one like samsung SIDE BY SIDE fridge. with bigger capacity and in terms of comsumptions almost the same as what the mitsubishi is consuming. so yeah...

As for Mit vs Paykel, i would say its preference of the shelving and the space cos the design i went down to have a look around.and see that its more of your needs actually. but i would lean more to f&p. though i would say side by side is worth considering too..

Oh yeah about the previous post the FE222 Dun have the turn spit but it has more cookin features and the price is reasonable look at the website it has the price. of course the better one would be the FE 229. but of course the price is almost double ler..

Brandt has other cheaper models the conventional ones and some have the turnspit (if you need one) but dun have the fan cooking. yeah..

And with regards to washing machine.

You are stictly looking at frontloads only of top loads as well.

For Frontload one comment that i got is that Bosch the latch of the door is plastic and its kinda prone to breaking and its costly to have it replaced.. something like about 120 or so. So some people got for electrolux.

If you are looking for the 6.5kg washer which is the same for the bosch, there is i think its the EW880 but this spin speed is only around 950 if i am not wrong or around there only.pRice tag around 999 ..best denki offering 949 i think.'

Or there is another one more but the price hit around 1k+ around 1.1k like that.. then the spin speed is around 1200 like that.

Well for prices its comparably the same with bosch and electrolux. Features its also about the same. Just that electrolux is more known for its front load washer then bosch. Bosch is more known for its dishwasher. but if price and is not a prob then i think bosch is alright if not opt for electrolux.

But if you are looking for top loads. consider Thomson, they are the ultimate in top loads. 6kg washer is their biggest though i think its TX888. price tag also around 1.1K there.


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Hi Ridz,

Saw the list of washing tips above. Just want to ask, for oil strain from food is there any way we can remove?



hi piggy08,

For oil stains from food.. hmmm launder it as soon as you can...

Blot or scrape off any excess. Dampen and put neat liquid detergent directly onto stain. Wash immediately in the hottest temperature the fabric will allow.

Alternatively, place stain between sheets of absorbent kitchen paper and press with a warm iron then wash as above.

For bad stains or on fabrics which cannot withstand a very hot wash, a grease solvent can be used before laundering.

Put talcum powder over stain and leave overnight. Shake off excess and wash as normal


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Hi Ridz,

Thank you so much for your information.
Gonna do my homework this sun..

a) Stove with 3 to 4 gas burner
any recommendations and where to purchase?

b) washing machine
if my req't is 7kg weight and top load, any recommendations?
Never use front load in my life, not sure whether is it worthwhile to get bosch (1200 spin)

c) Fridge
My parther has the same thinking as yours...f & p
Initally, i like the Mit Follio but the inner divider is made of plastic, so not sure if it is durable. and i saw some which is tempered glass.


hi sugarlily,

Not a problem im so sorry im still overseas and not be back till early next week hence limited access.

Anyway for the gas burner i think you can get either electrolux or brandt. both of which are good brands with competitive prices.
You can try and see the models its at harvey norman millenia walk. they have extensive range on display.

Washing machine.
if budget is not too much of a consideration can go for thomson for topload. or if you are price conscience then maybe can get F&P top load washer. but if you want high wuality with not so ex prices maybe can consider electrolux (front load) EW880 i think its 6.5kg washer with rpm of 900 i think.

As for fridge, try and get those with at least tempered glass for durability but the best is with safety glass. tempered adjust to the temp and wont really crack but with safety if it cracks, it will not shatter like normal glass but rather show the crack line and you can just replace it. i would prefer F&P but its up to you.


oh yeah sugarlily,

i wanted to ask you if you would consider side by side fridges. As you can consider them to be more efficient in terms of the size, and folio model that you mentioned is like almost 1.5k i think and that you could actually buy a side by side fridge (although no ice maker) aruon 1.4k and if you take a samsung one with ice maker maybe around 1.9k


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hey for me, i prefer toshiba washing machine AW-9700S..and toshiba 3 door fridge GR-H45S..so far me n hb saw these and we like it..


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Hi Ridz,

Finally narrowed down the range but need youron advice on the following models?

A) Built in oven
Brandt oven FE 422xS1 ($899)
same brand FE229xS1 ($1599)
same brand, FE 212xF1 ($792)
* Brandt models usually have electronic timing and temp adjustment
SMeg S380X ($940) - manual temp & time adjustment

I'm using the oven to make cakes, cookies and grilling but may not be that frequent (one or twice/mth). Is it better to hv manual or electronic for time and temp or...?

B) Washing machine (top load
Toshiba washer (Model: AWD 950SS-W)
- 900 rpm ($679 - 8.5kg)
Fisher & Paykel (MWC12)
- 1000rpm ($698 - 7.5kg)

C) Hob
Brandt AD 228xC1 SS
Airflow: 900 sqm/hr

D) Fridge
What does side by side fridge means? (two doors??)
How do you find Baby Follio CL38F vs Fisher & Paykel 402B.


hi sugarlily,

i would say for built in oven i would prefer you to get the FE229Xs1

As this has pyro cleaning and also the door is a cool door. meaning that even if temperatures reach 300+ degrees the door will maintain at maxim,um 65 degree at the stainless steel and the middle of the glass panel is guranteed to be below 40 degrees.

Especially with children and you are gonig to built in at low level its safer.

The features for this oven 229 is also good.

Manual temp vs electronic. well its preference. for me i prefer electronic but my mum prefers manual she says she can get the feel how much higher or lower. plus the electronic ones i think comes in graduation of either 5degrees or 10 degrees. depends on model.

for smeg. their prices is a bit more pricey while brandt gives your more for the money you paid bnut again difference at times isdue to quality. smeg is positioned to be higher than brandt hence the price is more.

washing machine. for top load i would prefer you get fisher n paykel. it uses lesser water cos of its middle agitator in the middle of the tub. although i would favour continental top loads or front loads for being more water and electricity efficient. and fisher paykel also comes with i think 2 year on parts(to double check) and 5 years on rust. whilst toshiba standard one year.

For your hood you mean this AD 228 is alright just that with the metal flters.. its a bit hard to wash unless your tap has hot water cos its using the commercial types with the metal grill as primary filters unlike traditional ones whhc uses carbon filters as the primary filter, which is easier to maintain. but if you are conscientious and cleans the metal grilles often then its okie. just my experience lah.

how about the hob? u getting one also?

for the fridge side by side mean american style friodges where there is two door on the right full door is fridge while the left full door opens to the freezer. get it?

i would go for the fisherpaykel
Warranty - Five years rust tree, five years compressor, five years internal condenser,
two years comprehensive on all other parts

only one year for part and 5 years for compressor.

plus the consumption vs volume, fishern paykel is more efficient.

Fisher paykel 403 Litres uses 683khw per annum
Mitsubishi 307 litres uses 657 khw per annum

but of course features i thnk mitsubishi has that automatic ice maker but fisher n paykel has not such features. so up to you


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Thank you so much, ridz...

trying to digest ur information.

Can recommend me hob and hood as i am really hopeless with this?

Was looking for gas burners (preferably 3 to 4 stoves), require the large stove to locate on the right side, easier to cook, but couldn't find any.

As for the FE 229, are there good temp circulation as sometimes cakes or food get overcook easily cos there is only heating metal on the top shelf. wat abt FE 229.

Washing machine
What are the reliable brands for continental top load?


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Something to share...

Went to HV and the sales guy recommended Brandt washer & dryer. According to him, Bosch is not gd coz there's groove lines in the drum so that's where corrosion appears easily and leads to rust. Electrolux is not gd coz the filter is not removable and therefore exp to repair if it's faulty. he says Brandt is the best coz filter removable and no lines in steel drums.



hi agnes,

well i must say that all his base can be counted as unjust. well the comparison he made across the brands is not exactly that true but not say that its totally false either. you must take it with a pinch of salt.

Well if you are looking for something be objective but he is being subjective. much as i am a supporter of brandt but what he is doing to the other brands it unjust. i will not forgive him for that.

Nonetheless.. you are looking for a washer dryer is it? well unless you rarely use the washer dryer like maybe once or twice a week then its okie but if you are heavy user like once a day every day, then its best that you get a seperate dryer and washer.

Cos the lifespan of washer dryer is shorter than you think it is.Here is the deal
You wash say 5kg of items. but the dryer can only dry 2.5kg at a time. so the machine goes thru 3 complete cycles for just one load of laundry. reason

Washing 5kg takes average about 1h30mins. then
dryin 2.5kh at 120 mins
then another 2.5kg another 120 mins. so imagine how long to just finish laundry. thats not the main concern. the thing is that washing for 1h30 mins will heat the machine up for sure. then the dryin is some hot for another 2 hours, then continue another 2.5kg at 2hours again imagine how heated the machine is.

and machines should be best left to cool down at least 2-3 hours apart from the next cycle or load to be continued to ensure its lifespan is not drastically shortened. just my views..


hi sugarlily,

For Fe229. its fantastic. the temperature control is sensitive. the temperature is control electronically in graduation of 5 degrees. It is sensitive. For whether the cakes will get burnt. it depends on the setting that you use for what types of cakes.

Here is how they use. For shelf levels we count one from bottom and five at the top. meaning if i say level 2 means the second level from the bottom okie?

For cakes use the traditional top bottom heat and the shelf you use level 2.

If say yuo are trying to bake choux pastry (cream puff) then you can use the fan cooking . you can put on two levels. meaning you can put 2 pans and cook at the same time. Level 1 and level 4. or if you are desperate for time. then you can put on level 1,3 and 5 and meaning you can cook 3 trays of choux pastry at one go.

set temperatyre correctly and they will not burn. more information you can enquire okie?

This one has a pyroclean. Means that you set to pyro clean, remove all the shelfs and pans and then put to cleaning mode. what the oven does is that it will heat up to about 350 degrees and whatever things that is stuck to the walls of the oven will be burned off to ashes. when it has cooled (this feature will take about 2 hours to start to heat to maintain and to cool down) you can open the door and then just wipe off the ashes then voila its done you have cleaned the oven(door is locked once temperature reaches beyond 270 degrees if i am not wrong) and all these time the temperature of the glass door is maintained guaranteed at below 65 degrees at all time so its safe for you and kids. but you have to just wash the pans and the shelves thats all.simplified right? this is pyro clean!

this one you can choose from the following features
-Fan cooking (heat is from the back of the oven and fan is circulating heat
- top bottom heat (traditional heat from both top and bottom
- top bottom eco (using this feature is almost the same as the top bottom but the temperature is allow to fluctuate more and saves electricity but only suitable for items that is not sensitive to temperature fluctuations.
- combination (top and bottom heat with fan working.
-bottom heat with fan (ideal for like pizza or quiche where they have thick and very wet base. as the bottom heat will dry it and the fan will cook the top evenly
-top heat with fan - this is for like searing meat. cos the heat is circulated for even cooking and the top heat to give the food crisp and brown top
-top heat only with variable power. thisis good for browning and charring meat. the top heat and you leave the door ajar (this featyre only special to brandt and de dietrich ovens) after cooking the meat you want to make it crisp like you know satay that crispy. you leave the door ajar and put to top heat only and use the variable power you have i think 3 levels to choose from 1 being the lowest and 3 being the highest heat to crisp the food.
-warming oven (this is good to like rise dough if you are baking bread, where you knead the dough and put the dough in the oven use the warming feature and set the temp to 40 degrees to assist the yeast to rise the dough or like to keep warm. say you are expecting guest and you wanna fry fish n chips you fry the fish first but wanna keep it warm while you fry the chips set it to the warming feature it uses fan and intermittent top and bottom heat element.
and finally
- pyro normal (the about 2 hours or so
- pyro eco (economy for light cleaning shorter duration)


hi sugarlily,

For hob and hood. hood i think you can stick with the choice for hob it depends you need how many burners, what is the sizes? it comes in 90 cm or 60 i think. and of course if you cannot make up your minfd if you want gas and at the same time have a induction then i can suggest you get the mix and match domino series. they come in about 30 cm sizes.

You can take one 30 cm wide just a triple ring burner put in on the right and a small gap then fit in another 30cm with 2 burner in the centre and also another gap then fit another domino induction on the left. you can mix and match they have several options and of course there is even a deep fryer built in ones if you wanna know. but if you are looking for standard built in just a 90 cm ones you let me know 3 burners? or 4 burners and how many must have the triple ring burner and how many is must have the 2 rings burner and how many for small slow cooking fire etc. yeah?

Washing machine...
continental ones are like thomson (my favourite but ex i can tell you) top loads only. Brandt (the mid range of thomson) which im okie with it. There is also electrolux which is competitive with thomson as well. And then there is Miele which is the ultimate but the price tag is something hard to stomach. its really expensive....but good. so if you are looking for you can try looking for electrolux and ythomson or if you are having budget constraints then you can try brandt? or even budget can try fisher and paykel lah as originally..



oh yeah for the hood if you are not too particular about the extraction rate you can try the AD259XE1,this one has 800m3 per hour. but this one is having the silence inside.hich means that it operates a bit more silent than the usual ones its operating at 38 dB. can consider that but of course pricey


New Member
Hi Ridz,

thanks for your information.

Was thinking of gettingh Rinnai gas stove model 333 (3 burners)cum hood (air flow 450)? Any comments


rinnai for that brand i have no recollection of any reviews. but the design ive seen it. a bit awkward. but if you like it then go ahead.

cos the price i understand its food they havin offer or some sorts. but for me i demand perfection. hence im more willing to pay a bit more for better quality.

But this shouold not stop you from gettin wha you really wnat as different individuals hagve different needs yeah>


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Hi Ridz,

Sorry for taking so long with my relies. I'm getting a separate washer and dryer. In terms of pricing and combination, i'll most likely be going for Brandt. Coz i only intend to buy washer now and dryer at a later date. Was told that Brandt provides the stacking kit for free so it's a def incentive for us.

My husband is eyeing Ariston Grillo hob. It comes with 4 burners (1 triple) and a griller in the front centre. Anyone is using this?


hi agnes,

not a prob. well just make sure that the person really give you the stack kit when you purchase the dryer later. else it will set you back about 39 i believe or so. for brandt washer which one you intending to get?

WFH1270k? this is good as the spin speed can go to 1200 rpm.try to get somethin that has at least 850 rpm spin speed yeah?


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Hi Ridz

Can advise if Toshiba fridge is good? I am eyeing on their GRH40SBA, white colour 3-door with bottom freezer and auto ice maker.



hi afnes,

for the 0812a 6kg washer is alright. if it fits your budget, burt maybe you can see how much more is the WFF0962K cos this spin speed a bit higher. generally i would recommend higher spin speed hence the initial 1270. but that is of course costly.
anyway how much is the 1270 and how much is the 0812a?


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Hi Ridz,

any comments for the following electric applicances. Going to finalise soon.

a) washing machine - Top load
Electoulx (EW670F) at 650rpm (7kg)
vs Electolux (EWT 1280F) at 1200 rpm (7kg)

-- is the first model for electrolux adequate for home use?

-- how is the first model compared to Fisher Payel (GWC12) 1000rpm for 7.5kg (front load)

b) Built in oven
Due to financial constraints - I may not be able to consider Brandt FE229x S1
Can advise any other models that is a good buy and with reasonable functions, <$1k but has the pyro cleaning?
What is your comments for
Brandt Fe222 x S1 ($899)versus Electrolux EQ665X versus E0B3610 W/X?
* still sourcing the prices for electrolux
Which function is more impt for oven, turnspilt or cooking fan?

Thanks in advance!