WASHING MACHINE-which brand is good?



the smaller the holes the better is it.. the smoother the drum even better.. the beater if its metal its super better.. cos plastic can get a bit rough on the fabric..


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Think later i will check out audio house. Just called up Everjoint, They have no more WFH10771A and going to be discontinued or maybe already discontinued now.. Was told now everyone are clearing WFH10771A and WFH08771A. Haiz......

Now I'm quite torn should I persist on WFH10771A? or just go for BOSCH 20260SG? Discontinued models means after sales service they dun have spare parts to repair?


they do have spare parts but the number of years that it will keep will be shorter lor..

eg now product just laund after 4 years it will reach end for example..support another 7-8 year for example. means if you buy now you have 12 years of parts to rely on..

but if you buy at 4th year where its going to discon.. then you have only say 8 years.. spares

I agree with you on that. Salesman nowadays really tend to lack abit in knowledge. Well, its always the ame old trick. I used this, my aunty used this, my mother used this.....

But if they gonna meet people like us, then they will be in for real deep trouble....

U have not met salesman telling you MIELE no good, low end product yet otherwise you sure to puke.....



oh ive...

a brandt and thomson promoter.. saying that miele these days very poor.. i was shocked.. but i said that the fact that miele machine has the lowest rate of 'casualty' in an official report and they dare to even put their machine on a live webcast for a duration of over a year nonstop washing to do a reliability testing of 20 years of usage.. and people can watch it at any time of the day ... says something about their product durability

and looking at their construction with solid high quality material means they dun stinge on making the world best washer.. i was amazed at his remarks.

and dared to say thomson better now.. i was like what? my first thomson was a good more than 10 years .. second was barely 4 years cos it washer dryer.. then the third was like only.. slightly over 4 years and the latest one the 938 i had that replaced within a year... i said thats much about reliability..

but then again i do a lot of laundry in a day wahaha..


oh yeah twt.. the best part is that..i often catch people off guard.. sometimes..i will just drop by the store once every say half a year looking around and just opening up machine looking at the features etc.

the story always differ..

last time i came say using thomson very good... then half year later.. when puoshing for brandt.. then i go and look at brandt to see what they have.. they say yeah i using brandt. very good also but of course lah thomson better...

then i will stun them saying eh but a few months ago you told me you using thomson so which is which...

weird.. story always change..


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Hi Ridz n TWT r u sure that u two r NOT salesman??? Pls be TRUE to yrself... Dun ACT until u r juz a normal customer which know LOTS of knowledge abt washers n Dryers...
I rest my case on this matter.....

Ridz.... r u a salesman!!!!!!!!!!!



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Hi all,

I haven been to Audio House yet. Too tired to go....Have you heard of AEG Electrolux? is it the same as Electrolux? are they the same washer?

Well after searching materials and reading through threads, I think I may just set my mind on BOSCH 20260SG, (stainless steel is the main draw) and its 8kg condenser dryer cos only this dryer is stainless steel with clear pothole (or was it call window) while the other 7kg dryer is just galvanised steel.

I think BOSCH purposely one made the other model with galvanised steel. I dun feel comfortable with it. I know it will definitely rust someday. To think I spent over 1k and its drum is made of "rustable" material.... I have seen one brand's dryer which I cannot remember what brand, display model also rust.

Now my biggest problem is to convince my BF (overseas now) to buy these 2 products with $$$$ when he comes back. He is not the tech kind of guy, almost "antique". I worry he insist in 5kg... I will faint then defintely.... waaaaaaa!


well... i am not a saleperson.

this has got to be like a million times i have to tell people.. i look into details of everything and i dun just look at price.

further more.. if i am a salesperson why is it that at time.. i recommend a person electrolux.. at times brandt at times bosch at time miele?

doesnt that give you a clue.. besides i usually give unbiased-as-a-matter-of-fact accounts based on what i know.

if we were sales persons right twt.. why is it that we never ask them to buy from us huh.. then can get commission hor...

i mould the future of this nation.. thats what i do


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lol! the previous time When I visited Harvey Norman, I saw MIELE's normal drum's model displaying outside with offer.

That salesman told me this model no need to see, so-so only. Buy BRANDT will do or I can buy MIELE's honeycomb model.

I was like.... ok I am not the sales guy, I dun know but I know MIELE is the best then now you tell me no need to see.... I think even if its just normal drum, MIELE is still the most reliable ba.


well its just under the whole bunch companies in the electrolux group

similarly to like brandt. its under fagorbrandt group in which the fagorbrandt group have products such as ocean, salut, de dietrich, brandt, thomson and so on.. just that

electrolux is a made up of group of companies such as Electrolux ( as its flagship brand), AEG, Zanussi, westinghouse i think.. yeah..

so yeah AEG is still good.. just that.. its hard to get support

The salesman at HN must be blind or maybe an antique to inform you that MIELE so-so.

I would probably tell him/her that if MIELE so-so then BRANDT must be the best.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... sorry but i just cant help smiling as i type this sentence.


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i do agree that some salesperson are not that good / knowledgeable... I guess some of them promotes certain brands because of more commission on "promoted" brands. Its pretty obvious!

Its difficult to find good sales people who provides fair and just knowledge on the products.

Again, have to consider, not all washer / dryer buyers are that "knowledgeable" like the younger group of ppl, who often come onto forum to read up and get some basic information.

You will see quite a lot of middle age / older group of men / ladies buying washers too, and i believe for them it really depends on their past experience (brands that they have used) or word of mouth ( friends / neighbours recommendation)

Maybe, its high time SOME salespeople starts to realise that when talking to more knowledgeable customers (like those reading this forum) are not keen to "entertain" such silly remarks made like Miele is no longer a good brand...

I know Miele is definitely a trusted brand, if i'm not bounded budget, i'll definitely jump at it...

just like if you compare a Merc / BMW to a Lexus or Toyota..... its not meant to be compared that way.....

Just my two cents worth opinion, dont blacklist me for it!


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Also, I'm not too sure how the rest think. I'm not really concern if ridz or Twt are salesperson... (not surprising if they are, or if they were)

But looking through all the past comments made, i MUST say that they have provided very fair comments on the various brands ....

I believe other than myself, many others here have benefitted from their experience and knowledge.

I'm quite sure there are others here who are salesperson as well, dont think its that difficult to identify....

Whatever the case! All knowledge and information provided on the forum are always USEFUL and APPRECIATED by all!!!


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Yeah! same as SwiftZC21, I have learnt alot from twt, Ridz, and the rest of the forum.

twt, I cannot tell the salesman what you have said cos he is ALREADY promoting BRANDT le! All the more he will push me to buy.

Well, if its not for $$ problem, I would have buy MIELE, dun last 20 yrs never mind, 10yrs also can. I just want my clothes to be wash clean thoroughly and handle gently. Lets see if next year I get to win the CNY angpow toto draw or not..... ahahahaa!

Actually, to be frank, if you were a front loader user many yrs ago, you would have noticed that even Elba/maytag/Zanussi/Whirlpool/Zerowatt all last a minimum of i should say 8 yrs.

Its just that the quality control i can safely say in certain factories are not controlled and thus a real dip in the machines they produced.

That's why the MACHINE TESTING conducted by MIELE/ELECTROLUX/BOSCH/BRANDT are so much more under scrutiny.

Aiyo, let's forget about the petty issue of who is or who isnt a sales person in this instance.

What we want in the end is to stop all the sales talk and the nonsencial remarks like MIELE lousy, Electrolux worthless, Brandt not trust worthy.....

The comparisons which Ridz,Swift has given does also placed a lot of importance in this forum. We just hope that at the end of the day, the best deal and the better machine is being choosen by any forumer here.



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Haha don't worry! The patent for the miele honeycomb drum will expire in 2017. maybe by then all the brands can produce same type of drums and push miele prices down!Haha


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Just my own right of comment.
Given a choice, i wont buy from HN sales person.
I cant even bother to let them surround me and start their 80s standard sales pitch.... i always yawn and tell them i will not be buying.
If i have decided on one, i will just tell the counter and process the transaction.. spare me from communicating to HN sales people who sell their own needs not my needs as a consumer.

If they are gua lan, i will just pretend to be interested and lead them on... waste the time out of them and walk off....

Some days, they push electrolux washer, some days they push bosch washer...

It pays to listen as a salesperson... i said i didnt want bosch or electrolux. i want brandt only. So sell me a brandt washer..simple.

I said am keen on sony lcd tv, sales person start his samsung lcd story, Another time when i want to see samsung, another sales person start singing sony lcd...

when i asked for information on bosch oven, this HN sales person tell me how lousy and worthless these korea made are... if they are so lousy, HN must be lousy to carry, if HN is lousy, then what about the sales people ???


for me as long i can get best price for Thomson top load with 5yrs warranty in HM, i don't really care much on the sales person.


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I juz dunno why recently alot of people is toking abt BRANDT. Izzit realli a good product??? Seem liked dun have much good feedback from this Brand. Maybe is the TV, papers advertise.


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oh the miele which cost 1.7k ah? dat wan really so so in my opinion (as in function) for quality wise of cos no fight lah.

1.7k miele lowest end model vs 1.6k electrolux highest end model which wan u guys will take? I would take electrolux wan. of cos individual preference, some may opt for 1.7k miele washer


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Can anyone recommend me which washer and dryer to get? Separate machine cos I'm stacking the dryer onto of washer.
Wanna get a new set to replace my 5 years old Whirlpool 5kg washer and 5kg dryer before my dryer dies on me.

Looking for one with short washing time for washer. My current washer is using 1.5hrs which I find it too long.

Best Denki staff recommended me Brandt washer and dryer, 8kg each. Too ex for my budget, plus I dun need such big capacity cos I almost wash daily.
Courts recommended me Whirlpool 7.5kg and Fisher & Paykel 5kg dryer or Whirlpool 6kg dryer. I'm not convinced cos the dryer capacity is smaller than washer. That means I have to do twice for dryer?? Waste electric?

Seems that many ppl are recommending Brandt? How abt other brands, eg. Thomson, Electrolux etc?


oh yeah just thought i should share with you...

since you are getting washer and dryer, if its possible, get a higher rpm on the washer.. cos the higher it is.. the drier the clothes will be meand the dryer will need to work less hard to remove the moisture from the clothes means lesser time spent in tjhe dryer which translates to lower operating costs.

do not only look at the high cost of buying the equipment the other thing to take note of is the running cost.

cos the purchase price is fixed higher rpm is higher cost.. and its one time. but when you look at electricity bill once upon a time about 3 years ago its like barely 12 cents a KWH but now its like more than 23 cents. and in future who knows..


the term full load should not be used very loosely as it is not a real representation of an actualy FULL load. as it comes with a condition attached and that is.. it must be slightly soiled. the only thing that it stand out is because of the fact that it can achieve A for washing and consumptions.


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HI Jenny... TomoRRow Harvey Norman is having GREAT SALES at EXPO HAll 6. If u r free can go down n have a look. The prices there confirm wun make u waste yr trip there...


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Thanks for the info. But not rushing to buy now. I'm waiting for my CC for further rebate.

What is GAB? Where?
The prices I got for Brandt 8kg Washer WFK1018A at Best Denki and Courts are $1299, not $1099. Brandt 6kg Dryer EFM102K is $699 and not $525.
I need extended warranty, so likely to get from Best Denki, since those electric shops are unable to provide.

Talk to the sales at Best Denki again today. Think decide on Brandt 8kg Washer WFK1018A and Brandt 6kg Dryer EFM102K. I dun like the door design for its 8kg dryer.


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Hi all,

I bought my BOSCH washer and condenser dryer LE!!!!!

But instead of WAE20260SG, I bought WAE24460AU cos its within my budget. Only can do it at HN EXPO sale. The price of the WAE24460AU is either comparable or lower than WAE20260SG if you compare with some of the electrical shops.

GAB - $1100
Hong liang - $1150
Paris silk - $1100
Everjoint - $1109
HN (Jurong Pt) - $1149
HN (Northpt) - $1140

I bought extended warranty for the washer. although the BSH guy said their washer usually last 9-14 years but... never mind la.

Actually I abit regret buying too fast for dryer cos HN (north pt) was quoting me $1349 and in the EXPO the guy quoted $1394. I got it mixed up thinking its the same price as the Northpt one...

I only realized it when I saw my prices stats at home... Now I feel bad cos the the Indian lady at the Northpt was serving me very well.... And I didn't buy anything from her.

Well still I have gained a good bargain for the washer so... Hehe!!


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The extended warranty, I got it at 15% discount, The sales guy said this is the max discount he can do. But as a customer, I think he can give me more... lol!

I agree with you. I think you made a decision too fast already....

If you see the pricing, its really not the lowest pricing...

But at least got discount better then NO DISCOUNT.

Congrats and pls let us have your reviews on the washer which you have purchased.