WASHING MACHINE-which brand is good?


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hi vnc,

certain things are not good to share online, hee.

but hey, you get yourself a good bargain too, from $1600 to $1300, that is a whopping $300 off, which translates to close to 20% discount, which i feel MS is capable of offering. so how did you do it? q:


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yeah, I also want to know.


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wah VL, dont need be so stressed n keep on checking. so fast reply liao. give vnc sometime to type out his "stunt". hehe.


Hi gie (quan_gie),
Eeeer, not good leh... ask me to share then you dun want to share online... Then share offline (PM) lah!

Btw, I'm a her, not his.

Actually, it's not me who did the bargaining. It's my hubby. He like very "gum" with MS.. PM me if you guys want to know our experience on buying stuff from MS.



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haha, probably guys will be "gum" with MS, gals might be different kind of "gum" q=

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Hi gie (quan_gie),
Oh yah, I forgot to turn on my PM. Okie, it's on already. Dun forget to share your bargaining "power" too!


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Hi all, any feedback on Daewoo? Went Gain Cxxx on Sat, they are promoting Daewoo, got silver nano like Samsung but cheaper...


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just to share...i was using Persil liq detergent previously and have now switched to using Tide liq detergent....found that after switching to Tide, I do not have the problem of residue on the glass door after washing anymore...suspect maybe Persil is too concentrated....


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Hi there,

what is the recommeded washing load to consider when buying washing machine?


front load or top load more cost efficient?


Hi zenie,

first and foremost i would like to clarify with you some thing yeah.

Front load vs top loads.

Now do not just judge based on these two characteristics.

Front loads usualy are those continental washing style where the clothes are tumbled up and down the drum the action of the drum is what we call... vertical action.

Top loads. There are 2 kinds of top loads.

Continental top loads. These are machines which washes like the like of front load machine using the vertical drum action but jst that the door is opened from the top instead of front. this is continental top load

another one is asian top laods. These are machien which washes with a slightly different method. the drum spins around and clothese move right and left..horizontal drum action.

Efficient would be quite subjective but most people would agree that continental washers are best best. both top and front loads with vertical drum action.

Things to look out for when deciding capacity is

1) what is the single biggest piece of item that yo need to wash
for most people it would be quilt and probably its queen or king sized. and for this it would be 7kg or 8kg washer. preferably 8kg.

However is it only ONE piece of quilt? becayse the price of a 6kg to 7kg vs 8kg is a lot of difference can be up to 1k difference.

Hence would you have to consider how many times do you really need to fit that one singel wash of 8kg and does it justify the price difference.

Because for normal loads it would not pose a problem to have it washed over a few cycles. but a single big piece item, you need to consider whether just sending the quilt over to the laundrmat once a month would be more cost effective or to have it at home and wash.


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Hi ridz,

Thanks for the valuable information.

Do u mean that the king sized bedsheet and quilt load wld be ~ 8kg? so heavy? so advisable to buy 7-8kg washing machine?


hi zenie,

well a king sized quilt load alone would be around 8kg (presuming cool to moderate warm quilt and not warm warm quilt) cool to moderate warm is thinner than warm warm and probably require a 8kg washer. if its warm warm quilt just the quilt alone would be a 9kg load.yes quilt are heavy. cos they absorb water like towels. if you put towels only to wash in the drum do not load till full like how yo typically would load your machine. fill it to 3/4 because of the nature of the material used i towels they absorb water and hence heavier to turn to wash. hence if its full loading as how you would your normal load chances are you are overloading the machine.

probably a 7kg at least would be good for a king sized quilt. but best best is 8kg yeah..

king sized bedsheet depending on material. would tupically be a 5kg load in itself.



energy and water efficiency you mean the LG continental or asian type washer versus sharp which model?

Probably if you are looking at asian type you have very little to compare.


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Hi Cynthia

If its pulsator type,
Samsung has been making this type of washer for many years
and should be ok. They also patented the Nano Technology so value for $.
Design also modern & nice. Another alternative will be the New Zealand Fisher & Paykel pulsator + agitator type
which saves more water.

But if its the continental drum type front load, Samsung is a newbie,
better opt for LG which has a longer history in making such washers.
LG direct motor models have very good reviews in Euro & Aussie websites and they give 10 yrs warrenty for the motor.
All other Euro brands use belt instead of a direct motor.
Nevertheless, best makers of drum type front load, in my opinion, are still
the euro brands such as Miele, Siemens/Bosch (under BSH group), Electrolux (AEG, Zanussi, Bendix, Tricity).
Be mindful that German Miele and Siemens are very very costly. I heard GE is also very expensive.

If its the continental drum top load,
You only have one choice - Thomson, No 1 in this type but expensive also.
All other models carried by Brandt, Bosch, Electrolux, Whirlpool/Maytag/Kenmore (same group), Ariston are
also produced by the same factory in France. I heard this from salesguys selling Bosch and Ariston.


yeah i agrew with joanne,

The best continental drum type would be miele or siemens or bosch. but miele prices are sky rocket and bosch are good while siemens i dun think they carry the machines to singapore.

Electrolux are one of the most competitive front load drum type continental washer together with bosch. their prices are almost similar.

GE is expensive its fully imported from USA.

as for top load continental drum load.
Yeah thomson is the best. i have been using thomson for over 20 + years liao. to date this is my 4th thomson. just got it last friday hahah.. the 3rd machine can still work just that i wanted a higher spin speed so i gave it away and bought a new one.

Brandt, thomson and de dietrich are under one parent group the Fagorbrandt group. YUp yup. Hence the similar traits between brandt washers and thomson washer.

But as thomson is targetted at premium customers, thomson models are priced at a premium over brandt and also the features inside are in the fore runners.

brandt are targeted at general consumers who want value for money hence they are priced at slightly lower prices but with less built in standard feature.

Like Thomson high end models feature higher spin speed over brandt's high end models. and other features.

Yes for bosch top load machines they are made in the same factory as thomson and brandt top loads but bearing in mind the competitiveness some of the features synonymously found with thomson like the posistop where the drum will turn door up is only found as a standard across the board for thomson but only found in the higher end of brandt but none in the machines of bosch's.

i personally wouldnt mind paying more for thomson it has served me well. Elelxtrolux no longer continuing their top load. concentrating more on their front load.

while those from ariston if i am not wrong are made in italy. hmm gotta check again with brandt marketing head.

as for the asian type tub washing i would think that fisher paykel is reall;y superb reviews from most of my friend who opted asian washer over continental over washing duration.

might want to consider.


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I have been using my F&P washing machine for the past 2months. Not really satified with my machine. Def. will consider buying another brand when this breaks down over the years.

1. The agitator fins torn 2pcs of my cotton t-shirt.
2. I find my washed towel with alot of residues, I dun have this problem with the japanese models and me best guess is, F&P do not have the filter pockets.

However, I should say, should be quite energy saving since the wash cycle is really shorter.


hi blur2

so far i havent heard of anyone who tried that but looking at the specs the electricity consumption is on the high side and also the water consumption is slightly higher than continental washers still.

Also for that price i think its a price over priced for a washer dryer cos the drying is only half the capacity as with most other washer dryer but reliability im not too sure unlike known continental washer dryers.

well depends on what are you looking at as in features that made you consider that machine>


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I am also sourcing for a washer for my new house. I am torn in WHAT brand to select. ALl i know is FRONT LOAD one
I have seen the LG washer - LGWD1436TD-W. Spin speed of up to 1400. 10 years warranty and direct drive motor and less water consumption
But it cost like $1,099

KUA ZHANG rite? But i wonder how true is the less water consumption leh...

U guys thot of wat model to go for liao mah?


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Matsushit (National/Panasonic/Technics) group has a BIG reputation in electrical appliances
but a newbie in making continental drum washers.
I reckon that their tilted drum may be Japan's answer to German Miele in a few years' time.
But in the meantime, for that expensive $, I wont wan to be the pioneer using their machines.

Koreans have a longer history in making drum front loads.
LG pioneered the direct drive that is more durable as belt powered drum gets worn out faster.
However, this series costs about the same as Bosch/Electrolux. So i rather buy Euro Brands
But for those with budget constraints, LG normal belt drum is value for $ cos its 40% cheaper so its not fair to compare its quality with Bosch/Electrolux.
Koreans competitive pricing offer a genuine alternative to those who wants a drum front load yet not willing to spend too much buying German.

Germans make awesome machines ..... Miele, Siemens/Bosch and AEG (owned by Swedish Electrolux). Siemens is no longer available in Singapore, maybe because it was acquired by Bosch?
by the way, with thomson being acquired by Brandt, is the Fagorbrandt group
considered French or German?
just curious.

Mayer salesguy said the drum of Ariston top load is made by Thomson so y pay more for Thomson when u get from same factory. But that Ariston washer's body seems lightweight compared to Thomson. Maybe the final assembly is done in Italy, but no offence, Italians are better at making designer leather bags and shoes. Their latest Ariston Aqua washers are really beautiful, unlike the boring Bosch. Japs & Germans still tops in precision engineering.

Its interesting to see so many brands in the market but actually the key players is only a handful.
Sweden Electrolux owned AEG, Zanussi, Bendix, Tricity

Candy owned Hoover, Zerowatt and Kelvinator
Merloni owned Ariston, Indesit, New World, Philco, Hotpoint, Creda, Cannon, Philco, GDA, English Electric,Thorn.

US Whirlpool makes appliances for Whirlpool, Roper, Kitchen aid, Estate, Kenmore, Crosley, Amana, and in 2006 acquired Maytag which also includes Magic Chef. If u like American, seems that u can only opt for Whirlpool affiliated brands or fork out a bomb to buy GE.


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hi annabella, i started to use my F&P GWC12 few days ago, no problem at all.. can i know which model u have and also how long have u used it when it tore your cotton t-shirt?

i've also read abt dissolving the washing powder (for certain brands) before u put it into the centre of the agitator.. did u try that and see whether the towels still got residue?


hi joanne,

Well for the company thingy about thomson.

initially thomson is on its own having seperate division from its audio visual and its kitchen appliance. Thomson is france. so they have thomson appliances and thomson av. both seperate.

Then thomson av was sold to a china company a couple of years ago and now been renamed TCL.

While thomson was still standing on its own, brandt a generalist brand in france bought it over to consolidate its service. So did de dietrich consolidated under the arms of brand group.

Then what happened is that brandt group was bought over by an israeli company called elco and the group was then known as ElcoBrandt.

But then things took a turn when elcobrandt bought over moulinex, then an ailing company in the red, with ambitions of turning moulinex but it did not and dragged almost the entire of elcobrandt into the red.

It was only then like i think 2 years ago that elco and brandt seperated as it does not want to be dragged down and needed a big family to run under. and hence Fagor group (spanish if i am not wrong bought over the entire brandt group (thomson,brandt, de dietrich, salut and ocean)

Hence it has been renamed as Fagorbrandt.

But each of the division are run seperately and have their own division management just that entirely under the arm of fagor brandt group.

So if you ask me its french spanish group of companies.

But thomson brandt and de dietrich are still true blue and red - france.

hahah interesting right. the story.

But what happened is that cos fagor is on the end of the scale serving the cheap retail appliances. it does not have sufficient expertise to really run the premium brands like thomson and de dietrich. the service isnt that bad in a lot of countries but in UK some problems ran up and thast why a lot of people are looking de dietrich with distrust cos it used to be a top runner in all aspect. now its the features and the technology still does but the after sales.. is disappointing.

IN singapore thank god it is not. De dietrich has been known to be fore runner of technology as with the likes of top german premium group of company - miele. but they are also known to be of low quantity which makes the experts to service the parts really hard to come by as on the job training can really cost. hence de dietrich is putting in a lot of effort in the UK market to better manage its service standards to uphold back its image after it was tarnished.

thomson on the other hand is not strong in the uk market. ther are big thogh in france. as for singaopre cos typically its slow in picking up the pace.

and since thomson has been the one of the few top load continental washer around for more than 30 years and its only of late that continental top loads are coming up. but the reputation and the reliability and quality that alraedy has been associated with thomson in singaore, makes it hard to miss with brand and quality conscious singaporeans. thats why electrolux initially brought in top loads specially for asian market to compete but bowed out of competition to concentrate on their front load which they are more known for.

some insights.


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Hi Ridz

Thanks for explaining.

Some salesguy from HN told me Brandt is German, guess we cant 100% trust these salesguys.
I read in Thomson brochure that it has captured 70% of the continental drum top load business in Singapore back in 2004,
Its should be higher now, and prices seems to have inched up a bit.

Btw, which softener brand is good for front load? Thanks


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Hi Ridz

We are thinking of buying a Asian Top loads washer. Any recommendation for a cheap & good brand? We wanted to but Brandt but apparently it doesn't seem so good from the reviews I read from the thread.


hi joanne,

Not a problem. Sometimes i noticed that the misinformation that is quoted usually comes from HN salesperson. i dunno why. not only with washer but a lot of things too.

Anyway yeah top load drum business thomson has garned a relatively large percentage of the sales by figures.

As for softener, i usualyl would say use vernel its a bit pricey but it suits for sensitive skin. but i guess others are alright, Just that yuo need to remember to lessen the amount that is to be used.like if you use 1 capful for top load asian washer then you should use only about half capful for continental washer and dilute it with another half capful of warm water preferred.


hi ting,

Whats the budget you are looking at?
Capacity of wash?
Features you are looking for?

and also brandt is on a continental washer side and not on the asian washer side. and the price difference is realyl huge so yeah.

as for brandt i wouldnt think that they are really that all too bad i woukld think that their top loads are good. made from same factory as thomson.

Their frontloads i havent had much reviews as the new batches are from turkey and hence reliability cannot be established immediately and its takes time to.. but most prefer electrolux or bosch over brandt that i agree.

so it entirely depends on what yuo want seriously

LIke i say for asian top load probably fisher is good but there are some others who say tear their clothes.

But as with all machines one thing to note is that never never overload these machines, its suicidal for clothes and the machine,. a lot of people do not realise that actually washing is an art and not some chore dump and squeeze as much as you can and then wash.. and dun care about it.

These machines have maintenance and also sometimes you cannot wash full load at times
like wool or silk they are not to be washed with a full tub load but just a 1kg load as these are special materials that need special attention.

But i realise mostly these special clothes are not given the special attention hence resulting in damage


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i'm looking for a washing machine and my requirements are as below;

-for 2 person's load & bedsheets
-handwash(for delicate clothes)
-creasefree function

i dun mind front load or top load, any suggestion?


hi divine,

What would be your best budget that you would want to go for?

Typically for two person the load can be as small as 5kg but also consider what is the single piece of big item that you have to do laundry like if you have a king size quilt then 5kg would be out of the question yeah?


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Can I ask you:-

If I want to wash a King Size Quilt cover, the single largest item, would a 5kg load be ok?

I am looking for a Thomson washer after I read your reviews. Can you recommend me a model?
Mine is also for 2 person. Budget hopefully less than 1k. What about dryer? I am looking for a separate dryer too...


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I don;t mind top or front load, but if I want to get a dryer, then most prob will have to be a front load right?
But must be energy saving.. that is my most impt criteria.


hi kenshare,

just to clarify just the queen size quilt cover right. NOT A KING SIZED QUILT right?
Just the cover?

If its just the cover yes 5kg would do fine but if you are looking at washing the king sized quilt then you would need to shop around for at least a 7kg washer.

Presuming that its a 5kg washer you are looking at.

Well thomson washers are priced at a premium. I just got my latest washer at $1198 TX 938(highest end model for the 900 range) it features 1100rpm though it does not come with the opti A 45 mins wash.But this comes with Opti Rinse where it will continually add rinses or lengthen the rinse time to make sure there is no washing detergent residue from the wash cycle before it makes the final spin.

But the model before this TX 938 which is the TX928 features 1098 this features 900rpm but comes with Opti A 45 mins which is washing a full 5kg load in around 45 mins. But does not come with Opti Rinse. Costs $1098.comes with LCD to display remaining time.

Then comes the Tx918 which features only 750 rpm and Opti A 45 but no LCD. Costs 998.

If you are looking at relatively same features but priced below 1k probably you can opt for brandt. Also made in france just that the controls looks a bit different from thomson.

Looking at the highest end model which is WTC 1064A, This i think is around 1139. This features 5kg with 1000rpm but NO Opti Rinse but comes with OPTIA 45 mins. LCD displays remaining time.

One model before would be WTC0833A is priced at $999
This is a 850rpm. NO opti rinse, No LCD, BUT WITH OptiA45.

All the above are 5kg washers.TOP LOADS.

well for dryers not necessarily opt for front loads ah.

Cos thomson machines and brandt machines are very slim you can place washer and dryer side by side.

Thomson / brandt top load washer profile is WIDth/ Depth / Height is 40cm wide, 60 cm deep and 85 cm high

While thomson and brandt dryer is 45cm wide 60 cm deep and 85 cm high.

You probably need another 5 cm between the 2 machines.

So thats works to
5cm (side clearance) + 40cm + 5 cm (between) and 45cm + 5 cm (side clearance) you need 100cm width

and depth around 70cm

and height clearance of at least 1.6m cos of door opening.

While if you are lookig to stack on top of one another.

Then typically you need something like.

Width is 70 cm (incluseive of 5cm clearance right and left)

Depth of 70 cm (inclusive of 5cm clearance front and back)

and height probable you need around 1.75 m or so to clear the dryer on top.

Washers for thomson are pricey at least $1428 for 7kg and their dryer (condenser type) is $1368. so yaeh its pricey alright.

Washers for brandt is Around 999 for a 7kg washer with optiA 45 and spin speed of 800rpm.

While the dryer is around 699 for basic mechanical time and 869 for electronic timer.

How to choose.

Well advantages of top load is that it is easy to put in clothes as well and unloading it. And also if you started the wash and want to add clothes its a bit easier to do so if its a top load.Plus it is slimmer in profile.

Disadvantage for Top Load
It is more expensive and typically the load is up to 6kg only at best.

Advantages of front load.
you can just stack the dryer on top of the washer. You can also get more features or capacity if take price in comparison with the top load washers.

Disadvantages of front load
You might not be able to open to add more clothes into the drum after start wash, it may be harder to load and unload clothes.

these are some of my two cents worth yeah. Dont take them hard and fast okie?


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wow... what an analysis.

for the panasonic tilted drum, i think the design is quite unique. that's all.

as my nick suggest, i am quite blur with the features, brand, pros, cons and value for money kind of analysis.


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yoz ridz
thanks men!
its really comprehensive..

no..it is a king size quilt cover..not queen..
cos my FH have a habit to snatch the quilt..n most of my gf buy King size covers for the queen size bed. its just nice, cos the covers will be long enough for the sides..my personal opinion lah...

for the quilt, i tink i will bring to the laundry to wash..but how often do you actually wash it????


hi blur,

no lah its not a detailed analysis. just a thinking aloud process.

Well the panasonic tilted design also is great but then the specifications like the consumption isnt working that very well when compared to other machines in the market.

Also given the price tag, you would be able to get a seperate washer and dryer and the amount of consumption is slightly lower than that of that panasonic.

For reasons that the panasonic is a washer cum dryer and as with other washer cum dryer, you can wash full load but can only dry half load and you would need 1 wash cycles and 2 drying cycles to complete versus seperate washer and dryer.

so depends on what your needs are and evaluate the best options you have in the market



hi kenshare,

oh i see.. Thats a cool observation queen sized quilt with king sized covers,.,,

well for quilt it depends really on the usage and habit. Usually i will wash it like once in every 2 months cos my quilt is the cool type so i dun feel that warm under it hence i dun sweat and my room is always kept at 22.

Unlike my fren who uses the moderate warm type quilt even though he sets at 22 but sometimes he sweats a bit while under the qquilt so wash once a month.

though i said its not necessary cos he has quilt covers which are thick mah but cos his is asian washer so it different i guess.

for at home i usually wash with warm wash cleaner.. so yeah theres no hard and fast about it as long as you deem it to be soiled then its time to wash..

you are looking at top load or front load?

cos i think at home i also wash my queen sized quilt but cool type using the 5kg washer. but if its the moderate warm or warm uilt then you need bigger washer. so yeah. gotta evaluate.

sometimes i notice that the price diff that you pay to get a bigger capacity continental washer does not justofy the low usage of it for single big piece of item like in somecases just quilt is the biggest one.

but how often you wash quilt? and you can have the laundromat to come and pick up the quilt and then wash and send it back to you for as little as 8 bucks? so entirely depends for me i still prefer a 5kg washer though ideal for me is 6kg.


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Hi ridz,
u r early..

yup, queen size bed and king size quilt. hehe..funny hor..sometimes pple give me the weird look when i say so...

I am not too particular about front or top load. as long as it saves energy. I saw from Harvey that the washers are slim; not the fat and wide kinds. I like..hehe...
Basically, i tink a 5kg load is sufficient... yup, I will send the quilt to the laundry to wash..


hi kenshare,

For energy saviung yeah most continental washers have good ratings for their washers and that water consumption is really low.

A typical wash of say 5kg or 6 kg load would require the use of around 48-55 litres for a total of 1 main wash + (usually 2 rinses but thomson is minimum of 3 rinses)

as compared to say asian washer where you require a total of around 150 litres of water to wash the same load (1 wash + 2 rinses)

As for electricity consumption. Presuming that we make it equal and that we wash both at cold temperature (cos asian can wash only cold wash whereas continental washer can wash from cold to 90 degrees hot wash)

So cold wash for asian washer is around say 150-200 watts for 45 mins, While the continental counter parts will consume typically around 300 degrees for a cold wash that will last around 1h45mins.

So more efficient would be the continental counter part of course. i would think that the 50-100watts difference is of negligible difference.

As for warm wash say 60 degrees cotton cycle which will take around close to 2 hours. will consume approximately 0.95kwh or 950 watts total electricity.

As for hot wash this can be a bit trick as they can consume up to say maybe 1.5kwh or 1500watts in total for a wash duration that can last tyupically around 2h30 mins.

so if you are looking for continental washer yes they save water and electricity to some extend is about the same but you have saved on the water aspect.

Well then to further narrow your search, you will then see your preference and as you have indicated the preference for slim ones then only top load continental washer have those slim profiles.

This will effectively lead you to only several options.
Thomson, Brandt, Bosch.

The highest priced would be thomson of course then brandt and bosch i think bosch is a bit above brandt and bosch have very few models only i think bosch i have only seen 1 model top load so far. i would think that brandt would be a better choice considering budget of course.

Then the dilema now throws into that how much are you willing to spend on this washer, cos top load continental are expensive

Then if you are intending to get a dryer then you have to consider the spin speed too.

As a rule of thumb the higher the spin speed the drier your clothes will come out after the final spin and hence the lesser time it will take to dry in the dryer which translates to cheaper running cost of the dryer. so if getting a dryer in the future or even now then consider getting at least 850rpm.

Which again will bring you back to the washer that the higher the spin speed the more it will cost as i have highlighted to you in my previous posting on the prices of the machines.

SO yeah consider carefully. sometime you might be better off getting a front load at times cos with front load you usually can get a bigger capacity machine and more feature for the same price of that of a smaller machine with lesser feature on a top load model.

BUt of course workmanship also differnet ler. Top loads of brandt and thomson are made in france. both their dryers and washer.

But front loads of brandt and thomson are made in turkey. Even electrolux washer and dryer (front load) are made in thailand and no longer in sweden. HENCE then cheaper pricing.


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Hi Ridz,

Tot of upgrading my w/m to Toshiba AW-D950SS 8.5kg. Have been using Sanyo ultrasonic since 2000 when it launch this model .. any comments?



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Hi Ding ding,

I'm using GWM12. I dun think it's the washing powder issue. Cannot rem how long the problem started.

But i do have regrets now coz I came upon some negative feedbacks abt F&P from non-asian countries forums before I purchase this and I chose to ignore. Sigh...


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Hi Annabella

I did quite a fair bit of research on the internet for washer reviews before deciding on my current washer.
The ang mohs are quite demanding and i think their reviews are quite useful
Below are some free websites for reviews. But do be mindful that anyone can write anything there so pls do your own due diligence.


In summary, u cant go wrong if u buy Miele/Bosch/Thomson.
Think Electrolux 1087 or 887 have 2 bad reviews on 2 of the above websites, maybe the users duno how to use the machines.

Happy researching.


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Hi Annabella, I have done my 3rd wash and dry with my washer and dryer and have no problem with it.. I did not really search for reviews internationally.. only read some from some local forums.. hopefully these 2 machines can serve me well for a few more yrs.. thanx for the info and hope your machine can tame dont a bit and dont tear off more clothes


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I am in getting Thomson TX938. Can anyone share their experience? How long does a full cycle take?




Well with the TX 938 the timing can vary.

I am using the usual settings that i use yeah.

Synthetic 40 degrees if i am not wrong is around 1h30 mins

Cotton 40 degrees is something like 2h
Cotton 60 degrees is around 2h 20 mins

Flash 30 is around 30 mins

Wool is around 30 mins also

Stretch is about 1h 15 mins or so.

But all these times will continue to be adjusted throughout the wash. With the aid of Opti Rinse.

If you select the option for Opti Rinse it will determine the type detergent you use and then will modify the washing patterns and times to fully optimise the washing process. and also with opti rinse it will either lengthen or shorten the rinse cycle, add more water or less water , or even add an additional rinse if necessary as long as it detects that the water bath is not clear ( meaning still have soap or suds) which again makes the timing run by about 10 mins at most.

so in the initial stage of wash it probably will count dwn and then drop the washing time because you put in a little bit more detergent but as it in rinsing then it may add the time accordingly until the water is clear from residue and washing detergent.

But seriously this TX 938 you only need to use a little bit of detergent. If any of you are using persil. Washing a 5 kg load you only need half the measuring cup that is provided in the box.

Though i think this TX 938 is a tad noisier in the spinning cycle than my previous thomson machines.


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Hi all,

I am thinking of getting a Bosch front load washer (7kg) but not sure whether to get the 1000rpm or 1200rpm? Can anyone share their opinions?