WASHING MACHINE-which brand is good?


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Oh.. okie... thanks so muchie!!


king sized quilt.

like i mentioned before if its the warm type of filling where its thicker then 10 would be nice to have while if its the cool type of quilt then a 8kg would suffice.

if yours is from ikea then its easy to gauge. if you have the time go to ikea to the quilt section and look for the warm types and the cool types. that would give yuo a better idea of what im talking about. you compare the thickness..

well of course if you ask me what is the best i would say send it to laundromat?

and get a average sized machine that will fit most of the laundry size rather than to accomodate the quilt alone cos usually machines which are higher in capacity are more expensive and the differencitial of the prices to a moderately sized machine may not necessarily be justifiable to get when compared to the number of times it will actually be needed to run that 10kg load for example yeah?


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Thanks for the explanantion. So you mean to say that if I do not fill up the machine up to 10kg, it will still run at 10kg load? I thought that the washer have different levels of water that we can select so that we use the one that is suitable for the load we have?


hi jolene li,

nope its not that it will run at 10kg still. i will continue to run as per the load.

only thing is that. for example your normal washing load daily is just purely 5kg load. and that you maybe once in every 2-3 months you need to wash a 8kg load.

say if you were to buy a 5kg washer and its to set you back by say 799 however should you opt to get a bigger capacity of say 8kg, it may have costed you like maybe 1499. so the question would be is it worth spending that extra 700 to get a bigger machine when your daily load is actualy only 5kg and that only when times come which is once in a blue moon that you need to wash using the 8kg. which you could easily have sent it to the laundromat

and that things to consider that the quilt is actually better off washed by the laundromat? get it>?


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Hi ridz,

Can i know what your opinions on panasonic wm NA-V60A1?

NA-V60A1 Specs:
Washing Capacity = 6kg
Water level setting = 3
Water consumption (normal cycle) = 69
Rated voltage & Max Power consumption (v/ac & wh) = 220|1920, 230|2065, 240|2215

I understand that you preferred continental wm. Any particlar brand/model that you could recommend me. I think i would probably do washing like 1-2 times a week so dun think the load would be very much.


hi jack,

my personal opinion on this washer is that it looks cool.period.

but if you want me to commment on value for money. it goes zilch for value for money cos for the specs versus the price tag its just too expensive no doubt it clains to safe water i can show you another machine at the same price tag od 1299 and it saves you even more electricity and water and can wash more yeah>

for this panasonic its a 6kg washer and that price tag RRP is about 1299 correct me if i am wrong yeah?

and that water level setting is 3 (take note of this yeah)
and also water consumption is 69 for a normal 6kg load.

and electricity consumption is 1.92kwh, 2.065kwh and also 2215kwh. i am presuming that these are the loads do the 3 water setting in tandem to the 3 load capacity its washing yeah?

take a look versus electrolux EWF 1090
this is a 8kg washer
and for the consumption of water for a 8kg load is only a mere 60litres
electricity consumption for cold wash is at 300 watts only while if you wash at 60 degree cotton if i am not wrong its about 1.1kwh far lesser than panasonic.

1000rpm max spin speed.

price tag for this one is also about 1299 if i am not wrong yeah,

mayeb you can consider this instead?

what are your actual requirements in terms ofd washing

1) what programs you need to use? like wool? hand wash>? silk?
2) what capacity you looking for?5kg? 6.5kg?
3) are you looking for front loads or toploads (continental washers)
4)waht is the budget that you are comfortable with?


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thanks for answering my question.
My budget for wm is < $1000 if possible.
1)Not really sure what programs to get as the clothes might increases in the future. Wool, silk, hand wash will be nice.
2)Capacity wise, i'm thinking of getting >= 6.
3)Frontload is always my choice : )

What do you think of the digital led screen for the controls? Cos i saw quite alot of wm model without any digital led controls. Some of them require the turning of knob like control.


hi jack sorry for the delay in the reply

yeah with less than 1k i think you cazn get a decent machine electrolux EW880F this is a 6.4kg washer and has a max spin speed of 850 rpm has hand wash and wool plus delicate cycle.

and price tag is about 999 in superstores. try to go around say sweetson or something the other ladies have it from there and you can get it around 799 or something.

if possible try to go for this machine if you are unsure EWF 1090 i think this is the one that i told you earlier get the contacts from one of the other ladies for sweetson and see what they quote you for the EWF 1090 might get cheaper than 1299.this is a 8kg washer.

or if its too big then you can opt for a higher spin speed machine but same capacity as the EW880 which is EW 1080

details of machines are as below yeah?

EW 880F this is about 999

EW 1080 this should be around 1100

EW 1090 this is about 1299

personally i find that there is nothing much wrong with knobs they are typically okay expecially with the new ones where the knobs are no longer mechanical types. more of jus selector knobs which the program is automatically run by the chip or processor.

just that the lcd display ones are cool to have but price tag is really cool too.


hi jack

not a problem. remember when you visit superstore be very carful with what the salesperson say.

take it with a pinch of salt. go home find out more and evaluate yourself what is it that he or she said is it a valid point and how valid is it.

then make your own decision. cos ive heard of superly ridiculous selling tactics that even i would laugh and question them leaving them dumbfounded.

and especially with that of how the machine washes and where it is made it. sometimes they tend not to have the most updated information and then it becomes misrepresentation.

oh yeah im only showing you the electrolux cos this is so far the ones that i can find easily online but you can also consider bosch machine. refer to my other postings in the 6.5kg or 7kg front load. and read my latest postings on the minute details yeah?


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Hi Ridz,

today, went down to check the EW-880 price. The shop owner say.. Electrolux price went up.
hmm.. how come..
BTW, I might buy EW-880 instead of the elextrolux top loading..


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Hi Ridz,

Intending to get a 8.5 - 9 kg washing machine. [is it enough for washing curtain?]
But i am a first time buyer and there so much wm out there with so much specification.
Which brand or model will you recommend? Not too exp Heheh thks for helping.


hi royal pika,

well thats a good choice that you have made. and yeah which shop owner did you enquire from?

but what i can advise is that the recommended retail price in the majoy superstores is at 999 though some may offer lower on a promotional basis so yeah> if its not more than 999 i think its alright.

you can try to look at harvey normal millenia walk. try to see if they can offer you better prices which usually if you ask and try to bargain they can try to know off some price for you.

but then again usually neighbourhood stores usually give even lower prices so you might want to take note if you are not intending to get the extended warranty yeah>?


hi sleepysleep

well if you are intending to get such a big machine yeah i must say that usually its more ahn enough to wash curtains. with 8kg capacity you can generally wash king sized quilt (cool types)

here are some of the questions that i may offer to help you narrow down the machines yeah>

1) what type of washer are looking at ? continental washers or asian washers?

2) how particular are you with water consumption as well as electricity consumption?

3) if asian washer skip this question if continental do you prefer or have space for front loads or top loads?

4) what is the capacity (seriously do you really need to wash 8.5-9kg wash load every time all the time or only at times. cos prices from a 6.5-9kg washer varies by as much as several hundreds. so is it worth the extra money to be put in?

5) what are the washing features that you are looking for? wool? silk? handwasH?

6) finally what is the budget that you most comfortable with?


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Hi Ridz,
thanks for ur help and taken up ur time to comments on my questions.

I'm not sure if any of the washing machine buyers here are considering the Brand E/F.
so here is the specs for the EF front load washing machine I hv bought.
hope the info will be useful.

WF 7100 (model#)
> - 7 kg Load
> - 1000 Rpm Spin Speed
> - Electronic Control Type
> - Big Door with Button: 180° Opening
> - Quick Wash
> - Anti Creasing
> - Spin Speed Selection
> - Rinse Hold Function
> - Child Lock Option
> - Energy &amp; Washing Rating: A
> - Energy Consumption: 119
> - Water Consumption: 45
> - White
> - W600 X H850 X D590 mm

> WF 7100
> - 7 kg Load --> load factor, you generally need to evaluate if this capacity is appropriate for your usage as well as to be able to accomodate future possible usage eg children etc. generally i would say between 5kg to 7.5 is sufficient. like if you think you need more then maybe a 6.5kg washer shoudl suffice for a normal queen sized quilt to be washed yeah. can ask me for more details if you have more question on this

> - 1000 Rpm Spin Speed --> spin speed the higher the spin speed the better it would be as the clothes that comes out of the washer would not have a lot of moisture content and hence if you are using the dryer you will need to use less electricity to dry the clothes or even if you hang out to dry it will take lesser duration. oh yeah make sure this is variable. i would recommend at least a spin speed of about 850 rpm yeah.

> - Electronic Control Type

do not that for control type ask them to do a demo and then you deem if is easy to operate. generally most european brands a little tricky to manage at the beginning but after a while its a breeze.

> - Big Door with Button: 180° Opening

if you are looking at front loads then yes 180 degrees door is crucial for loading and unloading. if you are looking for top loads then look for drum door cos some will snap open but thomson generally have the easy opening where the spring does not snap open wildly so a bit safer. also the main door should be a balanced door , eg thomson machines their top main door is a balanced door meaning to say that it should stay in the position that you hold it up to or it will flip backward to open and if the eqwuilibrium causes it to fall down it will suddenly fall down and snap on unsuspecting fingers but it will gently kinda swin downwards so you can assure that the door will not hit the fingers/

> - Quick Wash

usually quick wash is for veyr lighlt soiled clothes and the capacity should ideally be at half the maximum load. eg ifits a 5kg washer then using the quick wash feature cos of the shortened time in all of the cycle eg the washing time is shortened and the rinses cycle are also shortened, hence it would only be effective for half the load and for slighlt soiled clothes yeah? else its would be appropriate to use the full cycle.
oh do take note that european washers takes on average about 1h30 mins to 2h30 mins to wash, depending on cycle. but do not worry they do not consume a lot of electricity. cold wash uses about 49 litres and also about 300 watts in total for that 1h45mins wash yeah>

> - Anti Creasing
this used to be popular last time but not so now. but its a useful feature to tumble the drum once in a while after the entire washing has ended but you have not removed the clothes so that the clothes dont settle down and crease hence yeah..

> - Spin Speed Selection
this usually means its variable. oh do check with them is there an automatic limitor system for the delicated. like in thomson machines if you set the spin speed at 1000rpm but you are using the delicate cycle to wash the system will over ride the spin speed selected and spin at maximum of 550 rpm to protect the delicate items you are washing so yeah just a safety feature.

> - Rinse Hold Function
this is useful when say you will not be present when your laundry is done say in 2 hour;s time and hence you select this feature such that just before the final spin it will fill with fresh water and let your clothes sit in this fresh water so that it doesnt like smell bad while witing for you to come and remove it. once you are back you can release the rinse hold function and it should pump out and continue with the final spin okie?but again check with the features

> - Child Lock Option
yeah this is essential generally most european machine lock the door once the cycle begins till the end.

> - Energy &amp; Washing Rating: A
this is a general rating the more A is mroe better
> - Energy Consumption: 119

this i dun need to say the lower the better
> - Water Consumption: 45
> - White
> - W600 X H850 X D590 mm
this is about the standard dimension.

oh yeah on a final note if you are thinking of getting a dryer, do take into consideration okie? like if you buy a front load then maybe you can stack it up but if you are going to buy a top load then yuo have to make sure taht in the fufuter you might have the space to fit a dryer as well just as a contingency yeah


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Hi Ridz,

Wat about the brandt frontload washing machines?
I was considering the electrolux EW880 and the promoter was recommending the brandt brand.. Being it has quick wash..

actually it doesnt really matters where the washing machines are made right? As he mentioned electrolux in made in thai.



hi icee,

well all i can say about the brandt frontloads has similar washing techniques and programmes as the thomson.

cos thomson is the premium range under the fagorbrandt group while brandt is the generalist brand.

hence thomson has key additional features for comfort that is built into the machine while the same additional features may not be available in brandt. to be fair to thomson buyers that they are paying premium prices with premium finishes.

and yes sometimes it does and sometimes it does not matter where is it made in. like sometimes compare turkey and thailand not too bad, but if you are like comparing thailand and china.. boy that is easy to put id rather take thai.

so yeah.

brandt has released this thing about quickwash where they call it see you in 45 mins. where in the normal typical quickwash its only for a half load washing in under 30 or 40 mins note only half load.,

but in the see you in 45 mins, you are able to wash a FULL load in under 45 mins. with the same consumptions that you would have as in the normal settings.

though the see you in 45 mins simply cannot replace the effectiveness of the full standard 90 mins wash.

so yeah you could consider the brandt ones too.. but prices wise i think slightly higher than ew880 cos of that features and not to mention the higher spin speed with the new brandt models yeah?


oh yeah by the way THOMSON is releasing once again
FRONT LOADS... look under my thread titled THOMSON WASHER AND DRYER for more information yeah> but prices wise same thing.. premium prices aroun 1.5k but worth it


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the thomson 1200 rpm is selling for 1540+ and the 1400rpm is selling for 1670+.
Those who are interested in the thomson frontload can call up rina electrical but the 2 model are no in yet when i called last thursday.

Btw i was checking out Best today for electrolux wm when the salesman told me that electrolux model EW1080F has been discontinued. The strange thing is that their electrolux brochure shows the washing capacity of EW1080F is 7kg but in electrolux website washing capacity of EW1080F is 6.5kg.

Check with you regarding the drum of wm. Is it better to have fully stainless steel 1? Cos i was told that electrolux drum is not total S/S. Some part of the drum is made up of plastic.


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hi all,

i was being informed that electrolux are being made in thailand and that yes, the bump in the steet drum is plastic. thus, they were recommending whirlpool which has a range from 100 rpm to 850 rpm.

and they also said that whirlpool is being made in italy unlike electrolux made in thai.

not sure how much this is true, but just wanna let u guys know.


hi jack,

yeah i just realised in the package that brandt sent me there is a RRP for thomson machine as well..

yeah the front load machine with 1200 rpm retails at 1528 while the 1400rpm is 1698

hmm for the metal and plastic part of the drum what we call the omega beaters are usually plastics these days even the higher end machines like miele and thomson is using plactics.

can you imagine what knocks into the beater every time it turns like silk being rocked with metal hitting on it?

or worse jeans with the buttons hitting on metal ouch.. i guess you dun need to have such high impact hitting when all you need to mimic our forefathers way of washin by hitting to dislodge the dirt. well dislodging can be done effectively using plactic beater too.

so yeah no qualms over it.


oh natasha,

well for that i would still say stick to electrolux for its reliability and good after sales service.

for whirlpool you would not have heard many people claiming or vouching for its reliability unlike electrolux or thomson or miele as a matter of fact.

hmm but then again things made in italy doesnt to have that lasting like ariston. they are not popular with their washers even though they are from italy all of it.

but electrolux from thailand i think thats fair enough.

thailand has some kinda standard. unlike those made in china.

like take your toyota all of it are mostly from thailand. daikin air con. mitsubishi except (mitsubish heavy industy they are from china)and some honda cars too. so not to worry.

but if you still would like to try whirlpool then you can.. no one will say anything lah of course.. its preference and most importantly it should your choice and not what the salesman said cos they can always choose to say the truth correct but not the whole truth. but still its the truth? get it?


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VL (natasha15),

your information about the whirlpool must be from Best ... is it the plaza sing 1?
I've got the same info from them.

Juz went to suntec courts today, they too told me that EW1080F has been discounted .... sianzz ....

Those washer with 1000+ rpm all cost above $1000 ... sad ...


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hi jack,

yes, that was from best, plaza sing.

hi ridz,

yes, i would agree with u abt the ariston that although they are made in italy, the reliability is not that fantastic.

one more question, when we will like a machine with adjustable spin speeds considering the material we are loading, for instance silk, will 500rpm (EW880F) be too harsh ? EW880F has a min speed of 500rpm, if I ain't wrong.

Or is it better to wash with < 500 rpm, for instance, 100 rpm ?


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Hi Ridz,

In comparison of Electrolux, Whirlpool, Bosch and Thomson, how would u rate, with ur perception and knowledge abt the washers (just wanna know ur opinion).

Is EW880 F (max spd of 850rpm) good enough for the heavy soiled and thick materials/clothes ?
Considering of buying that.


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now in dilemma.
Don't know should get EW880 front loading or Thomson Top loading.
As I read your posting, you mention abt the maintence for these loading.
I happen to find out in HVM one of the display unit for EW880. The door is very easy to open. 1 light push, can open already.
May be it is a display unit, has been open multi-time. But it will be the same if I use for yrs and open multi-time.

Any idea what is the selling price for TX-918 and TX-928

If compare these 3 model, TX-918, TX928 and WF880. Which one you will be more prefer.


hi royal_pika,

there will always be pros and cons on choosing the respective machines.

Top loads has its pros and cons and so does front loads.

hence whatrs important is more of the use. are you more comfortable to use a top load or a front load.

and also if you are able to spare the space? do you have space to put front load? or top load? and also if you are intending to add another dryer in the future. would you have any space to spare if you are going to get top load? or only a front load is your solution.

these are more crucial factors and the other one of course would be the money issue.

hence its hard to ask me whether i prefer front or top load?

cos my mum and dad dun like front load? so i stick to top load?

but personally i dun mind if its good. the only exception to front loasd for both my mum and dad would be if i were to buy a miele front load then they would make an exception and i also dun mind if i can spare the cash to get miele.

but then its out of budget at the moment.

well the display unit is not exactly a good gauge. and also with door such things are pretty normal as with wear and tear. but miele hardly cos their construction is more solid hence the really rocket high price.

Selling prices for 918 is RRP 998 while tx 928 is 1098

yes the prices are a bit more expensive than EW880F

DO BEAR IN MIND THAT THE EW880F is a 6.5kg washer while the TX 918 and 928 are only 5KG washers yeah?

which i would prefer huh?

Of course i would stand by Thomson.
thomson for their wash at 60 degrees consumes like 0.95KwH and uses 48 litres of water only hence achieving AA class.

Plus they have OPTI 45 A where you can wash full load quick wash under 45 mins.

electrolux water consumption is around 59. and consumption for COLD WASH is 300watts

Only have quickwash for half loads. yeah?

choose wisely yeah?

or you could consider to have thomson front loads to be cmopared agains electrolux front loads then its more fairer cos its in the same category.

the new front loads is 7kg washing capacity (even better easier to compare to EW880)

but the prices is very expensive.

For the 1200rpm its 1528
for the 1400rpm is 1698

while for electrolux the only comparable would be their 8kg wash which has a max spin speed of 1000rpm only the EW1090

and if you look at the highest end model which is EW1495 is also 8kg load max spin speed is 1400rpm same as thomson but the price is about 1899 if im not wrong.

however you compare the specs.
THL 1488AZ
60cm wide
7kg capacity
Electronic LVD
Variable Spin speed No spin - 1400rpm
Silence : 52dB
temperature : cold/30/40/60/90
18 programs
Express 30/ rinse plus/intensive/prewash/handwash/rinsehold/skip spin/colours/cottons/synthetics/delicates/silk/wool/ Easy ironing / Aquascade/ Mode E
Delay fininhin up to 24 hours
Automatic variable capacity
Child safety/ Door lock/ Control panel lock
Consumptioons at 7kg 60 degrees cotton 1.02kWh / 49 litres / 115 mins

the consumption if far lesser than electrolux
Range Type: Front Load Washer

Colour: White

Washing Capacity (kg): 8

Max Spin Speed (rpm): 1400 (Adjustable)

Thermostat: Adjustable

Washing System: Jet + Direct Spray

Active Magic Ball: Nil

Active Water Level Control: Yes

Active Rinse Sensor: Yes

Active Balanced Control: Yes

Active Humidity Control: Nil

Easy 2-Step Operation: Yes

Cycle Phase Indicator: Yes

LCD Display Panel: Yes

No Of Programmes: Flexible Programming

Push Buttons: 6

Quick Cycle: Yes

Hand Wash: Yes

Heavy Stains/Intensive: Nil

Extra Rinse: Yes

Economy Cycle: Yes

Delay Start: Yes

Cabinet Rust Protection: Zinc Coated

Stainless Steel Drum: Yes

Carboran Tub: Yes

Child Safety Lock: Yes

Dimensions (WxHxD)(mm): 600 x 850 x 600

Total Power (W): 2200

Power Consumption (Cold Wash) (W): 300

Water Consumption (L): 60

so up to you


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hi ridz,

my friend was telling me abt this new Brandt (see u in 45 min) theme, specifically either WFF08771A and WFF10771A. The only difference between both is the rpm, the former being 800rpm and the latter being 1000rpm.

I know Brandt is a generalist sister brand of Thomson and of course cheaper than the thomson specialist.

But would the above 2 choices be worthier off from Electrolux E880F or E1080F ?


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hi ridz

seems like you guys are on hi-end wm. i hv budget so gg for low range types. im looking for wm that can wash aussino king-sized bedsheet and quilt cover. is a 7kg wm sufficient? btw, do you hv comments on daewoo DWF-802W (one retailer told me daewoo stopping this model but im not sure how true it is) and panasonic NA-F70G2E?


hi starry,

just to check again is it aussino bedsheet and the quilt cover or are you talking about the actual quilt?

if quilt king sized then a 8kg and above would be appropriate but if you are talking about the quilt cover then yes 7kg would be sufficient.

I must say that for asian washers i would have it that yuo should go for fisher paykel. one of the best selling one would be the GWC12 which is a 7.5kg washer i think price lingering arond 700++ or so.


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hi ridz

thks for your reply. appreciate it. im referring to the quilt cover. i tink it's too cumbersome and heavy to wash quilt myself.


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hi all,
if compare brandt n electrolux, better to get electrolux lor coz more trusted brand and quality...electrolux door is easier to open compare brandt and brandt design are weird...the shower scoop(paddles) in the drum not fully to the end of drum if compare with electrolux. Opti 45mins basically is quick wash for lesses clothes coz if u go back cotton cycle, it still 1 hour 50 mins for 30 degrees wash. Manual book are recommending full capacity wash for cotton cycle and not opti 45...so dun get confuse..cheers~


different brands have different selling points. there are reason to why the paddles are designed to be in such a way.

and yes opti 45 is just another feature that could help ease into the use of continental washers especially with its long washing cycles.

I would still recommend the use of the standard wash cycle for most cotton articles.

the opti 45 would be more apt for people who want to wash their business shirt and pants if they have quite a bit at one go as they typically are not extremely soiled or even like those t shirt or pyjamas that you wear overnight and wash the next day yes those veru lightly soiled articles but articles that are generally soiled then best to use the standard cycle


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i just gotten the EF washing machine model WF 7100. called up to one of the shops in TPY on sunday and arrange for delivery on monday, at quite a competitive price too.

it looks good outwardly and the functions seems quite cool too. with the 7kg load, 1000 rpm spin, water and energy saving, etc features, the WM looks quite powerful.

i have not use it yet, probably will be able to feedback more after i started using. maybe anyone who is using this currently can tell us more about it.


Hi gie (quan_gie),
You got it from MS, right?

I got a Thomson from him. Very competitive price too! I experiment with Thomson, and it's really worth the $ spent. Wash off stains so easily and does not crumple clothes!


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hi vnc,
am thinking of getting the thomson washer too.Can I ask which model you bought and how much ?
Do pm me if not convenient to post here.


Hi VL (stressedl),
The model I got is TX898 - 6kg washer + 3kg dryer. I got it for about $1300. Retail price was $1600+. I think now got promo, comes with free gift basket(Persil-5kg/2 bathe towels).


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Thks, Im sourcing for TX888.Retails $1400+ in Courts n Best.Minsheng's reputation not so good nowadays.You had no hitches with the delivery at all? Vincent quite eccentric. How long ago did you buy the washer?


Before I got the TX898, I was also considering TX888.

Yah, Minsheng reputation nowadays not good. But hubby and me thinks otherwise. He is just a straightforward person. We ordered 5 items and only 4 can be delivered on the day we want it. The one item that we have to wait for more than 2 weeks is Thomson TX898.

I think he really got no stock, coz my hubby's collegaue also ordered another brand of washer. And he can deliver the next day!

So I dunno also... I think try luck one...


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hi vnc,

bingo! we got them from MS. yah, after this buying experience from vincent, felt that they are quite good in fact. quite happy with their service.

recommended by my colleague, he taught me the way to bargain with him.

i called up on sunday, thought that they might take a few days for delivery. was pleasantly surprised that he mentioned that he can make it on the following day. checked my schedule and confirmed with him on monday.

he was saying he can make it for delivery by 7pm. so i asked him 6pm can anot. he said he will try. yesterday after work, because i was riding motorcycle, got almost 10 missed calls from the delivery guy.

when i reached my house at about 6pm, gave him a call and realised that he reached already. upon further talks with him, found out that he reached the place at 530pm and waited all the way til then.

MS service is not too bad i feel. vincent not too bad also, just be firm with him when negotiating.


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vnc, you bought so much stuff from him.No wonder he can give you such a good price for the washer.A few hundreds off the RCP .


Hi gie (quan_gie),
Wow... what did your colleague taught you? Share share leh.

All in all, yah, I managed to get quite a huge sum of discount through him. But I think it's really no harm asking him the price for the washer only for comparison purpose. Anyway, got nothing to lose mah. Hee..