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My Solemnizer, Mr Sunny Leow was the worst Solemnizer a couple can ever encounter.

My solemnization is scheduled right before my wedding at 6pm and banquet cocktail starts at 6:30pm. At 5.40pm, I received a call from my husband saying that the Solemnizer has arrived and was very upset as there was no VIP parking catered for him and that the hotel staff did not allow him to park, causing him a wastage of time of about 5-10mins to park his car. He claimed that he had solemnized a wedding at St Regis before, and they allowed him to park at the VIP lot. My husband and hotel coordinator handled the situation while I was still doing my make up as we got to the hotel late due to auspicious timing. It was unfair to assume that ALL staffs at the lobby would allow you to park there just because you are the Solemnizer. I would have planned it for him if he had requested for VIP parking, but no, he did not mention anything even when one week ago I told him that my husband and I had collected the cert from ROM. He said that he had to rush for another solemnization and wanted us to start the ceremony immediately. At 5.40pm before my MUA can put on my hair accessories and touch up on my lipstick, I had to tell her to stop and that I had to rush down for the solemnization.

Upon arriving at the function room, my guests were already seated as prepared by my groomsmen and bridesmaids. He sat inside the function room, raised his hands and cued for the music to start. Guests were not told to stand to welcome the couple. He did zero forms of hosting. During the solemnization process, it was clear to see that he was purely saying only what he needed to say as he wanted to rush off for the second ceremony. Nearing the end of the solemnization, he signaled for the cameramen to get a photo of he couple with him together, and left immediately after. My guests continued sitting there puzzled if they are supposed to leave or continue to sit and wait. I had to cue my husband to send the guests back to ballroom.

  1. It isn’t within our control that the hotel did not allow him to park at VIP lot. If it did matter so much to him, he could have told me earlier so that I could pre-arrange it.
  2. Rushing through our solemnization just because “I have another couple to solemnize”. Poor time management that caused me to compromise on my appearance.
  3. Not welcoming/sending off my guests because he have to rush off. Extremely impolite and unapologetic. There were no signs of apologies even though we did nothing wrong.
To think I was even nice enough to invite him to join our dinner. He knew we were holding our wedding dinner at St Regis since day 1 so there is no excuses to keep up a fuss and throw a fit about not being able to park at the VIP lot. He solemnized for my friend before but according to my friend, he did a great job and did not request for VIP parking whatsoever. So tell me, what did we do to deserve this treatment? I strongly advise brides-to-be to think twice before engaging Mr Sunny Leow to be their Solemnizer.