Wall paper

1 of d famouse company tt sell tons of wall ppr is Goodrich global.
There is also a shop at IMM tt sell wall ppr 2 : de arts decor.
Tink there shld b more but ts r d only 2 tt i noe of.
Hope u can find d 1 tt u fancy
no worries


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I had two pieces of wall paper fr G**dr***. One of the more expensive wall paper delayed the whole project as they mentioned that it had to be shipped from Europe. From the sample, there should be 3 colour, pink, white and gold which make it very nice. But it turned out to be white, gold n very light peach colour. I cant see the pink colour. And the edge of the wallpaper is yellow which make the wall paper with patch of dirty yellow thinggy.
They refuse to give discount as I cant afford to wait for two more weeks for the next shipment. According to my contractor, this wall paper suppose to be of better quality And when I ask them to fix the yellowish edge. Their reply was "no use." If no use, why they give me this kind of lousy stock. I am very unsatisfied with their service.


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Hi Calvin,

I'm also looking to put wallpaper at the living room and master bedroom as feature walls. Do you have any website or showroom whereby we can see? Or email me any sample or photos?

My email add is [email protected]


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Hmm Im looking for wallpaper for my settee area. That wall area is kinda small so my ID doesnt recommend that I put wallpaper cos the wallpaper usually comes in a big roll n I'll be wasting money on it.

For those who used wallpaper, is it true that it comes in a roll?


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Btw, they will do the installation for you if you spend a certain amt. If not, you can always try doing it yourself. it is not really difficult. Just have to be patient. =)


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Hi, I'm currently looking into wink products too. But find it a bit pricy. I hv already ask them if i were to get more than 5 sets there will b a 10% discount. Anyone interested please email me at [email protected]


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Hi Calvin
Is it possible to cover the wardrobe exterior using wallpaper? Does not like the colour of the wood used but do not intend to change as the wardrobe is still new. Please e mail me at [email protected] Thanks


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Hi ppl, u may want to try Printedge communications pte ltd.I heard they are selling very nice wall coverings. They can even customise to fit your preference. Any wall size be it the wall of a living room,retail outlet or hotel room. and they are even the licensee for Disney wall coverings..its so cool..


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hi angelbb, the decal is very nice! really love it. where did you buy then from? can email me pm me the contact? thanks!!


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angelbb that's really nice!
where did u get the decal from? at $18 is very cheap too. i found this website www.artmango.com selling wall stickers, some of the designs look really nice and can DIY to quickly change the look of the rooms.. a bit more ex but most are still <$100, cheaper than wallpaper.. haha. any recommendations/comments?? if used in bathroom will it peel off easily due to the steam?


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Just wan to share with you,i actually just done my house reno.I used korean wallpaper for my master bedroom ,living room and kids room for total 4 rolls of paper and it cost me only $350per roll.I found this is quite best deal after i been through a few furnishing shop to research.And their workmanship and service are very good.If anyone keen can look for Abbie 90216188 or visit their showroom at Ubi Vertex.Better call before you go down.