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Hi BTBs,
Have anyone of you considered or going to hold holding your banquet at W Singapore?

Can you all kindly advise what made you all sign the contract to hold the banquet with them or not?


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hi hi...i will be holding my wedding at W hotel tis coming may.
the reason why we took up tis hotel...is purely based on our likings for the ballroom..
however, we had quite a bit of hiccups wif the wedding mgr earlier on....firstly...he din give us room for much negotiations (cos he was very new)...provided wrong info....no follow up.....and i had to chase him to sign the contract....hv u guys heard of this before? couple chasing mgr to sign contract?
and guess wat...in the end.....he left the hotel wifout informing us..
we found out only when we went there for photoshoot (wanted to take the evening shoot wif the yacht....hotel lounge...etc etc)....
guess wat...we were stopped by the staffs and tat's the time we found out he left the hotel a wk before....by the way...he was fully aware of our photoshoot date and said we are able to take pics in the hotel (except the rooms).
can u imagine me and my fiance dressed up..stood at the hotel lobby wif the photographer and helper like fools....din know wat to do....

for ur info...tat's in feb...3 mths before our wedding...and no one informed us. we were rejected entry cos the hotel was booked for some private function.
oh well....luckily the director was kind enough to let us take some pics in one of the rooms....etc etc...
anyway...we hv to email them now and then to see wat's next for our wedding.
the hotel is really nice....but i guess they need to do something abt the service level.....as much as i want to emphatise on their seemingly shorthanded issue....
i'm really really really worried and i hope that nothing goes wrong for my wedding...
praying hard nw...*sigh*....


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Hi all,
we just had our wedding lunch at W hotel on 19th May 2013.
It was a really wonderful...wonderful...wonderful experience and the services from the staffs were superb.
Guests were well taken care of and we've received tons of complements too.
It was a smooth wedding wif few hiccups and the hotel constantly surprised us wif their thoughtfulness.
We would like to express our gratitude towards Stephanie Chua (Director of Catering) and Lynnette Koh (Event Sales manager).
Thanks for everything!!


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For those who have held their weddings at W singapore or attended weddings there before. Can i ask wat was the wedding favours given to u?


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Hello babes, anyone has reviews on any weddings at W? Am considering to hold my wedding there but realize there are quite a bit of hidden costs. Are they open to negotiations on the perks?


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bump! am currently considering W for my wedding dinner. it looks very nice, but sounds like they are quite sticky with perks? anyone can share their reviews and what perks they managed to get? Thanks!


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Hi everyone, am considering W Hotel for my wedding as well. Can anyone share what they've managed to request as perks from the hotel?

It also doesn't look like they're doing any promotions or have any shows upcoming. Does anyone know if they plan to?


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Hi anyone had their wedding at W hotel recently? am seriously considering it but the coordinator doesn't seem to be very experienced or friendly... can anyone advise if they have any troubles with their coordinator?

W Singapore

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Hi! Anyone able to share their experience who have held their weddings at W singapore or attended weddings there before??
How was their service and the food like? :)