Violent abuse


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There must be a reason why she was aiming at his private part. Maybe she found out that he is cheating on her that's why!! There are few other reasons a woman will lose her cool in such a way in a public place.


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the woman looks china to me.. whahahah

liddat hit where got power!! dumb lah she..

shd use her kick instead.. no impact like that whah...


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ya hor..

pong zek ah.. the balla.. whahahahhahahaha

damn the guy is dumb! he shd squeeze her hard on her boobs when she wack his balls! whakakakkakaka


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wahahah... skylar... U make U laugh so loud while imagine the scenario... chio si wa liao... wahahahahhh..

If "that scene" is captured and upload to Stomp, the man will definately kanna SUE.. wahahaha... Indecent Act or Molest in Public.. wahahaha..


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Wha kaoz... SM!!!!!

u into these ah?? pinching & twisting her nipples???
aiyoh... sibeh zek ark ah u...

ya man.. funny.. if the gal wack him, he press her.. like a random game liao..


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Green... she also smashing the guy's tool mah. My teacher really told us last time that they practised sewing in ancient china... while for the guys was sniping off.


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violent abuse seems to be more of a psychological unstable state ....i see it as a "sickness"...violent pp are constantly angry pp....poor thing... :p