Videography - What to take note?

Discussion in 'Wedding Photography And Videography' started by flora_bliss, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. flora_bliss

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    Can anyone advise what to take note of when taking up a AD videography package? What are the must-have in the package?


  2. flora_bliss

    flora_bliss New Member

    Anyone wants to share their advices?
  3. engr

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    Wat to look at?
    1. Style: Go view a few VGs and decide what kinda style u like. Video is a creative thing so there is no fixed way.

    2. Budget: Generally I notice $900 above mainly pros. Below namely freelancers. Reason is freelancers have no studios to maintain rental fees.But this also means u are at risk of no show... then again it all depends on the reputation. Some freelancers are really good and priced reasonably.

    Why so steep compared to photography? Because PG basically snap, post process in batch and print.Its a tough job too but somehow VG has to spend more time.

    VG has to film, post edit and some even have customised DVD sleeves and cover. The total time spent is more for the deliverables.

    Eqpt wise is a lot more demanding in terms of videocam pricing is easily 4k above for decent HDV cam, while nice SLR can be 2.5k odd. This is minus other eqpt that both needs to have but generally, VG has more to spend (including more highend PCs/Mac + HDD space)

    3. Deliverables:
    a. Wedding Montage - The typical from young till old thingy. Has been around for years now and guests r used to this. Do we want to have this for the pre 1st march or... Music Video instead?

    b. Pre Wedding Music video - MV style 'making of wedding", or something more creative like telling how u two met and fell in love? The latter is not easy and requires good exp and skills to produce a meaningful product.

    c. Express Highlights? Actual day stuff for yr guest to witness the morning torture? Pretty nice isnt it? Something to share with the folks who could not be there in the morning. Nice to pre 2nd march in.

    Post edited video for morning n dinner? If u do not have express highlights, would u like to have edited video or just raw footages? The latter is kinda shakey at times. No matter how good the VG is, it will still happen. Those that u do not see shakey videos have be edited and cut off!

    These are time and effort. Personally i will go for edited stuff. Of cse the dialogue has to be there or the poor bride still doesnt know what happened!Ah so.. this depends on the editor skills. IF the VG is the editor, it is likely he will shoot with post editing in mind. Otherwise it will be a different feel. No right or wrong, only u like or not!

    c. DVD- Any customised menu? Scene selection? How many copies? 1, 2 or 3? Cost for extra copies for both parents?

    DVD Sleeve/Disc custom design? Movie like style of final presentation? Or just a XXX brand DVD with some words written?

    Return of original DV tape? Not much use for most people actually in my opinion. But just in case something happens!

    In conclusion, video is must must in my opinion. Photos also must must! Both have different feel to it. So my friends if u could, budget a little more for the VG so that he can tke less jobs and produce higher quality work [​IMG]
  4. vocare

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    Hi Engr,

    Very good advice. I think its good to book your wedding videographer earlier.

    Take a look at their style of coverage and editing .

  5. glamourous2309

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    Hi All,

    I share the same sentiments of the above by Engr.

    I would personally recommend all BTB to view the videographer's style and editing as well.
    I love Sam's VG work and signed him up after viewing my gf's and a few of his other works!
    Thumbs up!
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    Hi All,
    Engr gave good advice.As for me, I think its better to spend more on video. Though a picture speaks a thousand words, nothing beats seeing and hearing the real thing.

    Personally, I prefer high quality videos.

    My sister engaged Dawn from Fabian Lim Production and I intend to use her also.

    Her Express Highlights is a work of art. Very classic and elegant. A sweet feeling lingers after watching them.

    If you have the budget, her photo montages are also beautiful and sweet. The footages are all edited and DVD customised for the couple.

    Flora bliss do look around for good videographers, don't save on videography, its only once a life time and you can't recapture the moments again. Hope my contribution helps.
  7. vocare

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    Hi Glamourous,

    Thanks for your testimony. Sorry been out of touch with the forum lately. Looking forward to your big day.

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    can u send me your package for Videgraphy?
    i am looking at half day VS with express highlight.
  9. glamourous2309

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    Hi Ah Blur,

    You can email Joyce at to find out more details of their current packages.
    Alternatively, you can also take a look at their website first at

    Good Luck!
  10. vocare

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    Hi Ah Blur,

    Just a update on our sale coordinator who is replacing joyce is Jamie. Hence for any information, on our services, feel free to email to or

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    Hi Sam,

    Can you send me your videography package details with pricing to ?

    I'm interested to find out more from u...

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    Hey Leh Leng,

    Have replied you to your gmail.[​IMG] Pls check.

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    Hi Jamie

    Can you please email your package and pricing details to for Photography/VG/Animation?
    Mine is a wedding lunch.
    Thanks alot! [​IMG]
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    hi all [​IMG]

    Packages all sent out!
    Pls take a look. Would like to arrange for a meeting if possible to go through our packages and show you more of our portfolio. Do give me a call!

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    Hi Sam, can you pls give me your quote AD PG and VG. My AD falls on Nov 2010.

    Thanks =)
  24. vocare

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    Hi Joey,

    Thanks for your enquiry. Sorry to miss your post . will be contacting you soon.

    if you have any urgent enquiry, feel free to drop us an email @

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    Please send mi the package for actual (1/2) day videography + express highlight + montage
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    can i have the your package for
    1. ROM photography
    2. ROM photography + Videography

    3. Instant print
    ROM Date: 30-Jan-11
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    can u send me your package for AD VG + express highlight.

  30. miemie

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    Hi Sam,

    I've drop an email to vocare.

    A quick qns, do u have a VG named Zhi Hua?

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    Hi, can email me the rates and details of the package that you are offering on 14/10/12?

    My email address is

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