Videographers who can process Express Highlights during Wedding Lunch


Hi all,

I'm looking for Videographers who are able to process the morning express highlights during my wedding lunch, after 2nd march-in.

I'm planning to start my morning gatecrash earlier, have a very short outdoor photoshoot and have my tea ceremony done in my hotel, then start my wedding lunch at 1pm onwards.

Would appreciate that videographers who are able to do the editing to be screened during my lunch to email me your website and contacts at [email protected]

Many Thanks!


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Hi Lissy,

You might want to provide the estimated timings for the items you listed to give interested service providers a better idea the time frame they have to produce the morning highlights.


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from what I know it can be done, altho it will be very rushed. u need to find out who can do it for u tho, cos many I asked turned me down. In the end I settled w/o highlights at my banquet (which is not really that important to me anyway).

mine's a lunch too btw


Hi Inspecter,

I'm targeting to start my makeup at about 6am, gatecrash at about 7am, then to head out by 8am to have a short photoshoot then to my fiance's home for prayer to his ancestor then back to my place as a formality by 10am.

We are staying not too far from each other, one is at Cho Chu Kang and another at Jurong, travelling should takes maximum 15mins.

I guess the videographer can leave either during the photoshoot or during the prayer to fiance's ancestor, which should be about 9.30am.

I'm also intending to have my tea ceremony at the hotel and start my lunch slightly later at 1 or 1.30pm. So the 2nd march-in should happens at around 3 or 3.30pm where the express highlights will be screened.

Thomas, yes. I also heard that some videographers are able to rush out the highlights, but still looking for the one who is able to do it.


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lissy, my wife's having her MU even earlier than u, ard 5.15am. I'm also having my tea ceremony in the hotel due to time constraints...

can rush or not is one thing, quality is something which u won't know until u see the actual product. it may have to be compromised, so better to be mentally prepared first.

good luck!


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Mine is also a wedding lunch .I will be having my church wedding 10am to 11pm. Wedding lunch banquet at 1pm. Tea ceremony will be after the lunch.

Went around searching for VG, eventually manage to find one that can do the express highlights. Consider very cheap cos PG + VG service for 10 hours only $1180. you can take a look at

hmm.. but don't know the quality though. hope everything turn out well.


hi thiasy, would you be having any gatecrash? i guess the 10am church wedding and your banquet at 1pm is indeed a little tight.

thanks for the info! will check out their clips and pricelist for the videography.


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Hey lissy, I don't have gate crash. But i will still be asking the VG to come and film down the makeover process and other wedding stuff in my hse. Or else was thinking nothing much to show for my express highlight.


thiasy, i think urs will be just nice without gatecrash since you have other things to shoot in mind.

janice, yup, im aware and is not compromising on the cost but just working around my budget.

inspector, haha! i guess each bride will have their own side of the story to cover. im not sure what else to screen other then the photo montage, cartoon animation without the highlights. fiance doesnt want to act an mtv, so i have to stick to the old stuffs.


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hehe... For me, i don't want gatecrash cos my hubby dun like pple to embarass him. Furthermore, i got an auspicious timing to follow.My hubby can only step into my hse at 9am and I have a church wedding at 10am. Wonder how to be on time. Schedule very tight.

Does not matter whether the express highlights have entertainment value as long as i find it memorable. Actually the VG was very cheap lah.. but i not too sure about the quality. Saw their portfolio quite gd, so decided to go ahead. Anyway, i didn't have much to worry cos I have a pre wedding mtv as back up plan. hehe...


thiasy, haha. my boyfriend too has been worrying about the gatecrash since the day he proposed. i should be giving him a simpler but still challenging gatecrash without the bras and panties.

yup, i guess most important is for you to have a peep at the morning highlights during the lunch since you would be too busy to think about the details when its happening.


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oh... really? btw, which one is you? saw a few wedding couples in the profile.. Hopefully mine will turn well too.


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Hee hee.. Sorry. Just realised i sounded like my wedding pics are up in their FB. What i meant is i'm happy with the pics he returned me. The updates I meant were other couples I saw which are quite good too. Mine seems not uploaded yet. Maybe I'm too fat too be showcased. :p


trisha, no bride is too fat. ;)

anyone who had their express highlights shown during wedding lunch do share your videographer's contact with me too.



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i am also looking for a videographer for my wedding lunch next year. If my AD schedule is as follows, do you think it is possible for me to find a videographer who can churn out the express highlights by the 2nd march-in?
0600 makeup
0730 gate crashing
0815 leave for groom's house
0830 tea ceremony at groom's house
0915 leave for hotel from groom's house
1030 solemnization
1100 cocktail reception
1145 first march-in
1300 2nd march-in


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If you are ok without video after the tea ceremony, you might have a bit of a chance.

btw, no tea ceremony for the bride's family?


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nope. Bride is non-chinese. If there are any videographers who can get it done in around 3-4 hrs, pls send me an email with the quotes and sample videos. Thanks.


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Any videographer who could provide the morning express highlights by lunch?

6am. - makeup
645am - gatecrashing games
8am. - leave for groom's place for tea ceremony
9am. - head back to bride's place for tea ceremony
10am. - take random pictures
1030am-head towards hotel for touch up etc
12am. - tea ceremony / beginning of recep
1pm - 1st march in
230pm. - 2nd march in

Please send your competitive quotations to [email protected]. Wedding is in dec 2011 and we'll like to close this soon. Thanks


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hi,I'm looking for videographer who can also edit in time for my AD lunch on a Sunday in June so that I can play the gatecrashing (morning) highlights during the lunch.

please email me details at [email protected], thanks!


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Hi, I need the same requirement as lim,I would need video from 7am to 10am and video highlights to be produced by ard 1.30pm. Pls let me know your package price by sending to [email protected]. Thank you!


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Hi, I need the same requirement, i.e. wedding lunch. I require video from 5.30am till 8.30am. Video highlights are to be screened at about 1.30pm. Please let me know the videographer rates plus the express charges.

email me at [email protected]


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Dear All, I am looking for a videographer for my wedding lunch as well, require video from 6:30am till 10:30am. Video highlights screening at about 14:30pm.
Interested in full day videography as well as long as able to produce express highlights for morning.

please kindly share any VG contacts with me via [email protected].

Really appreciate your help.


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Dear all,

I am having my wedding this sunday and the bridal photographer can't help me do montage for my photos. I need a simple montage for my actual day gate crash, tea ceremony. And I have rom on the same day. So any idea if I should just engage a photographer that can do montage? And any recommendation on anyone good?



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Dear All,I'm looking for price quotations on the following:

1. Photography+Videography(6.30am-4pm)+Morning express highlights ready by 2pm.
2. Photography(6.30am-4pm)+Morning express highlights(7am-9.30am) ready by 2pm.

Pls email me at [email protected]
Thank you.


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Hi, I am looking for AD Videography on 13 Oct 2012. Mine is a wedding lunch. Schedule as follow:

MU - 6.00am
Gate Crashing - 7.00
Tea ceremony at his house - 8.30am
Church Wedding - 10am
Wedding Lunch start at 12nn. Wanna showcase the video after 2nd March in.

Pls email me your quotation at [email protected]

Thank You!


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I am looking for AD videographer who can process morning highlights, ready by 2nd march in for 9th Dec 2012.
Will be looking at at this schedule for th day:
5.30am makeup
8am gate crash
10am onwards Tea ceremony at hotel
1pm 1st march in for Wedding lunch
2pm 2nd march in


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To all BTB
Licence VG is required if you have your banquet in Singapore
Maybe get our guest to go JB with chartered bus will be cheaper.