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I was just thinking... it seems very common to have a photographer and a videographer for the wedding... but is it really necessary? My bf and I discussed and we thought the video from the videographer won't be of much use after the wedding because we won't sit around and watch it anyway.

We thought that the video is mainly to show the morning highlights during the dinner... but I managed to find two photographers who are willing to do a photo montage of the morning highlights in time for dinner... which means I can have photographer only and save money on VG (about 1k?) ...

They are slightly more ex than some other photographers I emailed but I thought if can save on VG... why not...

What do you girls think? Is video necessary?

Crystal T

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I think the VG also will film the dinner/lunch itself right? So if you want something to watch back on, be it speeches from friends/family, or the walk-in and stuffs, then should spend lorh.
Since it's once-in-a-lifetime.


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Been to a few wedding and my lesson from there is Videographer is important. AD picture after the wedding i never even view but rather it is the video that we can watch more (usually after wedding friend and relative come over and ask to view). + the highlight to play for the banquet if not properly done your guest will be left scratching their heads on what happened in the morning. Been to a few wedding where the morning highlight left me as a guest wondering what is happening or kinda of a low budget film. So personally my opinion is dont skimp on Videographer.


Video is one that will capture the emotion and direct action and motion, especially that special someone ... be it your partner, parents, grandparents or even a special someone ... when they wipe their tears, laugh... smile... hugs ... the video will continue to replay those moment :)