Very confused... Duno wat shd i do.....


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i learnt a lot from this forums... from my own thread and other threads... i read other pple case and my own case...

wat advices i going to give when i read other pple cases... i oso will ask the TS to divorce the husband...


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u know, i wish to being loved and doted again...

with my husband, i wont be able to get back this feelings..

the only thing is i move on, meet other better guys, willing to accept me and my boy... tat is the only way i can get happiness...


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Don't think too much of your hb, and don't think highly of the 'love' you think TOW has for your hb. Crying doesn't equate to love, because you can cry to get your way (if you know how to exploit the situation). Is that love? Ya, right, love for their ownself.

You lingered too much on your problem. Would you think your hb is a good influence to your kid? Not meaning to condemn people with STDs and sorts, but basically what I see, it's a case of lack of discipline in a person's life. Do you want your kid to have such an influence in his life? After divorce, you may have joint custody, at least that's better, because if you get care and control of your kid, your kid stays with you and emulates you. Rather than spending more time with the father and drawing on the negative influence from him, hopefully you, this mummy is of a positive or better influence. It does help your child to learn in life, at least positively hopefully. And when your child meets up with the father, at least it's minimised contact. It won't amount to such a great negative influence.

Hope you be strong and get out of the negative life.


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hi Serene,

ya.. cry doesnt mean love ..she just wan my husband to give in ...

yes, my husband lack of disclipine...

for myself, i did go clubbing ... guys wan to know me , send me home, but i rejected.. even though my husband has done me wrong, no matter how much comfort i need, i oso wont do tat to him.. i feel on this part, i did self disclipine to myself ..

i duno y the forum pple can be so sensible..

they said some stuff and really hit my point in my heart... tats wat i exactly thinking..

seriously i hope one day i can meet up with u all...


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Hi Confused, i know its been a tough time for u. Its really amazing tat u have been able to pull through, go to work everyday, face ur hubby, ur in-laws etc. Maybe u didnt realize it but u have become a stronger person thro tis painful process. U are clearer about wat u need n want in a r/ship.

Sometimes its sad tat pple dun think enough b4 they betray the love n trust given by their loved ones. From the minute ur hubby started an affair outside, things can nva be the same again for ur marriage. His repeated actions n lack of responsibility towards u n ur son reflects v badly on him. Letting go might allow u to remind the better parts of him n ease the scars he imprinted on u.

Give urself time to rest. Both of u will still be ur boy's parents. But it is healthier for u to love urself more n give urself a chance to be a happier person n be loved by a man who is more deserving of u.


Hi Confused, HPV typically disappear after a few months without treatment but can last for years and can recur.

So as to say, since this is a viral infection, it stays with your hubby for life.

he has gone for freezing for his warts..
from wat he told me, he has removed his warts..

this is one thing i am hesitating oso..
if ever we can reconcile, am i really can forget wat he has done with TOW and the warts, HPV he has...

am i safe to hv sex with him again????? i tend to think in long term if i reconcile.. wat are the possible problems i might face..