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Personally, I enjoy SF very much. By contrast, I really dislike LA. All depends on individual, as both myself n Hubby HATE traffic jam


Personally, I prefer to spend more time in LA.

LA area got many theme parks and is also closer to those factory outlets.

But if not comfortable doing self drive, the SF (being more compact) may be a better choice.


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Hi, I just came back from US last week and since I got alot of pointers from this forum, so I would like to contribute mine in return. My husband and I had a F&E self drive, we fly into SF, and depart from LA. Spent a total of 10N (exclude flight time) there. We drive from SF - Monterey - Anaheim - LA - LV - Hoover dam - Grand Canyon - LV - LA.

Tips to share:

Try to book ur car rental from Natas fair, we booked ours from Avis, got a VW Jetta for only USD450 (includes a drop off charge USD300, eg pick up SF drop off LA) We brought along our own GPS and got e map rental from EastGear (1st 7 days free thereafter $1/day) so we actually save on GPS rental which can add up to USD20/day!

My personal opinion there is no need to top up for additional insurance (they will ask you over the counter when collect car) it is about USD15/day, just be careful while driving lor.

If budget allows, fly SQ and book the priority seats (front row) the 20hrs flight (transit 1hr in btw) is a killer and SQ has in flight entertainment which is better to occupy your time. (spend on air fare and cut on other expenses, thats my feel)

Hubby was the main driver thru out the trip and we clocked a total of >3000km ,rely alot on redbull but no issues.

Went to 3 premium outlets, Gilroy, Las V*gas North and Dessert Hills, took the advise here, register as member here

print out their coupon (offers better thn the small coupon book you get over there)

We bring along 5 sets of clothes (regret.. shld just bring 1 set cos the next day we go premium outlet liao, can save more space for luggages)

Agreed with decadence on the water, thru out the trip we only buy gallon put in car and trsf water into my water bottle.

Thats abt all I can think of now, if anyone here have anymore questions can email me at [email protected]


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Hi NYC gurus...where will be a good location to stay in NYC...Downtown, mid or upper ? i will be staying for 4 nights in NYC before moving off to Boston (self drive)...


Hi Basker, me also thinking where will be afforable and good to stay in new york. i heard from my frens who works or study there sayin staying in new york city is quite exp. unless u stay at brooklyn,NY or Queens NY.
Me also still researching..