Urgent help needed on work permit holder giving birth in singapore


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Hi,my gf is malaysian and we found out that she is pregnant on march,she quit her job end march,and now is coming back to singapore as visitor.the main problem
is i just came out of ns and still havent found a full time job.we cant get rom at malaysia also since its mom regulations.i would like to know can she give birth at singapore as tourist?since we cant get approval from
mom for our marriage


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Well, i guess no one can say no if she delivers in SG but a matter of will the baby have Singapore Citizenship or not.


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Why can't you get ROM in Singapore? You can definitely register for marriage. After ROM, she can give birth in Sg and will be a Singaporean. Then, can buy a house or rent a hdb from government. A one room flat rental from HDB is very cheap. I think only about $50 a month. Especially when you are now having very little income.