Urgent Advise Needed - Mentally Sick Ex-Husband


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Dear All

I am in a rather desperate situation...
I have been married for quite a few years and my relation ship was underlined by sever physical and emotional abuse by my still husband with psychopathic, narcistic and sadistic tendencies and behavioural patterns. His psychological abuse continues during a time, where we go through divorce procedures.
Here is my problem...my husbands main objective is to destroy my life, humiliate me and to financially ruin me by bombarding me with claims by his lawyer which I all have to respond to together with my own lawyer...as this is a current court case. I am running out of cash, he knows this and uses this as a power tool. I am very anxious not to be able to support my life and my one child anymore.

Anyone has been in a similar situation and can advise me? My lawyers seem not to have a solution and might see this as a good opportunity to increase their income.
I am hopeless and desperate....

I thought of looking for an Expert either here or International who could assist to explain, WHY me as a victim that underwent those forms of massive abuses would not have left my husband earlier in the marriage (emotional dependency / self-preservation / fear…). Based on his / her experience, research studies, etc.

Can anyone give advise if there is an Expert that can review evidence collected by me in the last few years that after review, would suggest a condition my husband has (psychopath / narcists / etc.) and that our time together can be defined as extremely ABUSIVE & that, based on this evidence, my husband showed and shows an abnormal / sick pattern of behaviour.

If I could present this to court, it might make a positive difference to my case.

I can not continue like this....anyone can help???? Any experience sharing or advise if you have been in a similar situation and what you have done would be so much appreciated!!!:)