Trimton 1 vs Trimton 2


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Hi, I heard from my friends that Trimton slimming is effective for them. I saw 2 types of Trimton selling in Guardian. Don't know should I buy Trimton 1 or Trimton 2. Anyone tried them? What is the difference between Trimton 1 & Trimton 2?


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Heard from Guardian staff that Trimton 1 is more for slimming the tummy area while Trimton 2 is for slimming the whole body. Also, Trimton 1, you got to take 2 pills before meal while Trimton 2, you just need to take 1 pill before meal.


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Saw yesterday at Guardian that Trimton 1 is having a promotion - buy 3 for $100. Think this is the best promotion so far for Trimton 1.