Torn btwn having solemnisation together with banquet or separate days

Discussion in 'A Meeting Place For All Brides' started by Monolife13, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. Monolife13

    Monolife13 New Member

    Hi I am considering having solemnisation and lunch banquet together. However worried that it will be too rush. I am not having any gatecrash. Tea ceremony will be at the hotel. Anyone pls share your experiences and advice? Thanks.

  2. ing1

    ing1 Active Member

    Start your day early lor. Estimate the number of guests who will be attending tea ceremony and the solemnisation time then work backwards to estimate your starting time of the day. Unless you are "Pang dang" re the fetch bride timing else I think its doable.

    Just my suggestion, you can be in control of your day, if you know what/how you want your day to be. Assign a brother or sister to be your time keeper and enjoy yr BIG day! :)
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  3. minimalist.honey

    minimalist.honey New Member

    Agree with previous comment. If you are not superstitous then time is a flexible thing. It's really up to you to schedule.

    And also depends what time your JP/solemnizer can start. Some people make the solemnization as a wedding programme. As in they do it on the stage instead of childhood montage. Maybe you can consider that.
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  4. Monolife13

    Monolife13 New Member

    I am not so pangtang but my htb mum is pangtang and the tea ceremony may take more than an hour due to his large family.
    As you said have to start the day early
  5. Monolife13

    Monolife13 New Member

    Thanks. We did consider that but afraid that it may bored the guests.
  6. ing1

    ing1 Active Member

    Hmmm, why not do tea ceremony after the lunch? Doing tea ceremony does not have to be in an auspicious hour, right? Or if not, make the ceremony simple and sweet, just do immediate family, citing tight schedule. I am sure they will understand.

    Starting day early May not help in your case if your MIL is superstitious. If your auspicious fetch bride time is 9am and your tea ceremony takes more than an hour, not sure if you still have time for solemnisation before your lunch. If not, do solemnisation after lunch?

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