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Discussion in 'Wedding Photography And Videography' started by danger82, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. danger82

    danger82 New Member

    Can I know if theres anyone who never top up any photos from the hundreds of photos taken by the PS? Are the people very pushy? Heard that they die die want you to top up…is it true normally?

  2. jukel

    jukel New Member

    not sure if most of them are pushy. But mine was...
  3. sept08bride

    sept08bride New Member

    We took almost 250pic and chosen more than 60pic for those pic we really like. We managed to reduce to 40pic. Our package include 30pic so end up we top up 10pic. My co-ordinator is not pushy, we top up willingly.
  4. vernwyen

    vernwyen New Member

    nope, ours wasnt pushy... Whatever it is, is your decision to top up or not. Do not let the BS dictate for you.
  5. smokeyeyes

    smokeyeyes New Member

    HI there.. mine wasn't pushy,, he even helped me eliminate photos I could do without! [​IMG]
  6. rainedew

    rainedew New Member

    Let's also include a list of pricing of top ups for BS.

    Is it normal to spend 2k for getting all photos back?
  7. maychen

    maychen New Member

    Haha. I think its pretty normal,
    2k is sttill fine, I got a friend who topped up for another 10k, sooo ex!
  8. thiasy

    thiasy New Member

    My package came with 70 photos.. Got my hubby to do elimination first. Out of 650 photos, he eliminated 500 photos. i did the 2nd round of elimination and reduced further to 74. hehe. only top up 4 photos. top up $120. hehe...
  9. thommy

    thommy New Member

    rainedew: I can get back all my copies for 1.5k

    cutie: your package has a lot of photos man...u neg for it or it came with it? 4 photos for $120 which means each only $30...that's very cheap! which BS are u with?
  10. vilopup

    vilopup Member

    Thomas: when you get back all copies, means soft copies? edited?
  11. thommy

    thommy New Member

    yes, soft copies all edited
  12. chryssa

    chryssa New Member

    Is this reasonable?

    My original is 18R album with 30pages of 20poses+10poses digital.

    I top-up $500 in order to get magazine-style + all photo digital. Also insist they throw in 4 more poses + open window (10"x5"; instead of 5R) in front of the album.
    Initially for bigger size window must top-up..

    Felt a bit like on high-side leh.. [​IMG]
  13. ms_piggy

    ms_piggy New Member

    Me and hubby only add one photo. [​IMG]
    We were focused not to let the salesgirl pushed us.
    Quite true though that now after a year plus, the album is kept in the cupboard.
  14. candycandy001

    candycandy001 Active Member

    I going to select photos tml... Hope wont top up again...
  15. xxhh

    xxhh New Member

    Wow I originally package hv 30 photos n after Tat we top up to 76 photos as a result we pay extra 2.8k[​IMG]
  16. missoct

    missoct New Member

    i swear to my bf that i will not want to top up photo during photo selection...since many had told me that these photos WILL end up in cupboard/under the bed after the wedding...haha!!
    i told my bf that he has to pretend to FLARE up if i become interested to top up and if the bridal is pushy...hahah! i am damn scare for pushy ears are soft [​IMG]
  17. vennice

    vennice Member

    I just could not resist the nice photos taken by the BS... no choice, i did some top up.. but it really cost quite a bomb... afterall, must be happy if decided to top.. =)
  18. smilem

    smilem New Member

    QQ & Mei.. me too keep telling my bf i will not top up.. end up i top up extra $2K...

    i top up to 65pic
  19. ting1111

    ting1111 New Member

    Mei! I love your tactic! I think i will try that and get my bf to flare up! i have soft ears too and afraid of pushy BS! Plus they mostly converse in mandarin which both me and bf are not fluent enough at to argue or bargain back. I always have this feeling of being ripped off after speaking each BS...
  20. jessicachia

    jessicachia New Member

    ya man, when we talk to BS, we have to insists for the number of images. That's why we are quite impressed with The Louvre Bridal's offer.
  21. rachaelchoi

    rachaelchoi New Member

    Hi hi,

    I'm new to this forum. I'm sourcing for a per-wedding photo shoot package. I got a quotation which is $3700. Coverage includes:
    1. 6 hrs photo shooting unlimited exposure
    2. style award-winning treatment for print
    3. 4 pcs signature canvas print 10' x 10'
    4. Photo book 12' x 30', 40-80 pages with box set
    5. Professional make up and hairdo (2 hairstyle)
    6. A DVD copy with 50 selection high resolution photos
    7. Full set of 4R Digital files in DVD

    I've seen their artwork, its excellent, but pricy.

    What do u think of the above package? Is it worth taking? Or too expensive?

  22. lovegreed

    lovegreed New Member

    anyone will having pre-shoot in paris?
  23. mrstiramisu

    mrstiramisu New Member

    Personally I have heard quite alot from brides around me on the top of of wedding photos. This is like the worst nightmare before your wedding. Taken so many nice and pretty photos, end up not all belongs to you or returned to you. Just can't understand the logic but guess we have to accept the fact this is how BS runs.

    My cousin who signed up the aisle bridal, she topped up $2k for her extra photos. Another friend she got My dream wedding, also topped up $3k for her photos. *jaws drop*
    Yar, so what if the package is attractive when you sign up, you will still become carrot head for BS to chop during the choosing of photos.

    Now that I'm planning my own wedding, I hope I can find a good bridal..

    Jessica Chia (jessicachia), The Louvre Bridal is the the newly opened bridal? Have you signed up with them? Maybe you can share more?
  24. jessicachia

    jessicachia New Member

    hi mrstiramisu,
    at first we are deciding between my bridal room and The Louvre Bridal, because both service is good.
    However the offer from The Louvre Bridal is really too attractive.. (ssshhh) I got ALL images returned and Unlimited photos into my album at the market rate!
    I am so far very happy about their package and service[​IMG]
  25. jeanzee

    jeanzee New Member

    my friend recently top up 8k for her wedding pics and for full return of all soft copy pics and she told me that is considered reasonable as she know of people who topped up 11k for theirs.

    I hope I can be disciplined enough when my time comes...
  26. blissful888

    blissful888 Member

    think is not worth to top up photos n end up paying few Ks more just for the photos
    if u have made up ur mind not to top up
    when u go down to BS to choose ur photos
    just remain Firm n not top up the photos
    if u feel that u will be easily "wash brain"
    bring along someone who is more firm than u e.g ur parents, siblings, friends
    becos after u had top up so many more photos
    ask urself how long it will take before these photo albums go inside ur store or drawer or cabinet...........
  27. simplyblack

    simplyblack Member

    I narrowed down from nearly 300 photos to 15 more than my pkg... But I was not willing to pay $75 for each photo so end up not getting any. HTB and myself were super aligned and we threw out solo photos, thinking since it's 2 in a marriage, we should prioritise couple shots... I did feel a little pinch about some solo and couple photos we had to throw out but in the first place, my only wish was to have quality photos and not quantity so I guess it made me feel better when I focus on that quality was achieved. Many friends say its once in a lifetime so I should just add photos but I do think the money would come in handy when the baby or my flat comes...
  28. blissful888

    blissful888 Member

    Hi Simplyblack, we have the same views here too!
    Choose quality photos over quantity!!

    Many thanks for sharing ur experience!!!
  29. simplyblack

    simplyblack Member

    No problem! But just to share for others who wish to add photos, best price I was quoted: about $65 / photo but that was based on more than 20 photos... After which I was also offered all photos (but only 20+pkg amt will appear in album) for the same price!
  30. huileng123

    huileng123 New Member

    Hi,I m new here.I just had my photoshoots 2 days ago.I wonder by any chances,can i buy all the photos at cheaper price? I understand we girls wanna keep memorable memories.I dun wish to spend 1k-2k or 10K for additional photos.
  31. huileng123

    huileng123 New Member

    My package includes 30poses out of 150poses.(includes 30 digital files).Include 1canvas with frame.Two Table Tops. 6x6 mini album (20 poses). I wonder 20 poses & 30 poses r separate selection of photos.Is it? I nt sure.
  32. lemonzil

    lemonzil Member

    i think both the 20 and 30 poses should be from the 30 poses from your package.

    anything out of the 30 you selected, need to top up.

    that's usually how they work..
  33. huileng123

    huileng123 New Member

    Thanks for your reply. :)
  34. huileng123

    huileng123 New Member

    Hihi, i wonder, how many of you willing or not willing to top-up more photos from the pkg that you bought? How many pcs of photos do you averagely willing to buy? I not too sure how many photos i wanna buy.Their photos v exp.
  35. huileng123

    huileng123 New Member

    Top up of 4 photos for only $120 - v v cheap
  36. lemonzil

    lemonzil Member

    it depends on you and your partner. and of course the turn out of the photoshoot. If you guys are very willing to spend then topping up isn't an issue.
    i did a top up of 35 photos plus additional pages for my album. cost us 3K and we got all our photos back and also soft copy of the album layout and of course free gifts, one of it was a 6 piece rotatable photoframe which we both like very much.
  37. StephF

    StephF Member

    Agree with the last post, that it's really up to you and your partner. For me and my fiance, we initially planned to stick to the agreed number in the package, as we do not see the need to spend money on photos, preferring to spend it elsewhere. After much pressure (from the saleslady, which ended up in some unhappiness on both parties), and not being able to cut down on any other photos, we topped up $1K for an additional 13 photos.

    I wouldn't say we regretted our decision, as the pics are really nice, but we would have been happier topping up if the service rendered to us was nicer. In fact when I went back to the boutique after the incident to make some amendments to our choice, I actually bought one extra photo ala cart... cos my bf kept harping on that photo, about how much he wants that photo, but we didn't get it at first cos we only liked that one photo out of that series.

    So basically, I feel that before you go choose your photos, you and ur fiance should already have a common consensus about whether you are willing to topup, and if yes, what is the maximum you are willing to go.
  38. StephF

    StephF Member

    It IS very very cheap... for my bridal studio, an extra photo costs $85, and it's already quite reasonable, compared to many other studios that charge from $100 onward per photo.
  39. Zhifeng

    Zhifeng New Member

    We shortlisted 53 pictures. Offer to top up around $1500 for the 18 additional pictures + upsize to medium album.
    End up we cut the pictures to 37 top up around $300+ + upsize to medium album and decide to take another package.
    Pay $2.3k for the second package. Felt it is more worth it then just putting $1.5k for 18 more pictures.
  40. huileng123

    huileng123 New Member

    Dear all,

    My husband & i will boycott Dream Wedding as we dont have nice encounter with them recently.
    All they talk is top up top up $$$$$, which piss off my husband. The package they are initially telling us about, the materials in the pkg (no gd), the album size they show us dont tally with the actual product.

    To all who are choosing bridal package or have not yet choosen yours ------> Say No No to "My Dream Wedding" Bridal shop
  41. Zhifeng

    Zhifeng New Member

    I signed my package with My dream wedding. The SE, makeup artist, photographer and grown person who attended to us is not very pushy. Maybe you met a bad SE?
  42. suyan

    suyan Member

    hi, i am letting go my pre-wedding photoshoot in tw with transp and hotel stay. Anyone interested pls email me: or whatsapp me at 98462638 thanks.
  43. huileng123

    huileng123 New Member

    Hi zhifeng, who is your SE, Makeup artist & Photographer? When was it?

    My husb & i dont like my SE (pushy) & Makeup artist (abit rough).
  44. huileng123

    huileng123 New Member

    Your package has 70 photos? How much is your package?
  45. huileng123

    huileng123 New Member


    Your first package provides you how many pics actually? In actual, how many you choose to top up?
    Medium album dimension is? They allow you to buy 2nd pkg even after is time to choose yr photos?
  46. huileng123

    huileng123 New Member

    How much you paid for?
  47. huileng123

    huileng123 New Member

    I wonder which makeup artistes are good at dream wedding. I wanna change my makeup artiste.
  48. big D&Y

    big D&Y New Member

    You can try Gina MUA from my dream wedding..had good experience
  49. anneyu

    anneyu New Member

    Hi Huileng123,

    Who's ur MUA? Can share,
  50. xiaozhu@1987

    xiaozhu@1987 New Member


    Can anyone advise what does poses mean ? Bridal shop always mentioned 30 pics, 30 pages with 20 poses and I am quite confused .

    Thank you

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