To video or not to video


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I also sign up with Simon...
Viewed his portfolio... very well done and i sign up with him on the spot ... hahaha

Was introduced by my friend who sign up with him too.... watch his video at his wedding.. very impressed with Simon's work.....
I was a bride last year and I was also considering to go without a Videographer. Finally decided to get one (the Wedding Paparazzi) as we decided it would be a good way to remember our wedding by and a good keepsake to have. You only get married once in a life time and it's definitely worthwhile to have the wedding video to preserve the wonderful memories of that day.


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I recommend the videographer that my bro went to. Hope tis good for u too.

Forest Productions Singapore

I really regret not going to this one. Last Oct, I read this thread and I chose Simon Video for our wedding in Nov. The services was alright, definitely cheap but I will not recommend this to anyone going forward.

They gave us our wedding video approx. 2 weeks after the wedding. Unfortunately I didn't really like the way the video was put together (it was too "Chee-na". I preferred something more neutral). But instead of asking them to redo the video, we decided that we will request for the original tape instead.

They promised to get it done (compressed into a DVD) by Jan 2009. We called them a few times, and forgotten about it a few times. That was our fault really, we should have been more aggressive.

Anyway today when my SO called them up, he was told that they LOST the entire tape.

My SO is a very reasonable and rational person. He accepted their explanation and was hoping in a way I can let it go.

But I am not a reasonable and rational person. This is afterall, the only way we can get our wedding video back. I am really really angry now and I have no way to vent out this anger except thro this forum. This is totally unacceptable since we have requested for the original tape so many months ago and so many times!

Lesson to note: Cheap is not always good.


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I would like to recommend my VG..he is celestine from Fotowerke...their service was really cheap and surprisingly his work was way above my expection..No harm checking him out.



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Hi, we have already engaged a photographer for our AD & recently thought about getting videography coverage too, but just for the morn gate-crashing segment, since that's the part missed by the bride. Any has recommendations for videographers who offer per hour ala carte service? Seems like everyone has a min 4 hrs package...


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video is a must-have, till date I have never regretted getting one for my big day. Well worth the money spent


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My aunties engaged Simon Video 20 yrs ago,my friend did 2 yrs ago, my bro did 6mths ago...all went pretty well for both PG and VG...

Their prices are good for budgeted wedding couple as i think it is the 1 of the cheapest around?

But still,it depends on individuals on how u feel about the PG/VG styles.
u can't expect $10k quality on a $1k value. as long as it is decently enough, it should be ok bah...
For me, i also engaged Simon Video for my wedding next yr ~


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if i dun have gatecash, it's morning bride makeup,groom come fetch bride, then ROM, tea ceremony plus lunch at resturant, is there still a need for video?


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to me = i feel still nit the video.. coz it reali keep memeories.. beside the photos

the speech can be taped down too.

i used the budget VG..less than $1K for whole day and also included 1 free montage given.


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It depends on individual. Some might need it some might not need it even if no gatecrash.
Replace it with montage lor... At least your guest have something to see.. ;)


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Oh smilem you use iben you find the service and the video?

cause mine is actually for own viewing....during the lunch wouldn't have any montage for guest to view, just the wedding album. Guest come is purely eat.
I also wouldn't be doing any march in or speech, so become limited things to take. I spoke to some photographer they say if there's no gatecrash basically there's nothing much to take also. Could just get someone with a video camera to take.
Share with me your views.


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Agreed with the photographers you spoke to.
Just get someone of your relatives or siblings to capture your moment, especially at ROM. ;)
you save from there too...


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My wedding date is 8 September this year and I'm looking at 5-8hours videography on that day, probably around 2-3hours in the morning(Around 8am to 10am) and 3-5hours at night. Our hotel is Mandarin Orchard. Would prefer to keep it below $1000, but depending on what you can offer; if it's $1000+ but there is Photography, or assistant Videographer and so on, do lemme know! If you are able to customize and quote me for this, drop me an email ast [email protected] and SDE is appreciated but not required. Thanks so much! (:)

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