To video or not to video


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Hi Yen,

You can try Mark Yang. His h/p is 81575600 or 92771404. I am getting my website setup to post my video..I really like his style..


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Hi all,

I am looking for VG below 1k is possible.
Please share your contacts.

Hi Wiselygal,
Care to share your video?
More info on Mark Yang if possible



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I got my VG for $700 with photo montage, actual day video-shooting & express higlights but that was last year's rates. His rates have increased to $850 this year (3-in-1 package). Still, you know below $1K. I negotiated with my VG cos I am taking 3-in-1 package from him. He will also refund the express highlights' costs if unable to produce it on that night. Visit his website at

My PG also costs me barely $600.

I think I have bargained quite a bit on both packages and satisfied with their works. Both very friendly chaps.


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Just want to share my thought.
wedding is only once a lifetime.
there are always different kind and rate of services that you can find.
you should drop by their studio to take a look at their work.
ask for actual day videographer, make sure that you are comfortable with him.
look at editing style, music, storyboarding and art concept.
than discuss with your hubby and think of what do you really want.
feel free to email to [email protected]
if you need any help on recommendation.


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Just stumbled upon this thread as i was searching for VG...

Hi Rusty and Yvonne,

Could you PM me your VG contacts and pricing packages pls... Thanks a million!


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hi qhue,im unable to pm u dun know why also?Maybe u can give me ur email address so that i can email u the details?thanks..


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For me, wedding is a precious moment that will only happen just once in our lifetime. Therefore, I am longing to have a nice and creative video which can capture most of the essence part on my actual day. In fact, I have viewed quite a number of wedding studio works. So, I have some ideas in minds. wanna share with me about my experience and comments?


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hi guys.. i watched the sample vdo from ah chee.. thought it was nothing spectacular.. this is jus me voicing my personal and therefore subjective opinion.. anyone has anyone else to offer for below 1k?


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i think videography or photography
services have different rates & styles.
Just like bridal grown, which you can choose
to rent from the shelf or made to measure.
best of all, is to visit the videographer in person
and his work.



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Hi.. i think Videography is a MUST MUST...
Imagine half the time the poor bride is waiting in the room while the jie meis have fun during the gate crashing... It is a v interesting part to capture on video... then during the reception, the bride will be in the hotel room waiting for 1st march in... she wont get to see the guests coming in too and after that onli rush thru the tables to have photos with them. Photos lack the liveliness like in Video. Pls get someone professional to do it cos the VG will edit the video and add in nice songs to create a very romantic touch to it. Choice of song is v important. It is not exp.. mine is onli $750 with video highlight. Been watching the video over n over and also during my hse warming, i show it to my guests... they also enjoy it as they can see themselves in it too


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Hi happypig and galsparkle
My VG is from my Bridal studio.. bridal concept. I do not have his contact as I engage him just 1 day b4 the wedding day.. cos i was still pondering if i shd realli have a VG. But no regrets. Hmm...I think most bridal studio charges abt this price. maybe u can check with yr BS... so sorry


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Will having both AD VG and PG be too overwhelming? If we have AD VG, is AD PG necessary? Wont some of the shoots and moments be a duplicate of one another?

I am comtemplating to have just either one for AD. If i 've AD PG, i will do a pre-wedding VG and vice versa. Any advise??



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Hi Fiona,

PG & VG should cover different aspect of a wedding.
As i realised that VG should be covering more of the dialogue
and interview.

nowadays most people prefer to spend on the actual day video
because the special day is only once in a lifetime. Once its over, only the footage left behind will tell the story .


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Hi Wee Leng,

I have changed my VG to David Teng instead cos Adrian Chee cant make it (I have changed my wedding date at last minute).

David is not bad, charges me barely $1k for 2 days shooting. Thanks.

For Adrian's details pls visit >

For David's details pls visit >
Pls contact me by PM.
Hi gals

I've signed up with Simon Video & Photo Services...for both PG & VG their price is $1400. If you require coffee table, they will charge additional $500 for 20 pages 10 x 12 album

I reviewed their photos and video and really up to standard. They have 28 years of experience and I find their price is very reasonable. I've went to many others PG & VG and I can't get this price for 2 services.

Let me know if anyone is interested and I can send you the contact details.

And if anyone has used them before, please share with me your experience... thanks : )


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Hi Yoshiko (cinderalla_bride)

can you share your contacts with me? I am also sourcing for photography and videography for my AD..

Hi all,
I started this thread last year asking others for their opinions on having AD videography. Well, we've had our big day and we've also just received the raw footage from our videographer, and I must say we are super glad that we decided to go with a videograpgher!

There was just so much taking place that you will not be able to remember or be aware of, and the video does capture a lot of what we missed out on. We had a great laugh watching the video, and will be watching it at least a couple more times this year! So, money well spent, and definately not money you want to save on!

To all those brides and grooms still planning their wedding. Good luck and all the best!


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you highlighted something i have not thought of. the bride wont be able to see the part when the groom comes to pick her up! also the march in part! i have completely forgotten about that and actually we didnt want VG at all cos doubt we will see it again.

breekz and wen --> can u send me the info of your VG and the price? i am on a tight budget (less than $700?) as i've overspent on other areas.. [email protected]

thanks ladies!


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Hi Bride_bride / breekz / Wen / Yosiko / Yvonne,

Note that you've great comments on the Videographer which you've used, appreciate if you could share the package details, prices & contact with me. My email is [email protected].

thks in advance


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Hi Ladies,

Mi Hv a problem don know wan to cancel my VG or nt? Cos my hubby think is waste of money, hv to spent around 1k just for VG...he say why don use
the money for honeymoon better rather then hv VG only shoot a while n play on ur dinner for few min tats may bring out to watch maybe just few times n you will put at one side means BYE mind hv get influence by my hubby.. help help


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Hi Yen

The reasoning for not having a VG on your wedding can be similar to not having a PG. Even for photos, one can say that they are only looked through once in a long while after the wedding and that's all the purpose it serves.

To get a VG or PG for any couple, it really depends on what you want. I am sure that even for photographers like myself, we won't take our holiday or wedding photos out each day to browse and relish but that may not necessarily mean we don't take photos on these days just because they cost money to print.

So if you and your hubby have decided that VG is too much and you only need photos, go with it. As long as you both can make do with photos only. ;)

[email protected]
Hi Chipdale

Sorry for the late reply.

I've engaged Simon Video & Photography as my AD photographer and videographer. They are very experience and I recommended them to few brides over the forum and they have feedback to me that they're very pleased with their service. With their feedback, I can rest assure and do not need to worry at least for this aspect.

You can contact Simon at his mobile no: 97779002.

Don't worry, I'm not from Simon Video and just wanted to share with all the brides to be of any good deals.

Of cos, you must view their portfolio before signing up with them cos their style may not be your preference.


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Hi Yen,

I just posted on another thread about your concerns.

Hope this will help your hubby change his mind.

You ask your hubby, if you don't video, next time you regret, what corrective actions he can do so that you can stop regretting?

Can he throw another wedding so that he can film the event?

Do you have pre-wedding photography? If you do, maybe you can consider cut down on that and use some of the cash for video?


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Wat if I need just someone to video for me. But needs no editing, no need express montage? Both my husband n myself can edit after the wedding.


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Hi Yoshiko.

Got sample of those bride who are very please with their work, cause he is not mentioned much here