To video or not to video

I've just started planning for my wedding and my finance and i are undecided on getting a videographer for the day. Is it worth spending the money? Seems like a lot of people pay to get this done, watch it once, and then chuck it aside to collect dust.

What do others think?


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I spend $1K for the video for memory sake. Had 2 DVDs. It tells more than just photographs. But in reality, so far, only watched once. Can take it collecting dust. However, maybe the "story" will come alive again when my child start asking me about how is my wedding like. I think during that time, it will be interesting to let my future children / grandchildren watch. Hopefully the DVD will last till then. As long as i keep cleaning it.
Hi ic,

Thanks for your view.

I see your point about the video capturing more than photos. I guess I could make it more "value for money" by organising a wedding video watching night every year to relive the moment!

I think if you keep the DVD dust free and not in a space with extreme temperatures, it should last.

P.s: were you happy that you got the video in the end?


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i did not hv VG during my AD coz i think photos r enuf for me so i saved the money for other things i tot is more important

maybe u could try and get a friend to shoot the event using a videocam instead...coz so far the videos i saw in wedding dinners shot by videographers r not tat impressive anyway.

juz my 2 cents..


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my thoughts: we didn't want to video cos we thought it would be just an extra cost. but we're very glad my uncle and my colleague volunteered to video the event cos there were moments we never would have managed to see and like icechoco said, it's a nice thing to show the kids. my friends young daughter my friend's wedding video watches it over and over
thanks for sharing your experiences.

we are considering using our own videocam to video the event but we're not sure who to ask. My future FIL wanted to do it which is why we thought of getting someone cos we want him to relax and enjoy the day.

i think we're going to start meeting with some videographers and see what they can offer before coming to a final decision. If anyone has a good videographer to reccomend, we'll be grateful.


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For me I will not be having a videographer as the video might be collecting dust somewhere after the wedding.
Would rather invest in a gd wedding photographer.


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hi, i think if u r not running on a tight budget, shld get a VG. i did it for my solemnisation and sometimes will take it out to watch again. really will relive the memories and it's the only time u see urself like actor n actress. haha..


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In my case, I'm still undecided whether to get a videographer or not for my own wedding in November this year. Cost issues aside, I don't think I'll want to watch the video of my own wedding.


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as for me, i am planning to get a videographer but a cheap one. would not go for video express so will be cheaper. still looking for one. anyone got cheap one to recommend? also feel that i would not take out much to view.

got a bit regret did not buy videocam and ask my friend video it for me durinb my rom. so would not like to regret this time round for my AD.


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<font color="119911">hi girls, wanted to ask, how much are videographers generally? Can get below $1000?</font>


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if $999 how?

Mine I got it at a special rate of $500 bcos of their anniversary. dun think my VG giving this promo already.I used Raymondo Production, Interested you can PM me so i can forward the contact details to u.


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my best friend hired simon video. AD PG and VG for $1400 i think. and product quite good


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Hi ladies,

i can recommend mine to you gals. Those photographers and videographers are from JB. My friends recently married also use them. Well, affordable and services good...

Anyone interested, do drop me an email [email protected]


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hi bride bride,

intitally, i was like you, feel that it's a waste of $ but lucky hubby insist on having and u know wat? I watched countless time from end Sept till now.. with families n friends.. they all laughed and enjoyed watching so much.. no regrets at all..


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hey ppl! videography holds more than meets the eye!..compared to just the photos, videos can catch the laughter, playfulness, elation..and well..just the whole 'feeling' of the day..dont u agree?? :]


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We just had our wedding and we strongly encourage you gals to have a videographer if your budget allows. Photos is flat while videos have audio and it makes a big difference. Especially the sabo part during gatecrashing and well wishes from your guests are all captured. Photos and videos complete each other and these beautiful memories will last a long time.

We highly recommend our VG. He's pretty good and accomodating. His price is reasonable and work quite well with my photographer.

PM me for contacts


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hv u consider videography from Malaysia contact?

i did my photography in JB and engage the videography from there. charges ard S$1k and includes the following:

a)convert our wedding photos to play out at night during dinner
b)whole day shooting, inc monring and nite
c) express montage. this is e most interesting one 1 like. its only 8mins but far off better than most u see. what u norm see in ur freind wedding is they edit and play a long boring 20mins on screen.. for mine short but i tell u, its hilarious.. my videographer edit until very 'ng' and my guest cant help laughing.. U must see to understand what i am saying and sure u will love it..
d) his transport to Singapore
e) 3 DVD with personalised front cover.. like a DVD movie progra

of course, if u wan lesser 'covergae' the charges is lower as well but we took e package which in 'all in' as u cant get in Sinagpore price


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Videography is more about capturing the moment with the nice music to suit the editing.
the beauty of videography lies with capturing conversation, interview and storyboarding.
Some editor like to fill up with effect while some just show the video just like a story .
A special day of your life should be capture not just with still but with sound and motion.



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I agree with what Sam said. When I got back my video, i regretted not doing the evening one as well. It paid S$500 for my VG and it is very good. We all had a very good laugh as its the special day for you to remember for the rest of your life. Also, the relatives also hoped to have a chance to appear on TV!

We had really a good laugh !


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hi legato,the company dat i engaged is a professional videography company..the prices dat i got is slightly above 1K..they reali do produce quality work.u still keen to have theri contacts?do let me know ya..