To Love or Be Loved?


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Just feeling kinda moody here..
Does it feel better to love someone or be loved?

I once loved someone and to date can still remember why I loved him.

Now someone claimed that he loved me alot, and I'm not reciprocating his love. The fact is he's not the type I want and I do not love him.

Isn't this ironical??


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Life is like that. Of course, to be loved is a nice feeling to have. Well, but if you can't love him back then it's of no use and there's no point.
Tell him straight that he's not the guy for you and tell him not to waste his time.
Of course it is best if you can find someone who loves you and you also love him. In this case, you need to wait for him to 'appear'. If you are young, then you can afford to wait.


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Rebec, I used to think like that too - is it better to love or to be loved.

But now I find that there's nothing so clean cut about love. It's not better or worse to compare both, rather, I find good things out of loving someone or being loved by someone. There's a lesson to be learnt in both loving and being loved, and neither is necessary better in that sense... (hope i'm making sense)


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what? does this cliche question even have to circulate?

pple who often ask this question... only have a pre-conceived notion of what love is, but have absolutely no idea what IS Love.

Live Life, Love Life, Embrace Living...

most pple who dabble in such question often dun live life as freely and fully, wondering abt what should be, what will be, and when it will come.... to them. u Dun ever live life this way becos life and time does not exist for u alone.

i can give u my fullest guarantee that ifulive life, u give life and Pple a chance, u give opportunoties a chance instead of shutting doors... that u Will find what u seek, without even seeking for it.

how often i havegone out with girls i have no interest in for a relationship, and thru them meet women i Would be interested in... it maynot be immediate, it may start as just a single date, but if u just keep pple as frens or at arm's length, keep a bublly frenly nature... i see no reason that eventually - u might meet someone interesting enough to make u wonder.

my wife is everything i want in a lifetime companion, but the 23yr old Powder would Never know that, unless he keeps dating, going out to know exactly what a companion should have as qualities.

til todayu still have some guys dating only pretty girls and missing out on the Beauty of the Soul... u have some dating Bad Boys and totally missing out on That Guy who is always there to support them when they fall...

u dun need to open your eyes, u just need to Live Life.


nothing, something, everything. that's it? that's was supposed to be cute? illuminating? epiphanic? seriously, you don't feel somewhat retarded typing 'To love is nothing'? i feel my brain cells dying even as i read those words. to be loved is something? that's saying nothing because everything is something. so something is really nothing, zilch, the dreams of two sleeping rocks. to love and be loved is everything? what about grocery shopping? filing your tax return? going to the dentist? why do we feel the need to be breathless and weak kneed each time we talk about love? just go live the love instead of circumambulating it spouting mantras like some teenagers in hormonal overdrive.


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Hi Rebec,

I'm new to this forum and I've already read so many posts about love, loveless, loving people who are not available, being stalked by people you don't love...... It's quite sad why love must be so complicated.

It is really a very complex thing which no one can explain. I chanced upon this blog at another site which you might find interesting. It's about love but not the kiddy-type of I love you, you love me.

It makes for good reading so you get another perspective about love.